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The tale of a land called "Fieldia"

Mr Grunwald 33 | 2221
18 Jan 2021 #1
Beyond the vast Atlantic Ocean, past the realms of the past, lies a land of mystery. It has changed everyone it touches, waking up the worst of ones nightmares and faults or giving you best time of your life with food and music. This land is called Fieldia! With fields stretching across the land, touching forests, swamps, mountains and even a sea! To no big surprise, the people living there call themselves Fielders, when you ask one you might get many different replies as to why the field as a name was chosen but, it stands as it is.

You may ask, but how did this wonderful land come to be? Why haven't I heard of it before?! Let me tell you a story about this land and it's people, a story most gruesome! Filled with horror of the worst possible and dreadful acts known to man! But also of love, ambition and intrigue. This is the story of Fieldia.
OP Mr Grunwald 33 | 2221
18 Jan 2021 #2
A long time ago, before microwaves, cars and a boring situation. There was a time of chaos, people attacking and invading other people, treating your neighbor as if he had spoils that should had been your own leading to banditry on a larger scale, bandit leaders naming themselves kings as only other bandit kings could oppose their lies. Cause a king is a right and justful ruler, not one that brings his misery and misdeeds on to others... In this tale more precisely their neighbors.

While the vast lands of the old continent was in conflict (as it useally is) one of it's conflicts grew ever closer to the rather isolated tribes that were settled in what is today's Fieldia. The tribal chieftains of those days were busy enough with drinking, harvesting, fights when need to be and creating more life in general. It all changed however, rumors began to spread from one tribe to another, of one neighbors distant neighbor or other falling before a mighty army ruled by an emperor either by sword or words.

"What has to be done?" Asked the tribes each other, clearly other tribes could not defeat this emperor otherwise they would not have heard of him. One even became a king in that emperors fashion to avoid conflict with him! "What are we supposed to?" After many nights of drinking and quarrels, nowadays called debates. There was one fella, renowned by the name of "Lilttle Bear" he wasn't that little nor was he very beast like either like a bear. It was a crude joke which he had accepted which made people see his true nature more easily. He proposed to unite the tribes under the guise of him being a ruler, while every tribal leader would continue doing what they had done to this moment, "The little bear" would take care and ask for help from everyone when it came to "taking care of" this emperor. Most agreed, and those who disagreed either were left on their own and swallowed up by the emperors servants or reminded of how useful it is to count when harvesting grain when there is not one snowflake falling on your field, but many.
OP Mr Grunwald 33 | 2221
18 Jan 2021 #3
As the emperors influence grew larger and expanded ever closer, the fielders won plenty of skirmishes and even a battle against one of the emperors servants, a Duke of his newly conquered and acquired land. He called his land "Burn That Hill" little to say, he wasn't fond of anything being on hills. The name changed later on to Burthahill, and you are wise to remember this Duke and his grudge towards the Fielders as it's vital to understand the story later on.

The emperor started hearing about complaints and excuses from his Duke about a troublesome gathering of unknowers halting his expansion eastward. The Emperor was mildly surprised as he had never encountered this problem before, especially in the land close to or people related with fielders as he only knew as "unknowns".

The emperor decided to give the job of finding out about this issue to one of his other servants, a diplomat of some sort. Not knowing the language of these unknowers, the diplomat travelled to the kingdom of "Cause Substance", a very weird name I know. The people there are equally weird, but dearly loved non the less. Let's call it "Casub" for the sake of the story.

The king of Casub pondered about this issue and saw an opportunity of possibly outgrowing the emperor himself and gaining influence within the empire and told the diplomat he would contact these unknowers himself as he knew who they are and is able to communicate with them easily. The diplomat brought the information back to the emperor and now it was the King of Casub's turn to "handle" the fielders. The king of Casub had been watching his rival "The Duke of Burthahill" and his colleagues expanding by the sword in nearby lands, having little chance to prevail he sought it only fit to submit to their boss "the emperor" while gaining a rank and title higher then them. Not only did he cleverly secure his lands from attacks, but he also weren't any less important then his immidiate neighbors. Now these fielders had given him an perfect opportunity to improve his standing in the empire, possibly slow down or even halt this empire from growing larger.

So it wasn't without a reason that the king of Casub gladly contacted the fielders about all this ruckus. This is how "Little bear" and the fielders came in closer contact with the... Let's call them Casubians shall we? Not to be mixed with the "Whatwindowers" which are one of the fielder tribes.

King Casub explained that the emperor knew very little about us "humans living by the word" (it's a lot shorter in their native tongue) and he would more then happy to tell the emperor himself if they told him who they were. "Little bear" told him without much hassle that he had become the leader of these tribes out of the growing concern of this unknown empire. King Casub then told them about the empires main religion and how it was a huge driving force to expand not only to the people of the word but, also to other people they had never heard of. This made the fielders ponder over it a long time, and asked: Who should we talk to about joining this religion? King of Casub seemed rather surprised and answered that the religion is organized by a religious man in a far away land, far to the south where there was once an empire that his emperor tries awaken, but in a different version.

This lead to the events of Fieldia becoming baptized and joining the religious community we now a days call "The Catholic Church", King Casub married away one of his family members. A female mind you! In those times there could only be that form of marriage, between a man and a women. However, "Little Bear" had many females in marriage! Called wives! (We would call them concubines nowadays but, let's get on with the story)
OP Mr Grunwald 33 | 2221
18 Jan 2021 #4
"Little Bear's" newest wife (He was conquering allright, just not lands. Or was it collecting? Never mind! And please don't ask me questions about this!) demanded that he had to recognize her first as the only wife in his presence. Her name was "Forclapping" (strange name I know...) and created a bit of an headache for the Lil'Bear. He announced loud and sternly that "Forclapping" was his only wife from now on. He had to live up to the Christian life of an monogamous marriage if he were to be seen as a Catholic by the church (meaning also the emperor as catholics see and strive for unity among it's members like one body and soul). For a while this lead to a peaceful and prosperous moment, until the emperor demanded Lil'Bears son to be raised at the emperor's court...

That son was called "Painfully Glorious and bold" which we can shorten down to: Painglor the bold".
Painglor the bold after having learned about the way of life at the emperor's court and being influenced by Christianity (by "The Mutes" mind you, it's the general term every "human by the word" uses for them. We simply call them Germans) after taking on the leadership of the Fielders after his father the Lil'Bear, he persuaded by words or sword that one must unite the remaining tribes of "The people of the word" before they fall under the rule of the Duke of Burnthahill or King Casub. Cause otherwise every human of the word would become a servant of the emperor!

Painglor the Bold began conquering neighboring land by the sword boldly (hence the name) winning approval from the emperor and the priest down in the south (that priest is called Pope nowadays and leads the Catholic Church so we say, which wasn't a clear nor easy thing back then mind you!) as more and more people became Christians. Even tho it dismayed the Duke of Burnthahill, as he saw those lands and people his to plunder and conquer. He couldn't do much, since the emperor wanted it this way. King Casub on the other hand was more then pleased that his family (Painglor the bolds mother came from that kings family after all) was increasing their influence.

After many years of conquest, the pope cheered on by a conflict between the emperor and himself about who is supposed to lead the church, sent in a quite clever manner a crown to Painglor the bold. Naming him a rightful and justful ruler of all fielders, this angered the emperor as the emperor had used a lot of time grooming Painglor the Bold since childhood and considered himself to be the authority about matters of state. (This divided the Germans and had consequences even to this day)

After receiving the crown and named King, within the same year. Painglor the Bold... Died... Leaving no clear successor as he had many sons, the emperor being busy with the pope. His sons divided Fieldia amongst themselves by allying different tribes and everyone calling themselves the rightful ruler of Fieldia. In a true Fieldian way I can assure you. While all this was happening both the Duke of Burnthahill, King Casub and other nearby neighbors saw their chance and either fought over who was to be king of Fieldia or grabbed lands they wanted.

All this went on until the uniter of Fieldia took the stage!
OP Mr Grunwald 33 | 2221
18 Jan 2021 #5
I am going to write the story in asterisks from now on *

More then happy about comments, suggestions and ideas. Currently pondering over writing a book about Polish history in a "fairy tale" manner
pawian 223 | 24385
2 Apr 2021 #6
This land is called Fieldia!

Aaa, just another English connotation for Poland. Polish "pole" means field.

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