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Hollywood Films

Crnogorac3 4 | 787
20 May 2023 #1
This post is probably the most important text you will read in your life, so pay very close attention. 😁

This directly concerns the future of each of us, our families and especially children. After I'm done with this presentation, you'll have to think twice about letting your kids watch TV at all.

Lately, I've made some very startling discoveries about Hollywood. It is a greater evil than the average man can imagine in his worst nightmare. I apologize in advance for the very ugly words that I will use in this post, but I have not found a way to explain this topic in another way. Namely, as you climb up the jewish hierarchy, you reach higher and higher levels of perversion. As Istarhov says: the basic principles of international Freemasonry (up to the 33rd degree of the Goy Masonic pyramid) are materialism, atheism and cosmopolitanism. Above the 33rd degree (where the exclusively jewish pyramid begins) - Judaism and jewish chauvinism go first, and even more above the 67th degree - pure satanism.

I have always been intrigued by what is meant by "pure satanism" above the 67th degree of initiation. Recently, I finally managed to find the answer to that. What I discovered is so perverse, that I don't even know how and where to start with this topic. There's a real danger that you'll think I'm crazy, but I'm willing to run that risk because the information I've discovered is too important to keep to myself. There is so much bias in the brains of the ruling elites that it is difficult for the average person to understand. So don't "kill" me as the messenger of "bad news", but keep in mind that I'm just conveying to you the things that are happening around us.

I first encountered this topic while reading the book "The Biological Jew" written by Eustace Mullins. In short, the point of the book is that the Jew shows all the typical characteristics that animal parasites have in nature. He attaches himself to the organism of the white nations, and parasitizes them until he kills them. In nature, there is a constant and irreconcilable struggle between parasites and hosts. The parasite has various weapons to prevent the host from throwing it off, and the main weapon of the worst animal parasites in nature is taking over the host's central nervous system. So the victim is not even aware that the parasite is attacking him, and therefore cannot even defend himself against him. The Jew does the same by taking over all the mass media in white societies, which are analogous to the "nervous system" of an organism because their natural function should be to alert the host that it is under attack. Hollywood is therefore a tool through which our parasite anesthetizes its host and prevents it from realizing that it is under attack.


Also, the primary focus of attack of most parasites in nature is the host's digestive and reproductive organs. The same thing happens in white countries, because in them Jews have always had a monopoly on slave ownership, sexual perversions of all kinds, prostitution, etc. After all, isn't the main postulate of Freud's entire science of psychoanalysis the so-called "anal complex", which claims that the entire human psyche rests on the science of the anus. Like any parasite in nature, the Jew is also sickly obsessed with the digestive and reproductive qualities of his host. That's why every Hollywood movie is full of disgusting scenes like perverted sexual relations, fixation on digestive matter (or "$hit"), various "vomiting" of indigestible food, etc. It is precisely these digestive/reproductive mental fixations that are the main preoccupations of parasites in nature, and since they jewish human parasites have all these fixations innate in their crazy brains at the genetic level. I won't go into too much detail now, but look in the chapter Parasite's attitude from the book Biological Jew in which all the ways in nature parasites war against their hosts. Why the main object of fixation of all parasites is focused primarily on the digestive and sexual organs of their host, see in the chapter The anal complex from the same book.

Now we have reached Hollywood. The highest levels of the Masonic pyramid are ruled by an incredibly perverse jewish clique, and Hollywood is nothing more than a propaganda machine and a mirror of their twisted mind. The mass media is actually a new kind of religion, which is a hundred times more powerful than the old religions, since the media has access 24 hours a day to almost every white home. Those top rabbis and programmers of consciousness who were once engaged in writing the Bible, Koran and Talmud, today primarily engage in writing scripts for movies and TV series. Hollywood is completely ruled by the jewish-fag mafia, who have a mental fixation on the digestive/sexual organs. All actors and actresses who want to "make it" in Hollywood have to literally gorge themselves on their Hollywood fag masters. Not to gorge only in the figurative sense, but in the very literal sense. Those actors who are ready for such humiliation are rewarded with fame, money and Hollywood "star" status. The very word Hollywood literally means "holy genitalia" (from English holly - wood) of jewish perverts, who use this tool to penetrate all employees in the gay organization known as Hollywood.

OP Crnogorac3 4 | 787
20 May 2023 #2
You remember how we tried to figure out recently why all the Hollywood actors and singers are showing the "all-seeing eye" symbol. Try to guess what that symbol actually means to those perverts? This symbol represents the "anus", and the actors thereby say that they were oppressed by their jewish masters, and thus received their well-deserved mega-star status. I know this is so perverse that our naive brains can hardly even comprehend (let alone accept) it, but Hollywood perversion is stranger than any fiction. Because in the reasoning of those Judeo-Masons who are at the top of the pyramid, man has two eyes with which he sees and which are open, and one eye which is blind. That eye that is "blind" is the anus, but when it is sexually penetrated then that process is called "opening the third eye". So, if some guys try to sell you a trick that they have a method through which they will "open" your "third eye", after this post you will not fall for such a thing, because now you know what is meant by that.

Why is the symbol of the all-seeing eye at the top of the Judeo-Masonic pyramid? Because at the highest "satanic levels" it is actually a fag pyramid, where each subordinate must literally gorge himself on the one above him. By doing so, those below prove their absolute submission to their superiors. In the movie Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick partially hinted at the kind of perversions happening in Hollywood through the "orgy" scene, which is why he was killed during the filming of that movie. But the point is not only in expressing submission, but on a deeper occult-mystical level, that gay anal penetration has a much more sinister character. They literally believe that by doing so they gain supernatural power over their subordinate victims. They believe that with that anal penetration they gain the power to see through the eyes of their subordinates. So the one who is at the top of the pyramid anally penetrates his two subjects and thus "sees" through their eyes, they in turn sodomize seven subjects below them, and each of those seven seven below them, and so all the way to the bottom of the pyramid. That's why the symbol of the all-seeing eye is at the top, because they believe that the jewish/masonic/satanic/fag ruler who is at the top literally "sees" everything that his subordinates see in the pyramid. The goal of all this fag propaganda around the world is to enclose the whole world, and every single inhabitant in it, in the base of the fag pyramid. So that there is no longer a single person who has not literally "bent-over" himself to his direct superior in the pyramid, which would literally make the "ruler" at the top "all-seeing".


Those creatures, even though they are faggots, still have children with women purely to extend their parasitic species. But the goal of the media propaganda directed towards the White race is that white people do not have children. So turn all white men into fags, and all white women into lesbians addicted to anal sex, and at the same time make sure that white people don't have children at all. With this, they intend to implement the "final solution" to that problem, because throughout history, whites as a race have proven to be the only ones capable of throwing parasites off their backs and deporting them from their countries. That's why they know that they simply have to destroy our race. Those whites who cannot be directly converted into homosexuals through media propaganda should be gradually programmed to follow that path. This is done by promoting "anal sex" as something desirable and "modern" to normal white women and men.

Once heterosexual men get used to the practice of anal sex with their wives, such men then become half-hearted about agreeing to anal sex with a man. (because there is no essential difference between "anal sex" with a woman or a man, since that organ is identical in both sexes) Another tactic they use is to slowly feminize men, by turning them into creatures like Justin Beaver. There is almost no difference in behavior between such metro men and women. Then Justin Beaver is promoted to women through the media as the "ideal type" of man, and he is mentally nothing but a woman. Thus, women's sexual urges are directed towards lesbianism, by imposing Justin Beaver on them as a model of masculinity. There is no essential difference if a woman chooses a feminized Beaver or another woman as her partner. On the other hand, there is a systematic campaign to turn women into men in terms of behavior, and to induce them to ask their partners for anal sex. Again, it makes no difference to "normal men" whether they choose such an emancipated manly woman who is looking for anal sex or a male fag as their partner, since anal sex is the same with both. Therefore, the main purpose of all jewish media propaganda is to disrupt the normal natural sexual roles between man and woman, and to pervert them in every possible way.
OP Crnogorac3 4 | 787
20 May 2023 #3
Such a bizarre idea cannot be instilled in moviegoers directly, because the rational brain rejects it and instinctively abhors such a thing. That's why such behavior must be inculcated through the subconscious, so that viewers think they came up with the idea of ​​"anal sex" on their own. Exactly the same as in the movie Inception, Leonardo diCaprio deeply on a subconscious level instills in that rich man the idea to sell off his company. That film is also "exposing the method", because that's exactly how all gay media propaganda works, which apparently has led to the point where most young girls and men practice "anal sex". Media propaganda towards this goal is disguised so that instead of the anus, its substitute symbols are shown in the movies, which are as follows:

all-seeing eye




sewer hatch


rabbit hole




doughnut with a hole in the middle


Through the manipulation of such symbols, a completely different action is shown in the movies than what the naive viewer sees on the screen. Just one example that you will probably all know... When in the movie Matrix Morpheus asks Neo: "Do you want to learn how deep "the rabbit hole" goes?" In doing so, he is actually asking him if he is willing to agree to anal sex, so that Morpheus will penetrate him and check the depth of Neo's rabbit hole ("anus"). As I said before, as a reward for their subservience, Hollywood's best actors get a pink star on the sidewalk on the Walk of Fame. The pink star is just one of a series of symbols for the anus, which actually earned them recognition for their services. An additional humiliation is that when taking a picture with their star on the sidewalk, the actors have to bend over again in front of the cameras, which is further humiliation by the jewish Hollywood masters...





The total number of symbols that are used in the promotion of this subversive gay propaganda in films is about a hundred. I have only slightly scratched the surface with this elaboration, but I can already testify to you, after learning all this I feel like that guy who put on glasses for the first time in They Live. That gay propaganda is so ubiquitous around us that it is not normal. It is literally all around us: in every movie on TV, in every song on the radio, something incredible. Since this post is already too big, I will reveal to you which symbols are still used in the next post. In the end, I will come to the film Jennifer's Body, so that you can see what subversive miracles this film promotes, without the viewer even knowing what they are watching. 😁
Novichok 5 | 7,721
20 May 2023 #4
The scum is no longer working in the shadows. Just visit Target's kiddie section. Gay rainbows everywhere...
OP Crnogorac3 4 | 787
20 May 2023 #5
I will continue further on the Hollywood symbols used to program viewers. I think that understanding this methodology is extremely important. While in the past propaganda was served to white people primarily through religion, today most propaganda is served through the mass media. That is why it is crucial to understand the methodology by which media programming takes place. What is said here continues what I said about gay propaganda in the previous post, so if anyone has not read it by chance, do so now, because it will be necessary to understand the topic below.

This above song "Go West" is one of the anthems of the entire queer movement. Just as the Jews created Protestantism to get a compliant population to build America, so they started the "go west" movement to mobilize queers from all over the US to move to the west coast around Hollywood and San Francisco. That's how they got a suitable population from which to recruit their queer Hollywood "stars". That is why many films feature the plot where men travel to the west, leaving women behind on their way. A sort of parody of that queer movement is the later white migration to the Northwest promoted by the "fat rabbi" Covington.

When you see a knife in Hollywood movies, it actually represents a male genital organ in gay propaganda. You could list a hundred such examples, but the one you all probably remember is from the movie Commando when Arnold fights with that Bennett who kidnapped his daughter. It's like he's holding that girl, and Arni is telling him... Leave the girl alone, you know that you actually "want" me. Come on Bennett wouldn't you like to "shove it" and see what happens when you turn it? Don't deny yourself that pleasure. Come on Bennett, let's "have fun". Of course, a sexual game follows in which two fags "fight" who will be the first to "stab" the other. The whole fight that happens on the visual level is just a deception for the naive viewers, while the real gay action is conveyed to the viewers on the audio level. (all those massive groans and sighs of the protagonist) Of course since Arni is bigger, he manages to nail it to Bennett. Since Arnie is so "endowed" that the tiny knife isn't big enough to visualize his "equipment", he uses that huge ventilation pipe to penetrate Bennett. 😄


Now that you know that the knife in that symbolic fag jargon represents the male genital organ, let's see what kind of symbol they use in the movies for the female genital organ? It is this symbol above which is otherwise a common choreography for Valentine's Day. The heart metaphorically (and literally according to the "shape") represents the female sexual organ, while the arrow that "penetrates" represents the male. For the previous example, we chose Commando, while for the illustration of this example, let's take the movie Jennifer's Body. In the finale, the two main protagonists fight on the bed. Needy is holding a knife in her hand (a male genital organ, which in her case means a vibrator) and is trying to stab it straight into Jennifer's heart. (which as you can see from the illustration above is a female genital organ) Again, the visual fight on the screen is only there for naive viewers, while the real queer subversive story is conveyed through sound. (sighing and moaning of the female protagonists) Of course, in the end, Needy penetrates Jennifer with a vibrator, and that's how they finally consummate their platonic lesbian relationship that ran through the whole movie.
GefreiterKania 36 | 1,412
20 May 2023 #6
What a load of anti-semite, complete and utter nonsense.

I'm not a big fan of Hollywood, but your vonstant, vile, anti-semitic crap is getting tedious, Crno.
jon357 74 | 21,817
20 May 2023 #7
complete and utter nonsense

And pure comedy. Especially the 'Hollywood = holy wood = holy genitalia" garbage.

And all the silly crap about Masonic issues (about which he knows zero) and the obsessively nutty stuff about Jewish people.

Total mental derangement. His particular obsessions say a lot about him.
OP Crnogorac3 4 | 787
20 May 2023 #8

"Stargate" is one of the symbols used in gay propaganda, because there is a rule that the macrocosm functions on the same principle as the microcosm. For example, in the movie Contact, Jodie Foster enters a star portal, then passes through that "tunnel", and finally exits through the exit stargate. The same thing happens on a micro level in the human body, which is also a kind of star portal. We take food through the mouth, it passes through the alimentary tunnel and exits through the back door. That's why the mind programmers who rule Hollywood use that "stargate" symbol. For example, when Jodie Foster persistently pushes her fingers into the "stargate" in the movie Contact on that beach, now you can conclude for yourself what that scene represents. 😁

They even copied the entire symbolism of the stargate onto the geographical space of the USA. On their westward journey, fags in Chicago enter the stargate that represents the "mouth" and then take the famous Route 66 westward (the tunnel), finally exiting in Hollywood, which symbolizes the anus. That's why it's no wonder that all the garbage comes out of Hollywood and fills the whole world with its weird propaganda. In many films, we see two or more main protagonists (fags), traveling together west on Route 66 towards Hollywood. Or they travel like Thelma and Louise in their "66 Thunderbird".


For a change, let's look at how programming is done through music and videos. One of the best examples is the video Beat It by pervert Michael Jackson. In that video, we see men leaving the girls they hang out with in the inn, to go to some kind of hangar for gay orgies. Of course, there we again have a stylized game of who will penetrate whom with a "knife". But when Jackson comes to the hangar, he separates them, and visually literally shows them with his hand that they should rather masturbate. This is accompanied by a constant refrain of "beat it", which in gay slang means "masturbate". Look especially towards the end of the video, what Jackson keeps doing with his hand. You simply won't believe that you haven't noticed any of this before, and you've surely seen and heard this video countless times. 😁
jon357 74 | 21,817
20 May 2023 #9
Or they travel like Thelma and Louise in their "66 Thunderbird

Don't you mean Thelema and Louise in their 666 Thunderbird?
Barney 15 | 1,583
20 May 2023 #10
Especially the 'Hollywood = holy wood = holy genitalia" garbage.

You deserve a knighthood for reading that :)
I just wanted to see what normal people said about the tripe and you are both right
OP Crnogorac3 4 | 787
20 May 2023 #11
To continue with the symbols used in Hollywood propaganda. In short, let's repeat what we have learned so far. In the first post, we saw that Hollywood is ruled by the jewish-fag mafia, which has a sick fixation on the "anus". Symbols used for this in almost every Hollywood movie: a) all-seeing eye b) star c) manhole cover d) rabbit hole e) stargate

In another post, we saw that in the symbolic language, the main symbol for the male genital organ is the knife, and for the female genital organ, the heart. In this post, we will find out some more important symbols so that you yourself start to notice this propaganda, which is found in practically every movie you can see on TV.

One of the best films that "expose the method" that the masters are planning for us is the genius film Idiocracy. The plot supposedly takes place 500 years in the future, but that's just a placebo so that viewers don't get offended. The real truth is that the action of that film is already happening today. Do you remember how all the characters in that movie call each other "dumb-ass"? This is actually how our masters perceive us, for them we are ordinary idiots of whom they can make fun of as they wish, although each of us thinks we are smart. (just like the characters in the movie think they are smart, but are actually painfully naive) Do you remember, for example, the scene of that duel where Not-sure fights against Beef-supreme. The three "monster trucks" he fights against are called dildozer, assblaster and assdozer. (all three are references to anal sex) Then when Not-sure goes to the cinema do you remember what people watch in the cinema in the future? Nothing but a bare ass and it looks like they're having a blast doing it. Now, if that film is "exposing the method", then is it possible that we are also watching the same "ass" on TV all our lives, without even realizing it? Let's try this theory to see how deep the rabbit hole goes...


For example, let's take a cartoon from our childhood that we probably all remember - Bugs Bunny. Three things are interesting in the picture above. First - the rabbit is lying down, holding a phallusoid carrot in his hand and nibbling on it. Above that, he stands as if he is touching someone's behind with his hand. On top of that, he is getting into a "rabbit hole", and as we learned from the first post, one of the main symbols used by queers for the anus is the rabbit hole. So the rabbit literally crawls into someone's ass, as can be seen from the picture above. As children, we used to watch that all the time, and we had a lot of fun with that cartoon. (just like the characters in Idiocracy have fun watching ass in the cinema) Are you getting any idea how Neo would say "how deep the rabbit hole goes"? All those cartoons we watched in our youth are nothing more than queer propaganda, where the viewer is literally placed in a position inside the ass, and the characters at the beginning of each cartoon look inside, and make funny faces mocking white people for how naive they are.



But the goal of that propaganda goes much further than turning only white adults into fags. Because this crew that rules Hollywood is so sick, they are actually pedophiles who sexually abuse little boys and girls, like they did to Corey Feldman and all the other child stars. So the goal of this propaganda is not only to make LGBT a normal behavior, but also to make pederasty against children completely "mainstream", as Novichok would say. The symbol for a little boy who is the object of abuse is the blue color of his clothes, while girls who are abused are dressed in pink. An adult pederast who abuses small children is shown in movies with various names: "papa"-something, "daddy"-something, "bear"-something, teddy-bear and similar combinations. So let's say we have "papa" smurf, and his little "blue" smurfs who happily dance around a phallusoid mushroom, and are not particularly interested in Smurfette. Or in the movie Kickass (you can probably guess what this means?) we have a character called "Big Daddy" and with him a little girl "Hit Girl". (you get the point big daddy bangs hit girl from behind = kickass) In the movie Leon the Professional, we have Leon to whom the little jewish girl performs Madonna's song "like a virgin" and "happy birthday mr. president" before going to bed. These are all allusions to grown men (pederasts) having sexual relations with small children, just as the Talmud allows. You could give a hundred more examples, but the main thing is to remember the basic symbols, by which you will recognize the propaganda in other films. So the color blue for little abused boys, pink for girls, and the combination in the movies of an "adult man" (nickname papa, teddybear, etc.) placed in some unnatural situation with younger children.
OP Crnogorac3 4 | 787
20 May 2023 #12

A classic example of gay propaganda is, for example, Top Gun. The whole film is actually Tom Cruise's wandering between his homo and hetero sexual orientation. The female lead in the film keeps pulling him towards a normal relationship, while his flight team led by Val Kilmer pulls him towards a gay relationship. At one point, the woman realizes that Cruise has definitely drifted towards pederism, so she becomes so desperate that she changes into a male uniform in order to try to "convert" him back. But the attempt fails, because at the end of the film, Cruise ends up in a gay relationship with Val Kilmer.

Hear what Quentin Tarantino has to say about it as he completely unravels the method with the incredible confession below. Be sure to watch this short clip, you won't believe what Tarantino is saying and with what pleasure he is saying how his tribe is screwing the brains of goys. It scares me to think what kind of "punishment" Tarantino received for this confession below. It is indeed a rare case that one such person from the innermost circle of mind programmers publicly reveals Hollywood's most closely guarded secrets. 😁
jon357 74 | 21,817
20 May 2023 #13
There is no essential difference if a woman chooses a feminized Beaver or another woman as her partner.......lesbians addicted to anal sex

little "blue" smurfs who happily dance around a phallusoid mushroom

This is probably the most deranged thread ever to appear in this forum, despite stiff competition from Crowie. I don't know what those two Serbs have been smoking, but it must be strong.

It is however pure comedy. Reading it has a lot in common with paying to visit the Bedlam asylum to gawp at the inmates as people did centuries ago.

There's a real danger that you'll think I'm crazy

Get away...
Novichok 5 | 7,721
20 May 2023 #14
What a load of anti-semite, complete and utter nonsense.

With all that material C3 gave you to rip apart, that's your response?

How about proving him wrong on facts? Pick three most egregious lies of his, comment, and tell us the truth,

My bet is that you like others read the first 6 lines and skipped the rest. You (plural) do the same with RT. Without ever reading it, you have an instant and politically safe opinion about it.

There is a simple rule to follow in life: Sh*it happens. Everything else is premeditated.

For example, why do all TV shows have an obligatory gay guy? For a twofer, he is also black and so lovely that you would marry him even if you are straight.

Another one: I haven't seen a single TV commercial lately without a black actor in it. Random chance or top-down mind control and brainwashing? Do they actually buy things or just steal them?

It is however pure comedy.

...and not a single sentence is true? Not even one?

Comedy is when a gay guy says he is "normal". That's a comedy...Or that gays and lesbians can be self-sustaining. You know...the wonders of modern medicine.
amiga500 4 | 1,508
20 May 2023 #15
This above song "Go West" is one of the anthems of the entire queer movement.

Great song. Though YMCA is their all time bestest! Put your disco flares on and dance you nazi bit*h!
amiga500 4 | 1,508
21 May 2023 #16
Though I have to say Go West version by Pet Shop Boys surpases the original. Love the english synth-pop sounds of the 90s.. !
jon357 74 | 21,817
21 May 2023 #17
Go West version by Pet Shop Boys surpases the original

Yes, very much so.

From that period, Paul Lekakis's classic, Boom boom boom, come back to my room and we'll do it all right and we'll do it all night.

Quite big in Hollywood (sorry, Holy wood) at the time too.
GefreiterKania 36 | 1,412
21 May 2023 #18
With all that material C3 gave you to rip apart, that's your response?

Yes, that's exactly my response. Especially that in his very first post he draws from a book by an anti-semite and Holocaust denier, Eustace Mullins. After what happened in Europe during WW2 I have no time for lengthy debates with anti-semitic sickf*cks - I just call a spade a spade.

It is, however, quite interesting how often putinists or Putin sympathisers are also rabid anti-semites. Quite interesting indeed.
Bobko 25 | 1,942
21 May 2023 #19
doughnut with a hole in the middle

Thank you for opening my eyes to the satanic subtext inherent in the donut - I will avoid eating them from now on.

enter the stargate that represents the "mouth" and then take the famous Route 66 westward (the tunnel), finally exiting in Hollywood, which symbolizes the anus.

Fantastic! You are doing a great job explaining the cosmology of faggotry.
Novichok 5 | 7,721
21 May 2023 #20
Putin sympathisers are also rabid anti-semites.

There are people who are for Israel and, at the same time, against Jews in the US, for example.
There is no way to ignore the fact that there while there are only 3% of them here, they occupy and control disproportionally more positions in media and banking.

Try the Federal Reserve, a private bank in control of our economy as if they were part of the US government. See how many chairmen were Jews since its creation.

Then go to Hollywood...
GefreiterKania 36 | 1,412
22 May 2023 #21
they occupy and control disproportionally more positions in media and banking

Wow! They must be a really smart nation then. They also have disproportionate number of doctors, lawyers, Nobel prize winners and scientific discoveries. Perhaps imitating them, instead of hating, might be a good idea?

As far as I know, nobody is forcing anyone to spend their lives drinking cheap beer and mindlessly gazing into a TV screen. People should study, work hard, be diligent, disciplined and thrifty, and go into banking, science, medicine, law, engineering or media, if they want. Jews do it, so can everyone else. But I realise that it's easier to sit on the couch and hate - typical for Polish anti-semites as well.
Novichok 5 | 7,721
22 May 2023 #22
Perhaps imitating them, instead of hating, might be a good idea?

Do you mean being almost perfect racists in business and marriages?
GefreiterKania 36 | 1,412
22 May 2023 #23
in business and marriages?

Hey, marry whom you want and do business with whom you want. It's a free world.
amiga500 4 | 1,508
22 May 2023 #24
From that period, Paul Lekakis's classic, Boom boom boom, come back to my room

Wow I only knew that ****** pop cover that came out in the 00s this is way more authentic.
jon357 74 | 21,817
22 May 2023 #25
The days of big hair and HiNRG music.

Apparently he was quite a character in real life too.
amiga500 4 | 1,508
22 May 2023 #26
HiNRG music.

Yeah HiNRG and Happy House, when Electronica took Strychnine and went really really bad. Ughhh.

Anyway back to the hollywood gay anthems that i'm sure the repressed homo resident nazi, will enjoy.

Boys Keep Swinging - David Bowie
OP Crnogorac3 4 | 787
22 May 2023 #27
You know from experience that you can't just tell someone the whole story about the jewish conspiracy in one breath. 🙂 You have to give him information in small doses, until you raise him to the level where he can read a book on his own.

Likewise, you can't tell someone the whole story about this queer "hieroglyphic" symbolic language at once. That's why I introduced you to the topic in a light gradation. But now that you have the basics, you're ready to watch the Celtic Rebel movie where this whole thing is exposed. By the way, the guy did not decipher the symbolic language of Hollywood by himself, but it was a collaborative work of many people.


Basically, the film is called Don't Go West and demonstrates with clips from over 100 films how this subversive and ubiquitous propaganda works. The only problem with Celtic Rebel is that he explains very briefly what is happening on the screen, since it implies that the viewer knows in advance. (he made a film for a relatively narrow circle of knowledgeable people) That's why I had to explain at least some basics in a couple of introductory posts. There's a lot left that I haven't told you, so despite all of this, you probably won't understand much the first time you watch this movie. But I guarantee that the final effect will be like putting on glasses in They Live. After this, you will begin to notice this propaganda that is in practically every movie you see on television today. As far as I'm concerned, this is definitely the most important and moving film I've seen in my life. I would like to hear your impressions as well. (Novichok, Bobko, amiga500, GefreiterKania, etc.) 🙂
amiga500 4 | 1,508
22 May 2023 #28
After this, you will begin to notice this propaganda

Yes in books too. It is so subtle that I only noticed today after you posted your theories. Check out my book collection!

amiga500 4 | 1,508
22 May 2023 #29
These ones Novi sent me.

jon357 74 | 21,817
22 May 2023 #30
This is all just a cut and paste from the transcript of some online nutter's podcast or YouTube rant. With a few subtle changes in a failed attempt to make it look like it isn't.

Did anyone think that Czrnocloset can use the word "ubiquitous" or some of the discourse markers used, plus of course this is all on the style of a podcast etc rather than a written text.

And of course it's all deranged trash.

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