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Unfulfilled promises by PiS

cms neuf - | 1,691
2 Oct 2021 #301
Indeed - part of the irony is that the increase at the gas pumps is funding JKs troll army and the PiS nomenklatura
mafketis 32 | 10,559
2 Oct 2021 #302
we are going to win the election in 2023

got a mouse in your pocket? have you ever lived in Poland or do you have definite plans to (as in: you've bought the tickets and liquidated your australian assets?)

you and Polish people in Poland are not 'we'....
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,206
2 Oct 2021 #303
Really? Americans are not coming to Poland to invest now. Thats a fact. Start ups are almost non existent, and there is no foreign venture capital. You have no clue kid, really no clue at all to what is happening here. All you read is PiS propaganda and TVP. You are embarrassing with personal attacks because that is what those of little intelligence resort to when their ideals are threatened.

You are right though, much more of the PiS garbage and I will either go back to USA or head to Slovakia. Not locked into any place. The beauty of freedom. Unlike Australia.

@cms neuf
Oh you mean like how gas is over 5.80 a liter when oil has been at all time lows? And the prices at state owned companys have not come down? Like milking your own citizens like fat cows? Yes. PiS care for everyone as long as you vote for PiS and can get them $
amiga500 2 | 967
2 Oct 2021 #304
If the Freak from Prisoner Cell Block H stood for office, I'd vote for her.

Nice one :) you forgot Dame Edna Everage/Barry Humphries as minister of culture :)
The reason i have to resort to personal slights is because you are a stubborn mule that never admits he is wrong. You have adopted your take no prisoners approach to internet forums and are failing badly. You were wrong about inflation forecasts in 2022, wrong about economic slowdowns, and instead of mea culpa and saying o.k i'll integrate. that you double down in the face of proof. You previously stated american businesses will pull out poland because of lgbt policies and two months later google announced massive expansion and investment in Poland. You now make nonsensical claims that americans companies have decreased investment, there are almost no startups in poland, and there is no foreign venture capital. Provide proof for your wild claims for once, instead of asking me to provide proof to once again prove you wrong or be quiet!. You are embarrassing yourself and not even the other POrks will back you up on your wild claims.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,206
3 Oct 2021 #305
Not a PO supporter either. You really need to get a grip on your extremism thinking. I provided proof on inflation in the ING bank statements made public. But here is more:

Since you like conservative outlooks on the subject and you like Goldman try this one:

A decent summary is also here:

As for VC, and investment, you would actually know things if you were in Poland and moving in those circles of people who are involved with VC. You are not and do not.

These conservative reports when viewed from street level, in the real practice of business development and investment, are still on the low side. Deliberately low to not create panic.

Money is not flowing into Poland. The world view of Poland is taking a beating for any number of reasons on the extreme political left. But the facts are that those lefties also control a lot of cash, and when you offend them, they spend it in other places or not at all.

In the business community there is a quiet restlessness. You can actually feel the tension in meetings where people are now afraid to commit to projects and investment. Decisions are delayed over and over. Traveling this country, more and more family business are closing and unable to recover. Some money is gone and never coming back. PiS knows this and it is why they have not forced more lockdowns even when numbers of COVID are accelerating. Another lockdown would push Poland over the edge financially.

The strength of currency is a direct indicator of how the world views a country. Poland has lost 10% value of its currency in the last 2 months or so. That is a statement.
Novichok 2 | 5,609
3 Oct 2021 #306
Another lockdown would push Poland over the edge financially.

This proves that the first lockdown was nonsense. The kindest explanation is that it was driven by fear, not logic.
amiga500 2 | 967
3 Oct 2021 #307
I acknowledge my initial mistake, that I should have agreed with you about the current and harmfull level of inflation. Though in my defence i was distracted by your doom and goom about economic slowdown and EU funds saving Polish economy. No disagreement on current inflation and that is the only thing you can provide evidence for. My point was that there is a worldwide consensus that inflation will fall in early 2022, so any moves like raising rates by NBP are premature.

Re Foreign Investment, there has been a 35 percent drop due to the virus which is rebounding presently to 2019 levels . Here is the chart of ever increasing foreign investment for Poland to 2019. As you can see it has been increasing since 2015 when PiS got elected. If foreigners were spooked by PiS it would have shown to 2019 instead they are coming to us in droves.

The left only virtue signals when it doesn't cost them money, Google is one of the most far left companies and yet it increased investment into it's Krakow HQ instead of making statements about lgbt and moving their staff to slovakia. You have offered no evidence of the left withholding cash from Poland.

Your points about uneasiness about making decisions are i think because we are in a pandemic and not because of PiS. I can't comment about VC but if FDI is increasing then and our international rating from S&P is A- then why should VC stay away? As for lockdowns well they won't do it again, which is what you advocated for, perhaps give credit where its due?

Re value of the zloty
Looking at the five year chart your doom and gloom is once again unjustified
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,206
3 Oct 2021 #308
Your arguments are as predictable as the zloty. Three times a year I can make money just on currency. Because the Polish government and economy are that predictable.

Your comments about the past are not indicative of the future. Projections for the last year have completely missed. There is no foreign money coming in and if there were we would see it on the ground. It is gone. No one with real money wants anything to do with PiS policy. The political landscape is too volatile. Real money is not a few million bucks either. That's just regular business people, and they are also staying away.

You and several others like to tie political general policy to everything. I dont gaf about PiS or PO. I know where the money is, and where its going, and it isn't in Poland.

Certainly the pandemic has played a part, and the management of the pandemic by PiS, their other stupid policies, bad fiscal policy to be specific, are what is keeping real money out of Poland. Poland pi$$ed off the wrong groups with their challenges to licensing, and all the rule of law BS with the EU. These are real issues impacting investment. Cheap labor here is going away, and call centers have been leaving for India and Indonesia. Huge office vacancies to go with those job and tax losses as well.

People who actually have a stake in the economy will tell the truth. Unless you are in the grocery business, you dont have a whole lot of hope for growth, and if you are in the grocery business, your growth will be limited do to inflation.
cms neuf - | 1,691
3 Oct 2021 #309
Wouldn't it make more sense to look at a 10 year chart - then you can quite clearly see 4 years before JK and 6 years after him
Strzelec35 35 | 1,232
3 Oct 2021 #310
"The world view of Poland is taking a beating for any number of reasons on the extreme political left"

what do you call the extreme political left? CNN? I mean most woke people and liberals are not extreme left. Poland is extreme right. The extreme left is like communism. Youre way too right wing and biased it seems to get it. And a country that openly plays movies about some historical events on ukrainian immigrants it invited over and has an open racist policy against them how is that not extreme right wing and only took them in because it had to and otherwise it wouldnt even taken anyone in? again how are you blaming extreme left for being against such a racist country toward its economic migrants for instance? Constantly having talking heads on tv or playing movies or organizing some marches against **** that happened 80 yrs ago no one is alive for anymore?

You can tell a country is racist by listening to the people or their conversations on the street level at the pubs bars etc. pijalnia wodkis etc. How they dont care about Belarus. They dont care about refugees or human rights. They openly are racist and hostile on ukrainian migrants etc. Its not just pis but the mentality of the people. WHy would anyone woke want anything to do with such people or country?

The only not extreme right or normal Polish people are those like me who have to be ehre due to things like deportation or not being able to afford living abroad or those who live abroad and visit and see it and hear it and know the truth.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,206
3 Oct 2021 #311
Extreme left is MSNBC and NBC. CNN is left, but not as far. This discussion is about the economy not immigration. On immigration I am definitely far right. On the economy I am a centrist.

Ukrain's are to Poles what Poles were to Brits a few years ago. So what. Everyone is biased or racist in some way.
Strzelec35 35 | 1,232
3 Oct 2021 #312
Not true. People who are woke or westerners got over that manyd ecades ago. Only eastern europeans (******** of the eu) or second third world people are what you describe. The world already moved on. Look how germany are some of the most tolerant liberal people and hate their past dont try to sugercoat it. At least you can see your hypocrisy. The idea is to see ones faults and work on them.
jon357 69 | 18,445
3 Oct 2021 #313
Not a PO supporter either.

Is it strange of me to dislike some of the personalities and policies of PiS, but still much prefer them to the shower of **** that is Platforma?
amiga500 2 | 967
3 Oct 2021 #314
but still much prefer them to the shower of **** t

Alleluia! Progress ! :) Look i would much prefer PiS to form a government with Zandberg and Partia Razem at the next election than with the degenerates from konfederacja... kornivirus and dirkdiggler; their coronavirus conspiracies are the same intellectual level as their ayn rand milton friedman economic policies. ironside is a bit smarter, has wisely stayed away from the konfa anti-vax lunacy but hes a thatcherite as are most konfa supporters. Stuck in the 80s. oh and polamkrakow too ;)
Strzelec35 35 | 1,232
3 Oct 2021 #315
That is why they are called woke. Because they awakened from their former prejudices, racism nationalistm etc. This is the west not backwardness that is currently in Poland.
jon357 69 | 18,445
3 Oct 2021 #316
Partia Razem a

I voted for them. They didn't win, sadly.

And 500+ was the right thing morally to do.
OP pawian 182 | 17,050
3 Oct 2021 #317
prefer PiS to form a government with Zandberg and Partia Razem

Yes, we know, you are a true neobolshevik. :):)
Ironside 51 | 11,499
3 Oct 2021 #318
Not true.

Oh really? Cut the BS. Your basement experiences count for nothing.

they are called woke.

they call it because they are dumb jerks professing their ideology as a new religion. Aggressive fanatics of different branches of communism.

the konfa anti-vax lunacy

What lunacy? It is against an oppressive tyrannical state that forces everyone to vaccinate even kids. You have a China-like gov in Australia and you like it. Must be great and comfortable to be taken care of.

If you are a cattle that is.
amiga500 2 | 967
3 Oct 2021 #319
What lunacy?

The lunacy that is scaring polaks to be vaccinated, when 98 percent in hospital are unvaxxed. I am against mandates and similar. But facts are facts. I agree with konfa that there should be no mandates or even national passports, but the rubbish that dirk diggler and kornivirus has been spreading is what many konfa voters think and is BS. it is just like the flu. what rubbish Yes some people have bad times from the vaccines like with any medical procedure and should be reported that is nothing compared to getting the virus even for the 20-50 age bracket, konfa should stop scaring people against being vaccinated which is their schtick on social media.
Strzelec35 35 | 1,232
3 Oct 2021 #320
But their official ideology is progressive, it is about equality for all, it is about atoning to their sins of the past, and making the world a better place.
amiga500 2 | 967
3 Oct 2021 #321
That is all they are against. Look here:

not a bad speech, Count Bosak "said are you vaccinated? , of course some of the people in the crowd are vaccinated " I wish he would have said that vaccination decreases mortality and hospital admission. Now onto the matter whether vaccination is a private matter, when it affects society as in some USA states ICU beds overflowing and doctors having to deny urgent medical care to patients, those that have come in with heart attacks or car crashes, because of the influx of unvaxxed covid patients, then i would argue it is also a social issue.
Novichok 2 | 5,609
3 Oct 2021 #322
those that have come in with heart attacks or car crashes,

This borders on criminal.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,206
3 Oct 2021 #323
As did PiS lack of preparing for last spring.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,206
11 Oct 2021 #324
PiS and their amateur economic ideas. First they raise interest rates, knowing the courts will make the ruling on EU law, hopping that it will slow inflation. Not thinking that the court ruling will see the EU will then slow or eliminate funding from the COVID recovery funds, arrogantly saying that Poland doesnt need those monies because they can recover on their own. Not thinking though that the new Polish Deal is almost completely funded by those EU funds. Now without that money, another PiS promise of the Polish Deal becomes less likely to happen.

The zloty is now getting pounded by people shorting the currency. Inflation, due to lack of EU funds will continue to rise, and interest rate hikes will do nothing to stop it.

Honestly, I understand the PiS stance on supremacy of Polish law, and somewhat agree with it. They are handling this completely wrong and showing the world just how stupid this leadership really is.
jon357 69 | 18,445
11 Oct 2021 #325
Not thinking though that the new Polish Deal is almost completely funded by those EU funds.

This will not be easy for them

The zloty is now getting pounded by people shorting the currency.

To be fair, a few others are right now, however the zloty especially so. Sterling's vulnerable at the moment, however it's still 5.39 pln to gbp.
OP pawian 182 | 17,050
14 Oct 2021 #326
In another thread I said: No other party has lied to people as much as PiS has.

One example from today: PIS Prime Minister appeared in the Parliament and claimed that Polexit by PiS is fake news although multiple facts and PiS politicians` recent public utterances corroborate it.

In return, one of the opposition leaders said that PIS are a gang of pathological liars. So true.
amiga500 2 | 967
14 Oct 2021 #327
PIS Prime Minister appeared in the Parliament

It was a great speech by our wise premier. He totally demolished the opposition! I liked how he mentioned the fact that the polish constitutional tribunal has twice asserted that the polish constitution has supremacy over European law, in 2012 and in 2005, the latter by a judge who is now a member of the ECJ trying to bully Poland! Like his father he is continuing to fight the communists, this time against the traitors in PO.

OP pawian 182 | 17,050
14 Oct 2021 #328
demolished the opposition!

No, he didn`t, you are daydreaming. He provoked them to state the truth about PiS pathological liars. :)

polish constitutional tribunal

PiS`s, not Polish.

the traitors

Yes, PiS are traitors who are pulling Poland back from European path and putting it under the Kremlin boot again.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,206
14 Oct 2021 #329
PiS are communists. They are traitors to Poland if you want to label traitors. They sell out their citizens regularly.
amiga500 2 | 967
14 Oct 2021 #330
PiS are communists.

Everyone to the left economically of Reagan or Pinochet is a communist in your eyes mate! Now are you ready for a new bet? I will be noble and forget your previous bet proposal that Polish deal will not pass the sejm/senate, let's make it juicier.. That Poland will get the EU corona reconstruction money by mid January..

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