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Presidential elections 2020 - your opinions about campaign, candidates

amiga500 2 | 223
4 Jun 2020 #1,021
Baloney. Visegrad Group is strong, with Slowakia now a conservative-populist goverment. Germany has realised this and the attacks on PiS have stopped in the german state media. All Countries have a veto on any sanctions so we're all good. . Merkel is making amends with Poland. We're getting 65-70 Billion in debt mutualisation grants so plenty of money for infrastructure investment such as CPK. On the other hand PO want to stop the canal and airport. (theres going to be one in berlin so we don't need one lol!) PO has always been about keeping Poland as a economic colony of Germany and doing humiliating deals with Russia - ie paying the lowest price in europe for gas. This is what happens when a party is infested with ex SB/WSI oligarchs.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
4 Jun 2020 #1,022
And where did anyone say they wanted to stop the airport? Berlins new airport? How long did that take to build and how much did it cost again?
Crow 146 | 9,122
4 Jun 2020 #1,023
Visegrad Group is strong

Stronger by every new day. And wise.

Germany ....... Merkel is making amends with Poland.

Germany is now in conflict with USA. No wonder Merkel making amends with Poland.
amiga500 2 | 223
4 Jun 2020 #1,024
And where did anyone say they wanted to stop the airport?
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
4 Jun 2020 #1,025
LMAO and I am supposed to take a TVP, paid PiS mouthpiece report? A quote from two years ago when he did not have to consider the national interests. Please, this game playing is the same BS the press did in the USA to Trump. Same is is doing to Biden. It's coward reporting and biased politics. This is not an example of the free press. This isnt even a reporting of the facts piece. It is an opinion piece stitched together by the writer who is obviously a PiS shill

15 years of airport building in Berlin! Amazing success story there isnt it? LOL Its still not ready to open. Yes. A great example of German engineering. Hmmmm I wonder how much air traffic will increase anywhere in the next few years? Do some research on that and get back to me. Tell me then how great an airport with no one flying into it will be.
amiga500 2 | 223
4 Jun 2020 #1,026
About as biased as Gazeta Wyborcza, Newsweak and TVN24

15 years of airport building in Berlin! Amazing success story there isnt it? LOL Its still not ready to open

i follow aviation closely. Brandeburg was a SNAFU, because the state government refused to hire a multinational corporation to oversee the project, and did it themselves, city bureaucrats trying to co-ordinate hundreds of companies constructing the airport lol.

wonder how much air traffic will increase anywhere in the next few years?

Primary function is becoming a mega cargo hub for central Europe and linking all of Poland by fast rail.
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
4 Jun 2020 #1,027
Amiga - can you just confirm that not a grosze of taxpayers money is funding you ? Or any shareholders money from Orlen or KGHM etc which I see have all had huge increases in marketing costs in recent years.

If it's PIS funds then OK but if I'm paying for this I want to know.

BTW being a paid troll is the lowest rung of society - I hope you realize you will be unemployable in a few years
amiga500 2 | 223
4 Jun 2020 #1,028
You assume people that support PiS are trolls. You don't have the intelligence to realise that many polish people want Poland to reach the top tier of European countries, and not just be a source of cheap labour and a market for german goods. But plastic PolYanks will never realise this.
mafketis 24 | 9,385
4 Jun 2020 #1,029
plastic PolYanks will never realise this.

Just the same as plastic Kangury will never realize that people who actually live in Poland have different priorities than polonia....
amiga500 2 | 223
4 Jun 2020 #1,030
Considering PiS won the last Parliamentary and Presidential elections and will win this one, it seems they have the same priorities as me. Or half of Poland are paid trolls?

Oh thats right they are stupid sub-humans bribed by handout kiełbasa and can't think for themselves. LOLzo
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
4 Jun 2020 #1,031
This PolYank moved his company from USA to Poland two years ago, creating jobs, paying taxes and paying ZUS. Not laying one person off during the virus, not skipping one ZUS payment. I have invested in two other company's in the last few months, keeping Poles who would have otherwise lost their jobs employed. This one actually pays taxes here amiga500, and you don't. My employee's, their families, and a whole lot of other people get pretty offended when our money is spent on senseless projects.

The "primary function of becoming a mega cargo hub" won't happen. We know it wont happen because the demand is not there. If it were, studies and reports for expansion of existing airports would have already been filed as a justification for these projects.

Berlin should have hired a "multinational" corporation to manage the project? Really? What about the argument of creating jobs for Germans? Which is the same argument you used about creating jobs for Poles. I am sure we all believe that PiS supporters wont be dipping their hands in those construction funds. Maybe we can buy some hammers at ten times the retail price like we did for masks that had fraudulent safety labels? Yes. Lets keep the well checked and well spent money flowing to all PiS supporters, family members and friends.
amiga500 2 | 223
4 Jun 2020 #1,032
Any company that has the expertise and talent to oversee a multi-billion dollar construction project would be multinational with projects around the world, thats not to say it would not be headquartered in Germany and use German workers.

PolamKrakow I'm glad you and your company are doing well, but your american heritage comes with certain ideological baggage, of how you view the poor and the level of government support they should receive. Its also interesting that you moved to Poland whilst PiS was in power, so you do not have a point of comparison about PO corruption and what they gave to their SB/WSI mates. Who knows how your business would have gone if PO was in power and you annoyed the wrong person?

I suggest you watch the movie ukłąd zamknięty, very good depiction of how the post-communist elite operate , which are the underpinning of PO.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
4 Jun 2020 #1,033
How some are so quick to make assumptions. Funny how you know nothing about my political views, or how I donate my own money to those less fortunate than myself.

Ideological baggage? You mean like the baggage of actually knowing how to develop profitable business where employees enjoy coming to work? My heritage and ideological baggage comes from Polish immigrants who had nothing when they arrived, who always sent money back to Poland to assist those who didn't leave.

You don't live here. You likely have never lived here. You don't pay taxes here or build anything constructive for anyone who does live here. Yet, you want to have an opinion and speak your mind about things that will never effect you. You assume to know things because you read about them or see them on the news, but you don't live them or watch others living with them. When you actually have something at stake in the game let us all know, until then you're just another paid mouthpiece of PiS.
amiga500 2 | 223
4 Jun 2020 #1,034
Well you too have been quick to make assumptions. I have lived in Poland. I have paid taxes in Poland. I visit regularly for months at a time but I prefer the warmer weather of OZ. My Uncle owns a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. I have a thorough knowledge of his business and how Poland works. Individual Philanthropy towards the poor has nothing to do with a decent welfare system, which poland lacks and you somehow think is a waste of money and will lead Poland to financial ruin. But if someone has grown up in the USA I can see how you think it is not possible. Perhaps i lumped you in with the Neo-libs mafs and cms who keep blathering on about 'handouts'

the left are irrelevant in poland, before and after PiS getting into power, PO kept going on about 500+ and how it will lead to financial ruin, stop people from looking for jobs armagedon blah blah. well what happend? we could afford it by stopping multi billion VAT fraud and multiple corruption scandals. As well as growing the economy through cutting red tape, R&D investments and state aid to important companies. PiS is the only viable party that wants to help the less fortunate and advance poland into the next stage of its development, and not just for the liberal elite in Warsaw. Those are my priorities , not lowering the retirement age, introducing trash contracts, and selling all they could to foreign capital like PO. Who do you expect me to vote for?
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
4 Jun 2020 #1,035
You don't help poor people by giving them a way to not work. You help them by creating jobs or creating an environment that allows for job creation. PiS creates taxes, and rising ZUS costs to fund these programs. I have no problem with 500+ for kids. I have a problem with young families pumping out babies every year so they don't have to work and can live a meager life in the country. Have you seen the twenty something families with 4 or 5 children already? I have a problem with 500+ for cows. I have a problem with state funded companies who in turn pass profits back to cronies.

PiS has created more red tape that inhibits business growth. They create an environment that discourages investment. The regulations for foreigners to invest, or open companies to create employment opportunity for Poles are staggering. The costs associated with successfully getting through the process are simply cost prohibitive for most. To think that money is going to come from Poles is counter intuitive because they aren't earning enough to create their own opportunity.

You can not continue to rob Peter to pay Paul, which is what PiS has set the system up to do. Same as the USA did, and look at how bad the USA is now financially. It will one day have to pay its bills to China who owns most of the debt, or it will have to go bankrupt.

As for the LGBT, immigration policy and those things. I support some of it, but I am not prepared to sacrifice financial wellbeing of my neighbors in order to support those things. Those people can always go somewhere else, but they want the controversy just as much as PiS wants to get rid of them. It's childish on both sides.
Crow 146 | 9,122
4 Jun 2020 #1,036
As for the LGBT, immigration policy and those things.

Good that you mentioned that. I hope candidates and parties know what they doing.

Just don`t give pervs to marry animals. As for LGBT, don`t allow them to adopt children from heterosexual couples (and vice versa).
amiga500 2 | 223
4 Jun 2020 #1,037
The Germans have abandoned a balanced budget with their stimulus bill, and in fact there is europe wide consensus that debt is needed in these times. so lets see if it leads to their financial ruin.

"The program will include temporary cuts to VAT, a per-child financial allowance for families, and assistance for cash-strapped local authorities, along with plans to boost subsidies for electric cars and spend billions on national transport infrastructure."

Cutting VAT temporarily is bold. Good to see them following Poland's lead and increasing financial assistance per child. Now we await Poland's Stimulus program to deal with the upcoming depression.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
4 Jun 2020 #1,038
Cut VAT and pay for all these EU program how? Why assistance for cash strapped local authorities? Civil employment should be the first to cut back expenses. Money to small business is whats needed. Electric cars that the vast majority of people dont want and wont buy, brilliant. More infrastructure welfare jobs? Not a path to prosperity.
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
4 Jun 2020 #1,039
Yes but someone has to buy that debt. And if all countries are selling debt at the same time then Poland will be less atttractive. The fact that the government has taken control of the courts and the volatile zloty make it even more difficult.

We do indeed wait for the governments stimulus - but so far I have not received a grosze. . Neither has anyone else I know. I paid my employees, ZUS and other fixed costs for 3 months with no income.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,858
4 Jun 2020 #1,040
Another poll.

Duda: 40%
Trzaskowski: 28%
Hołownia: 14%
Bosak: 7%
K.Kamysz: 6%
Biedroń: 4%

Trzaskowski is inching towards the 30% barrier, while Duda seems to be mired in the 39-42% range. Hołownia at this point needs something else - but then again, the gossip about KO supporting him to become an independent president of Warsaw in exchange for his support won't go away.

IMO, I expect a big bombshell promise from Duda before the 1st round.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,721
4 Jun 2020 #1,041
I doubt Trzaskowski will beat Duda, but if anyone is going to beat Duda, it'd be him. I don't see any of the other candidates getting over 30%.
amiga500 2 | 223
5 Jun 2020 #1,042
PolAmkrakow + Assorted PolAms
Since I am such a nice guy I have found a free version of Układ Zamknięty for you. The whole movie is about 3 entrepreneurial business owners in Poland so I am sure you will enjoy it.

If you need English Subtitles can be downloaded and then uploaded into the video player.

If all countries are selling debt at the same time then Poland will be less atttractive.

Government Bonds are regarded as an investment safe haven in times of volatility. Buyers don't care about 'democratic' rule of law , they just care about rule of law hence why Hungary and Poland are still seen as a prime location for big-business investment. Poland won't have a problem.

so far I have not received a grosze. . Neither has anyone else I know.

That does indeed suck. I hope they come up something soon. I could be wrong but heard today that 4th round of coronavirus policy includes delays in paying ZUS and some form of subsidy in getting commercial loans? pretty pathetic I agree and PiS will have to up its game before the election.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
5 Jun 2020 #1,043
If Holownia made a deal with Trzaskowski, it would be the end of Duda. Imagine somehow Holownia becomes President of Warsaw, and all his supporters move for Trzaskowski. This would be what the Dem's should have done with Clinton and Saunders in the last election if they wanted a real chance to win.

As for more, or actually any "stimulus" money to small and medium sized business from PiS I will believe it when it happens. Delays in paying ZUS are simply a downsized version of PiS policy of robbing Peter to pay Paul. As for those loans and subsidy, the money is gone to big business before the small business even gets the paperwork sorted out. That said, I did receive 5000 pln for keeping my company open during the pandemic. It took 32 days to receive it after my attorneys did the paperwork. 32 days? For other company's that is just long enough to be forced to close.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,858
5 Jun 2020 #1,044
Another poll:

Duda: 41%
Trzaskowski: 29%
Hołownia: 13%
Bosak: 6%
K. Kamysz - 5%

And now #chamskahołota is the hashtag of the day. Twitter is full of PiS trolls trying to defend Kaczyński, but it's clear that his rude and arrogant outburst yesterday is more fuel for the opposition. Are PiS really trying to throw this election away?
mafketis 24 | 9,385
5 Jun 2020 #1,045
I'm pretty sure that PO was trying to lose (or not trying to win) in 2015... maybe PiS wants an opposition president so they'll have somebody to blame for their failures? Even the dimmest people probably start tuning out when they go after Tusk anymore....
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
5 Jun 2020 #1,046
And whats in the 4th business relief package for small business.......NOTHING. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Once again PiS completely drops the ball. Gives loan forgiveness for three more months, for people who lost their jobs, not people who have been brought back to work but are still struggling, then gives the money to the banks to subsidize interest payments they are loosing on these loan delayed payments! An extension of more child care money and thats it. Great leadership. Wouldnt even pay attention to the small business owners demonstrating and throw them a little something. This is why PiS can not lead, they simply dont know how.
mafketis 24 | 9,385
5 Jun 2020 #1,047
This is why PiS can not lead

PiS is an opposition party which through some horrible accident found itself in power - while still maintaining it's opposition mindset.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,721
5 Jun 2020 #1,048
PiS is an opposition party which through some horrible accident found itself in power

So Polish citizens exercising their right to participate in a democratic election is a horrible accident? Fact is, PiS has been more popular than any other party for several years and continues to be.

while still maintaining it's opposition mindset.

That's because it is. It's being attacked by the cultural marxist pawns of the EU and liberal jews who want multiculturalism and lgbt in all the goyim countries. Not in israel though of course...
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
5 Jun 2020 #1,049
@Dirk diggler
I would guess that a pretty large segment of Trzaskowski supporters want to keep Poland snow white as can be, and do not want the multiculturalism that Germany and others have screwed themselves into. I would bet several EU members regret their decisions.

Sure they may want the LGBT community to have some rights, but I don't think adoption would be one of them or marriage would be either. Probably civil unions, some medical rights, and rights to inherit would be good enough to make them happy. Who cares about that stuff anyway, its happening in the country, though its not legal.

The paranoia exhibited by people thinking gays are going to run the streets and that its going to turn into the embarrassment of San Francisco is simply crazy.

Women when raped, or have a severely deformed fetus should be able to have the choice to abort. To make them have a child of rape, or one that can never take care of itself is simply the idea of a sick minded individual. Who are we to impose our beliefs on someone else with no consequence to ourselves?

PiS cant decide what it is. They have multi personality disorder. They want to give away money they don't have for wasteful programs to buy votes, like Democrats in the USA. Yet they want immigration controls and stricter rules more aligned with Bible teachings like the Republicans. They have no idea how to manage the economy without EU money flooding in. They have offered nothing to small business owners who employ more people than large business operations. With all due respect to what the Office of the President of Poland should be, Duda is embarrassing for the country. Singing happy birthday to Trump like Marilyn did to Kennedy is still a priceless memory. He exhibits no strength. Not one person I know here in Poland or in the USA thinks he represents anything Presidential.
mafketis 24 | 9,385
5 Jun 2020 #1,050
PiS cant decide what it is. They have multi personality disorder

That's what I mean by opposition party - they can only express negative goals and have no real positive agenda.
And the party culture prioritizes loyalty and connections over competence (very much like the PRL) so they put incompetent people in charge of things and can't recognize their incompetence because that wouldn't be loyal...

How do PiS supporters justify the way they're failing (when not actually sabotaging) small businesses?

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