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The Witcher 3 game - Poland's great success

pawian 176 | 14,299
14 Dec 2020 #31
the entire Polish society et large here people:

I don`t feel embarassed because a Polish software producer failed to meet Great Expectations.

I don`t care. Is there sth wrong with my Polishness? Should I start worrying? :)::):)
kondzior 12 | 1,200
15 Dec 2020 #32
cybercuck is sh!t, oh no, shock and disbelief
Strzelec35 11 | 1,085
15 Dec 2020 #33
I think that Ukrainian studio (maybe called Treytech?) that made the amazing Stalker series for the PC and the Metro series for consoles is a much better studio that produced much better games than anything Cd Projekt Red Red has done. They did not bow down to corporate greed however and produce mass appealing produce or hype them up by hiring kenau reeves but produced very east european style games that actually remind me of the way the wilderness in Poland looked or brushes as I played them starting back in UsA (I am still going through a save game of the original stalker that is more than 10 yrs old that is how big and deep the game is but i go back to it only from time to time as you really need to put time into it to get anywhere). Those games have heart and arent made to satisfy some world mass appeal or western or us society. They also are much much more impressive on a technical level and think Netro last light on my playstation 3 actually looks better and even stalker with mods than cyberpunk.
Vlad1234 16 | 753
15 Dec 2020 #34
The Wolven storm song in Belarussian. How much would be able to understand?
Strzelec35 11 | 1,085
18 Dec 2020 #35
much berter game here and more interesting than anything from any polish game srudio especially ce projekt red:
Strzelec35 11 | 1,085
20 Dec 2020 #36

lol. This is looking like the biggest embarassment poland has ever seen since golota became q superstar adter punching balls or even since 1939 when the reich invaded:

lol people dont mind bethesds games like fallout also being a buggy mess at release because theyre fun as **** unlike cyberpunk apparently.
Strzelec35 11 | 1,085
28 Dec 2020 #37

lol this country reminds me of Cuba

Or what I've seen in Netflix docs on Cuba and from some people i remember who told me who went to Cuba.

Just take a look at how Polish media first of all they speak barely audible English and i dont even know how they have that job when someone like me would be a million more times more qualified for being that I speak perfect understandable u.s. English but secondly how they lie and refuse to see how much of a catastrophy and disappointment cyberpunk is and an embarrassment for Poland:

I realize this is a problem with their culture and Polish people as a whole: they will never say anything bad or criticise anything made within their country, cannot take any constructive criticism ven to a game studio much less their entire culture, and just put their heads in the sand all the time or in general like an ostrich. The crazy thing and why this reminds me of Cuba is this isn't even a state sponsored news its just that the people here are like this so the media doesn't have to be state sponsored for them to be propagandists.

I just had an interview with this guy who started arguing with me about this issue and cd projekt red and cyberpunk because he also refused to see the light or truth and would jot say anything bad about a Polish firm like he was part of it or something soi literally hung up on him and he interview.

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