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The Witcher 3 game - Poland's great success

gregy741 5 | 1,232
17 May 2015 #1
well well well.The Witcher 3 going on sale today,and it becomes one of the most anticipated game this year.over 1 million pre ordered sale.

but what is shocking about this game,is critical was praised and considered one of the best game ever made.and new generation rpg,skyrim killer.ect.

with gamespot giving it 10/10.making it 9-th game that ever achieved this score in gaming history.
congratulation cdproject was a shocking great start.

of course,some controversy arisen,and fans outrage after one of critic from major game reviving sites,slashed Witchers score,cus there was no black people in its world.and women were not treated nicely.well,we all know about leftist stupidity.

am not a big gamer myself well not anymore,but am considering giving it a shot.
let me know what you think about this great success.
18 May 2015 #2
Really looking forward to play it. Pre-rodered on GOG. Cant wait :)
18 May 2015 #3
I for one am waaaaaaay more interested in their next project. Cyberpunk 2077. :)
OP gregy741 5 | 1,232
3 Jul 2015 #4
got copy few days ago..done like 30 hrs..that thing its a masterpiece.they will get GOTY for sure.funny game as well.anyone tried it?massive success by red project studio..really outstanding game.
3 Jul 2015 #5
Like I said before I can't wait for the CD Projekt Red next game which is going to be Cyberpunk 2077. There is a three years old teaser trailer available on the tube.

Going to be sweeeet ;)
3 Jul 2015 #6
Finished the game last week and it is glorious. The glowing reviews, including a perfect 10/10 from the largest gaming site in the world (Gamespot) are well deserved. On top of that it is the best selling videogame in the world so far this year; selling over 4 million units within 2 weeks after its release. I guess that makes it one of the most successful polish entertainment products ever.

The Polish videogame industry has indeed developed to be a force to be reckoned with. Besides Witcher 3, other recent releases like Dying light and This War of Mine have also become hugely successful. Overall, it seems that the Polish videogame industry has surpassed most of its peers in Europe, including such countries as Germany and France. The only two countries that I would still place ahead of Poland in this category (in Europe) are Sweden and the UK.
Lolek222 - | 79
4 Jul 2015 #7
The best rpg there is......
28 Aug 2015 #8
Witcher 3 has sold 6 milion copies. 6 milion copies in 6 weeks, 4 milion in the first 2. The company behind it (CD Project Red) has gained 500 milion pln profit. Proud again lol.

The whole Witcher video games series has surpassed 14 millions of copies sold. Mind blown.

OP gregy741 5 | 1,232
31 Aug 2015 #9
Witcher 3 has sold 6 milion copies. 6 milion copies in 6 weeks, 4 milion in the first 2. The company behind it (CD Project Red) has gained 500 milion pln profit. Proud again lol.

excellent.i almost finished...took me over a month,cus i dont have much time for is brilliant, but why did they had to bring all this 21 century social justice problems into this game,so unnecessary....all the time they bring up racism and religions bigotry was okey from time to time but become annoying. this game is demanding...i got i5 760 and gtx 680 rig...and my gpu was screaming.i wouldn't need radiator in winter if i play it in winter. my cpu was getting 90 degrees Celsius .lol

"man at arms reforged" reforged witcher swords with traditional method watch this,brilliant guys:
25 Nov 2015 #10
Slavic and Polish folklore in the masterpiece OST from the masterpiece RPG game and one of the best games in the history of gaming.

Wich of those are your favourites? For me its "Kaer Morhen" followed by "The Fields of Ard Skellig" and "Cloak and Dagger".
OP gregy741 5 | 1,232
25 Nov 2015 #11
hunt or be hunted,The Fields of Ard Skellig, Geralt of Rivia.Commanding the Fury
finally managed to best the game.great.took me over a month. didn't have much time recently.
beside,the Witcher got british "golden joystic" game of the year award,funny tho they give it away in
25 Nov 2015 #12
golden joystic

Ye i know but seeing Fallout 4 and MGS5 (i own both) not being anywhere close to the Witcher 3 very own level i'm more than certain that Our game will take it all anyway :) Closest contender would be Bloodbourne but it's worse and not multiplatform. :
OP gregy741 5 | 1,232
25 Nov 2015 #13
Ye i know but seeing Fallout 4 and MGS5 (i own both) no tbeing anywhere close to the Witcher 3 very own level i'm more than certain that Our game will take it all anyway :)

possible.Fallout shot itself in foot,making 2015 game on old skyrim engine.some critics are ****** off by the lack of any invention in it.i dont own it,no time to play big games,but from what i saw it had poor graphics for 2015 AAA game and dumbed down rpg elements.nevertheless,it will be main rival for the witcher 3 in game of the year throne race.
25 Nov 2015 #14
Fallout shot itself in foot

PS3/PS4 (i'm a PC gamer) quality graphics mixture, mediocre story-line, loading screens entering buildings or using elevators, unpredictable dialogue mechanics, messy perk distribution, dumbing down rpg elements, monotonous and lacking variety world, fps linked pace, ugly and forgetable characters... plenty of stuff done on way lower level than TW3. Shows Bethesda released the game for profits with no emotions nor passion involved in the creation.
smurf 39 | 1,966
25 Nov 2015 #15
Fallout 4 and MGS5

Yea, Fallout has been really disappointing. MGS is great though, probably my favourite MG.
Witcher beats both though, no question.
25 Nov 2015 #16

Yes. I do enjoy playing MGS though it's getting kinda repetitive after some time (especialy with that dumb AI) and i am not really all about the base building. In chapter 2 the story becomes somewhat flat too possibly due to the funding cuts that i have heard about.
OP gregy741 5 | 1,232
26 Nov 2015 #17
anyway..i dont quite understand why cd project decided to kill the Witcher project.i mean,now that the Witcher become well known brand of its own,they could establish themselves like elders scrolls series. guaranteed money and fan base is large now.kinda weird.normally movies and games follow sequels if product is successful financially.shame they terminated it.and one more question:

Yen or Triss guys?Yennefer for life here
26 Nov 2015 #18
The Cyberpunk 2077 going to be huge and much bigger that the Witcher 3. At least the devs told us so. Think they wanted the Witcher to establish themselves as a recognised company and then go huge with some kind of niche theme which cyberpunk is. And yes I went with Yen too since its Geralt's true love. In real life I'd go with Triss though. I feel attracted to girly women lol
OP gregy741 5 | 1,232
4 Dec 2015 #19
so,there you have it.just few hours ago..congrats..:
4 Dec 2015 #20
so,there you have it

Yup. GOTY, Best RPG and Best Studio. :)

PS. At 2:04 in that clip you can hear someone from the audience shouting:"Don't say Fallout!". Hilarious :D

Can't fecking wait! Aditionally Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's release postponed to August 2016. Desperately require Cyberpunk-Fix!
NoToForeigners 9 | 994
28 Dec 2016 #21
Merged: Truth about Polish video game industry

Poland's IT sector is growing very fast, companies are looking for specialists. Are Polish video game producers short of employees?

Seems our schools "back then" were more emphasised on science.

That's a bold claim from one of The Witcher developers.
Vlad1234 17 | 889
5 Dec 2020 #22

A song from The Witcher

A song from the Witcher Polish game have inspired a singers from different countries to create versions in their native languages:
In Ukrainian:
In Russian:
In Polish:
And versions from the game:
In English:
In German:
In French:
In Japanese!:
There are versions in other languages.
A good chance to compare beauty of diffđÁrent languages.
The Witcher is very successful project.
Tacitus 2 | 1,315
6 Dec 2020 #23
I am already very much looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
7 Dec 2020 #24
Cyberpunk 2077.

YES!!!!!!! Finally something we can agree on hahaha
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
10 Dec 2020 #25
I am already very much looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077.

First reports are that it's below expectations and that the massively overvalued shares are now tanking as a result. They're suggesting that the game has the same problems as typical Bethesda games (full of bugs), while a lot of things are unpolished, such as the poor driving mechanics compared to GTAV.

I'm going to give it a miss for now, as the reviews suggest that it needs polished more than anything else. It took Skyrim years before it could be considered a masterpiece, and the same will happen here I think.
pawian 223 | 24,567
10 Dec 2020 #26
I haven`t been looking forward to Cyberpunk. And I have never played Witcher though I read all the books in the series several times. Not my cup of tea.
Spike31 3 | 1,769
12 Dec 2020 #27
The game is great. At least on a PC with RTX 3090 onboard. I've got steady 60 fps with 4K res. and ultra graphs.

It is mostly console peasants who complain in reviews that "the game doesn't look as good as they expected" :-) I mean, what do you expect from PS4 or even PS5? It can never match a Gaming PC quality (especially since RTX 3090 graphics card alone cost more than 3 PS5's or XBoxes - over £1500 at this moment), and things will only get worse with time for the console owners.

It's like complaining that a Mcdonald's set doesn't taste as good as a 5-star restaurant meal :-)

CD Project has sold over 8 million pre-ordered games setting a new world record and making enough money to cover the game development and promotion before the game was even officially released! And now they're just making a pure profit. The gaming industry is the future, and that's where the money is.

Strzelec35 32 | 889
13 Dec 2020 #28
his game shows the state of the polish tech industry and how it really is like aife been telling all of warsaw about 25 yrs behind silicon valley where muaaah or me jad lived and experienced most of my life. These stupid Polish people think theyre king kong or something of tech because they live in warsaw yet warsaw is only just a small taste or fraction of places like palo alto, san francisco or even neighbouring berlin where Ive also been to and plan on emigrating to next. They also wont hire me and think theyre so desirable to work for these tech companies in poland when i laugh and realize its probably better because they are so behind the times i shouldnt even apply or want to work act like tou need masters degrees or yrs in the gaming industry just to work in ce projekt red yet they release a buffy game that is blurry and looks worse than half life 2 which came out like 20 yrs ago lol. poland and the it or tech industry lol what a joke just like allegro tech is the biggest joke even ukrainians are way ahead as they made the amazing stalker series I still play. I mean they did not even optimize this game after 8 yrs of development for modern systems. what a joke and these people in poland never realize just how fsr behind they are silicon valley and even the grewt reich or berlin.
Spike31 3 | 1,769
13 Dec 2020 #29
A frustrated troll is a funny troll :-)
Strzelec35 32 | 889
14 Dec 2020 #30
It is not really a success story but an embarassment for Poland and the entire Polish society et large here people:

lol this guy calling them a scummy company:

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