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Stalker 2 will crush anything any Polish game studio ever did

27 Mar 2021 #1

guys this will be the definite eastern european game about eastern europe made by an eastern european developer not cyberpunk.
28 Mar 2021 #2
its just a bog standard FPS, does not compare to the innovation of Frostpunk and The Medium.
OP Strzelec35
28 Mar 2021 #3
It's the most realistic ai in any open world games or shooters with enemies who work in teams hide behind buildings attack one another etc. plus the scenery or landscape looks Eastern European.i can't think of any other games that captured this part of the world and architecture like buildings so well can you? It's not some future looking superhero or cartoony crap like blizzard games.
28 Mar 2021 #4
It doesn't even have a release date. there is no gameplay footage. Get off the hype train till it's deserved.
28 Mar 2021 #5
in the meantime atomic heart by ruski devs mundfish is looking really good
OP Strzelec35
28 Mar 2021 #6
well I was actually talking about the original game and call to pripayat and Im guessing this one will take it to the next level. but when i used to live in the USA i played and still have the origonal save game and i revisit it from time to time on my imac turned into windows 7 bootcamp partition (ive had it sent to Poland actually) it would remind me of Poland like the Polish countryside because even though it is set in Ukraine it looks similar like the way the brushes or scrube and greenery look and small townhouse buildings etc. and like i said i still havent seen any open world games with similar ai where you see groups of scavengers getting into firefights or some random thing happens giving a different experience playing each time.

I agree with this what about you?
28 Mar 2021 #7
CD Project red games get constantly developed after release, and this one was released prematurely. I'm not playing it until the GOTY edition and after all the DLC/patches are released. But yeah great story apparently and RPG just not the open world game they were marketing.
OP Strzelec35
28 Mar 2021 #8
"Guys pleade get excited" swuareenix and now also joins the ranks cd projekt red: when announcing anything from here on out.
OP Strzelec35
2 May 2022 #9

Verdun ww1 fps war game for mac pc

anyone played this badass fps multiplayer title? I got into it very recently and realzied i had it for a while because it was free off epic store at one point. I decided to install it in this bar im at right now due to the fact it is available for mac also so I can play it on my m1 mac laptop or macbook pro in a bar here in lodz called Bistro with free wifi drinking beers and damm im having a blast. Its like it takes you back to trench warfare and a diff time and i love non modern fps titles where you have to aim carefully or snipe vs shower bullets around:

It reminds me of red orchestra 2 actually but now i can play it with beers in a bar and without the glitches red orchestra 2 comes with. the deathmatch mode is best for beginners it seems and it feels like trench warfare free for all in middle of nowhere with a bunch of trenches smoke and **** and these anti tank bolts around dead horses tanks blown up in scneery etc. sometimes games are also worht playing just for atmosphere.
johnny reb
2 May 2022 #10
anyone played this badass fps multiplayer title?

No, most of us have grown up and work for a living.
2 May 2022 #11
So says the guy who spends 24/7/365 on an Internet forum. LOL

Please stop baiting on every thread you post on

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