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Tusk turning his back to idea about Intermarium (New Commonwealth), seeing only EU as future for Poland

Ironside 50 | 12550
1 Oct 2017 #91
If I had a choice I would rather live in Putin's Russia than in Merkel's Germany.

If I was forced to choose between those two I would call it quits.

you are probably living in your parents' goat hut in the arse end of Europe.

I would rather live in goat hut than one of those countiers.

You are an extremely pathetic figure when you are talking to someone in this way.

. hey let him be, he only responded to roz at her finest. Nothing wrong with that. You on the other hand never forget to carry two or three buckets of vaseline - one need to be Z-wit to use it all in no time.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
1 Oct 2017 #92

A couple of halal joints doesnt mean poland has a large muslim population. Compared to the overall population there are very very few. Warsaw as the capital will have more than the other cities. Nonetheless the number is still far smaller than other w euro cities like paris London brussels. You'll never see dozens upon dozens of dudes w huge beards or ninja women like you would in western eu. I'd say there probably isn't more than 100k Muslim residents/citizens in Poland - 30k lipkas 30k 40k Chechens, rest from north Africa/middle east. Most of the Muslims in Poland are well assimilated and don't cause problems. You don't see Muslims establishing sharia courts, massacring locals, walking w signs calling for sharia and death to those who insult Islam like in w Europe.
Crnogorac3 4 | 811
16 Oct 2017 #93

This is today's reality in Germany:

and this in Russia:
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
16 Oct 2017 #94
Germany is fully cucked just watch the Poland defiant video for one. Great explanation
OP Crow 162 | 9473
16 Oct 2017 #95
People, for the western Europe, these are truly stinky times. Literally. I hope that Tusk spending his days nicely in Brussels.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
16 Oct 2017 #96
Same. He can stuff it, traitor. He sold out that's all it is.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
16 Oct 2017 #97
Hell yes!!! Poland said no thanks to a $9 bill loan offer from the IMF BC they know what sharks they are! Good job!
Atch 21 | 4161
16 Oct 2017 #98
Poland weren't offered a loan. They asked for it - back in 2009 and were granted a credit facility, should they need it. Declaring that they no longer need it is a bit of well timed bravado designed to show how confident the government is in the economy ie we don't need the IMF, we don't need EU funds, you can all go and swivel on it.

Here's the PIS plan as I see it. Carry on their merry way and keep the voters happy until 2019, this may mean watering down some of their more draconian measures for a while, keeping Jo Public happy is their number one priority at the moment. Cosy up to China and the UK, the US obviously and a few other useful trading and finance partners. Get voted back in in the next election (that's a rarity in Poland but it has happened once in the history of elections in Poland since the fall of Communism so there's a precedent) and THEN the fur will begin to fly. They will get increasingly authoritarian and less interested in keeping Jo Public happy and then the intention to Polexit the EU will be announced.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
16 Oct 2017 #99
Poland weren't offered a loan. They asked for it - back in 2009 and were granted a credit facility

Which they took as a safety measure since they had no clue how the 2008-2009 world crisis would fold out. They didn't pull out a PENNY hence owe NOTHING for it. They were offered the loan again to which they said NO THANKS IMF SHARKS!

It's actually props to PO too for running the country pretty decently back then. This is a Polish victory, not just a PiS one.

They never said anything about EU funds - stop exaggerating.

They will get increasingly authoritarian and less interested in keeping Jo Public happy and then the intention to Polexit the EU will be announced.

If they insist on Poland lowering our safety standards and making poles work to feed foreigners who refuse to assimilate and live off benefits and having to deal with terror attacks and all sorts of other awful crimes and problems, polexit is preferable. Most Poles don't want to leave the EU. We love it as an economic union. But we don't want political interference in our home affairs and be told how to certain things in sensitive areas of Poland and its economy, politics, etc. We don't mind 99% of EU directives and apply them faithfully.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
16 Oct 2017 #100
Also, the government said we actually want to become a net payee in the very near future and each year we pay more and more cash into the program - proportionately as Poland becomes wealthier and other neighbors are to be helped out...
OP Crow 162 | 9473
21 Feb 2018 #101

If Poland fails to offer Intermarium, countries may turn to Eurasian Union in attempt to save itself from EU

We talk about Intermarium for some time already and, official Poland fails to offer materialization of this alternative to EU. True, Poland rising, we see resistance to EU but, we don`t see clear signs of Poland`s readiness to initiate project of Intermarium.


In the meanwhile, European Union (ie western Europe) continuing to pressure member countries, especially eastern European block, while Eurasian Union becoming increasingly attractive. So, one starting to ask himself- are official Poland aware of these processes?

Or, maybe Poland isn`t capable to have leading role in formation of Intermarium?
OP Crow 162 | 9473
25 Apr 2018 #102
[moved from]

Tusk is today in Serbia`s Belgrade. We would see- as brat or nebrat.

Well, well, well. Tusk and Vucic spoke in spirit of Polish-Serbian brotherhood. Message of this meeting is that Poland and Serbia represent future backbone of European Union as long as it suits us and if not, together we can do whatever we want.

Well, after all, Tusk came as brat. He learned Serbian and spoke Serbian during entire news conference. He spoke in Serbian with Serbian president. Tusk spoke well of Serbia and Polish-Serbian connections... spoke about Tesla, Djokovic, Serbian `kolo` dance, anti-Serbian propaganda, about Serbian resistance to Soviet Union and Nazis during WWII, that (citation) even Germans learned that its better to be with Serbians then against them, that Serbian president Vucic rightfully initiated project of new union of region of western Balkan around Serbia.... that he as Polish man have deep respect for Serbians. He praised Serbia`s independence, that neither Moscow, neither Washington, neither Ankara, neither Brussels deciding about Serbia but Serbians themselves in Belgrade. On that all, among else, Serbia`s president Vucic said that he value Tusk as president of EC and as Polish man who correctly understand situation.

Tusk in Belgrade - He came as a Pole to Serbians

Velika je Poljska. Mnogo velika.

Intermarium and Sarmatia!

Today in Belgrade - on one side Germany and France and on the other side Poland and Serbia, for the balance within new reformed EU


Tusk with Serbian FM Dacic

Tusk with Serbian President Vucic
lesser 4 | 1311
26 Apr 2018 #103
Tusk is today in Serbia`s Belgrade. We would see- as brat or nebrat.

He does work for Angela, so figure out.

He learned Serbian and spoke Serbian during entire news conference. He spoke in Serbian with Serbian president.

He always struggled to speak foreign languages, probably just read diplomatic message written by his advisors. In practice he lead government that officially recognized Kosovo.

He praised Serbia`s independence

So if you are bored with you independence then join the EU. Then your government need to adopt millions of the EU directives and most likely update Serbian constitution.
OP Crow 162 | 9473
27 Apr 2018 #104
Yes, yes. I hope Serbia won`t join EU. Many here share this stance. It is now obvious, EU is some alchemist retort that would turn into something else. Something ugly, for many. Knowing Serbian historical path, I think Serbians (after liberate what needs to be liberated in the region) will push for some bigger Slavic conglomerate- if possible Intermarium or New Commonwealth. If not, in any case, Serbians would decide to continue their existence as Slavs.

He does work for Angela, so figure out.

Still, he said he coming as a Pole. He underlined that. Sure, he may lie but still, that does not exclude possibility of him being aware of major power shift in Europe. Tusk is politician and if shift happening (and it does), why he wouldn`t survive on political scene of Poland and of Europe, if that is possible? You can bet that he was 100% sincere when said- ``even Germans learned that its not wise to be your enemy``. Oh yes, as much as depend from him, he will best as possible present Serbian case to his bosses- he knows his actions will be monitored.

He always struggled to speak foreign languages, probably just read diplomatic message written by his advisors.

Capable politician, for sure. Yes, his role in recognition of Kosovo is famous. He literally betrayed Lech on this. But, when you look, official Poland back then followed USA strictly and it was US of Clinton`s and Obama. No, again Poland straggling to follow USA but things in USA have changed with Trump (maybe in favor of Serbians). Tusk sense that. But problem is what Duda sense, having in mind his collaboration with Germany and Croatia. In any case Tusk spoke in the name of some circles in Poland- what circles, we yet have to see.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
28 Apr 2018 #105
Tusk is nothing but a eurocrat traitor. He is merkels lap dog and is representing eu and german interests, not polands and certainly not the slavic worlds.
Spike31 3 | 1637
13 Oct 2018 #106

The Three Seas Initiative. The new future for Poland?

The EU is starting to create more problems to its members than it solves. Is it time for Poland to refocus our attention towards Emerging Europe?
pawian 223 | 24385
20 Nov 2020 #107
Donald Tusk has just announced that it is high time to unite the efforts of all opposition to oppose PIS after they took an important step towards Polexit by vetoing the EU budget.

What did he mean by that? Did he suggest the opposition should create a coalition right now? If they do, PiS and far right are finished in 2023 - 35% vs 65%.
Ironside 50 | 12550
20 Nov 2020 #108
Donald Tusk h

should shut his ugly mug. Brussels attracts the worst sort from all Europe.
OP Crow 162 | 9473
20 Nov 2020 #109
Donald Tusk has just announced that it is high time to unite the efforts of all opposition to oppose PIS

Polexit will happen when comes the right moment to happen. Not too soon, not too late. In the meanwhile some reset of Poland need to happen.

You would notice that Duda failed to promote Intermarium and Central European Union, while instead tried to push for Three Seas Initiative, setting Poland in German orbite, and suddenly slowed down with it how Serbia coming closer to Visegrad. See, it is possible that Duda and PiS have problem to coordinate with policy makers. I'm still not sure but there are signs.

should shut his ugly mug

You seam to have some problem with Serbs. Always find something amiss.

Brussels attracts the worst sort from all Europe.

Tusk is there to play his role in much bigger game then it is complete game around Brussels and EU.
OP Crow 162 | 9473
23 Dec 2020 #110
Now when I think back on time, Tusk is wise. He knew what would happen to EU and Intermarium anyway wasn`t and isn`t realistic until there is no Polish Catholic Church, independent from Vatican. See, I now understand Tusk. Being Kashub, a Northern Serb, he is familiar with generally negative Vatican`s and western European stance on all Serbs. He knows that Vatican always played on Germany, on France, on Spain, on Latinos, not on Poland. Never on Poland. Only used Poland. Only gave carrot to Poland. He is also aware of tragic plot for destruction of Yugoslavia. It was enough Vatican to move its finger and Yugoslavia to collapse.

My dear people of this forum, let`s be realistic. Let`s face it. Intermarium is a delusion. Not by default but as things stand now. No freedom to Poland. no power in Poland, no interdependence of Poland, as long as Vatican have to be asked for things in Poland. What Poles think? To have Intermatium and to wait Vatican to move its finger and then Intermarium to fall in the hands of favorite Vatican`s champions- Germanics, ie Germany. In the process, Intermarium, in the first step, no doubt, would be turned into freak that is idea of Poland by the Kanopisht pact. With Vatican in the game Intermarium would be turned into bloodbath same as was Yugoslavia and we all would perish.

So, my dear Polani, listen brethren. You better as fast as possible form Polish Catholic Church. Give up from Rome and Vatican. What you have with Vatican`s crime on Balkan Serbs? With Vatican`s millennial worldwide crimes? Nothing. Nothing at all. Or, rather, in fact, speaking of crimes on Balkan Serbs, those crimes were directed, as side effect, to weaken Poland and to increase Vatican`s position in Poland, to isolate Poland from its natural southern historical ally. Very sinister game, indeed. Committing genocidal crimes on Orthodox and Catholic (!) Serbs in WWI, WWII and during Civil War in former Yugoslavia, Vatican in fact declared war to Poland. Only with Serbs, Poles have chance to escape fate of servitude to western Europe and not to be dependent from Russia at the same time. Only with Serbs Poland can dream to be part of conglomerate like New Commonwealth or Intermarium. With Vatican, only agony await Poland.
Spike31 3 | 1637
27 Dec 2020 #111
Donald Tusk has become a full-time Twitter troll. And that's how he is going to be remembered.

Generally speaking he is on the same level as other German puddles like Juncker or Timmermans.
All of them would lick a master's hand to get a treat.

His political power in Poland has reached the bottom since even many MEPs from his parent party PO has distanced themselves from him since he retreated from facing Andrzej Duda in presidential elections.

Such people are "in charge" of this slowly dying beaurocratic-socialist organism that is EU.
Organisation which is nervously trying to transform itself into the federation and push forward in false hope of a "new beginning"

Merry Christmas! :-)
Spike31 3 | 1637
27 Dec 2020 #112
Sure, Germany is always on a hunt for fresh undeveloped markets, and especially for the expansion in Central Europe, so one day Serbia may become a member of this Areopagus run by the bastard generation of '68 Marxists colloquially known as the "European Union".

Unless till then they'll choke on Poland. Or better yet on South European debt. We are counting on you Italy :-)
OP Crow 162 | 9473
27 Dec 2020 #113
I count on Italy, Greece, Turkey and Squiperia.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
28 Dec 2020 #114

It's just a matter of time before the EU implodes the way USSR did. In the meantime, let Poland enjoy Germany's money.
Spike31 3 | 1637
30 Dec 2020 #115
The main German economic engine is still very strong, and the whole eurozone project was constructed in a way in which Germany suck up the blood from the eurozone economies and then give away a fracture of it in "donations" in order to pass for a good, generous uncle.

And Central Europe, which wisely didn't accept eurocurrency to become full-time slaves like Greeks, had to be at least submitted economically and used as a labor force for a German industrial complex.

The hope lies in the fact that Southern Europe, especially Italy, may consistently burn more resources that can be extracted from them in a long term. So the whole project would start generating constant loss. That wouldn't be the first, nor the second time when Italy would screw up the German plans for total domination in Europe.
OP Crow 162 | 9473
30 Dec 2020 #116
The main German economic engine is still very strong

Deutsche Bank is a fiction. Are you aware of it?
Spike31 3 | 1637
30 Dec 2020 #117
Yes, but the industrial complex is not fiction. Industry produces cars, machinery, tanks etc. Stuff in demand with high amount of added value which you can sell on international markets for high profits.
Ironside 50 | 12550
31 Dec 2020 #118
Tusk and Vucic spoke in spirit of Polish-Serbian brotherhood.

Which is a much ado about nothing.
Serbian factor is meaningless. Poland would need a strategic alliance with Turkey.
OP Crow 162 | 9473
31 Dec 2020 #119
If you continue to speak like this, I would conclude that Poland becoming exhausted idea. Same as it was case with Yugoslavia. Then Tusk and Vucic needs to speak as two Serbs, in the spirit of Pan-Serbian alliance from Balkan to Baltic.

Now think what would mean for Poland if this become Geo-strategic reality. Try to think if have brain. What would Poland? To become more clerical? Stop to be Slavic and, like in case with Muslims who gave up their ethnicity, become just Catholic? As proposed by the Kanopischt what would lead in full Germanzation? To become police state? To squeeze Kashubs more? To assimilate all who don`t say they are Polish? To join with Germany and Islamic league against Serbia?

You wouldn`t need Russians to come. There would be Civil War in Poland before that. And there wouldn`t be any partition after that. Simple, Poland would died out as idea, like Yugoslavia. New states would emerge.

So, don`t become traitor. Have brain. Don`t say Serbian factor is meaningless. Serbian factor is one of rare things that hold Poland alive. Strengthen internal cohesive forces within Poland and keep Russia convinced how Poland still have its meaning.

This is why when Serbia ask, Duda allow to Serbia to use Poland`s air space for ANY import of weaponry from Russia, no matter any EU or NATO sanctions. Serbs are Poland and Poland is Serbs. Violate this and you have internal problems and don`t even need outside enemy.

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