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Should Poland traitors face the death penalty?

delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
6 Dec 2017 #91
The fact is the majority of poles support right wing pis and kukiz which together have over 50% support

The fact is that you've actually posted outdated data.

As it stands among parties meeting the threshold:

Right: 43.2% (PiS+Kukiz'15)
Centre: 43.7% (PO, N., SLD, PSL)

So, a plurality of Poles support centrist parties according to the latest data.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,574
6 Dec 2017 #92

Incorrect. As of October 2017 pis alone has 47% so your data is incorrect. mine was too actually - pis is even more popular (several months ago it was around 43%)

CBOS: 47 proc. poparcia dla PiS,75398,22509312,cbos-47-procent-poparcia-dla-pis.html?disableRedirects=true

and this is wyborcza saying that lol

Shows PO has only 16% support according to CBOS/Wyborcza. So actually, since the 43%PI/20% PO CBOS poll which was several months old, PiS has actually increased even more in popularity and PO declined further.

Like I said, PO has rating lower than every before. Ever since they kowtowed to the EU and agreed to take in 4k Muslims it was over for them. 3/4 of Poles and over 50% of PiS voters reject migration. Poles will never forgive PO for trying to allowing the EU to distribute potential terrorists into Polish borders and ruin their PERFECT record of zero Islamic terror.
idem - | 135
6 Dec 2017 #93
PiS has actually increased even more in popularity and PO declined further.

I think the way how they behave in Parliament....all these anti-polish voting.....does not make them popular.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,574
6 Dec 2017 #94

Of course not. That along with the migrant issue, the refusal to negotiate with PiS and walk out on meetings or never show up, allowing foreigners to take advantage of Poland, supporting EU's far left labs which are the opposite of what socially conservative Polish citizens desire, and so on.

The fact that they would vote to take away their own country's vote shows that they have more of an allegiance to the EU than to Poland. They are traitors. Even if they disagree with PiS, that does not mean that you vote to strip your own country's voting rights. It's a total bytch move. Even PO supporters were appalled that MEPs would vote to suspend its own country's voting rights within the EU. This isn't harming PiS, it's harming every single person in Poland including PO and their tiny political base.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
6 Dec 2017 #95
You're using data from October, I'm using data from December.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
6 Dec 2017 #96
To go back on topic, perhaps someone can comment if Duda should face the death penalty for this:

Why did PiS take the issue of elections in Poland to the EU? Aren't elections an internal Polish matter?
7 Dec 2017 #97
I feel really like Robin Hood with my hat!
SigSauer 4 | 413
7 Dec 2017 #98
I've decided I don't need to emigrate to Poland legally. I'm just gonna show up when I get off the flight, rip my passport up and claim that I'm Syrian. I don't really have any incentive to follow your countries laws anymore, not when these people can jump the que, so I'll avoid the headache and just do it this way.
Crow 139 | 8,291
7 Dec 2017 #99
If we all ended up killing whomever we disliked or disagreed with, there'd be no one left, lads!

great truth had been said here. I myself telling on this forum from long time ago how are we Slavs, all of us, traitor after traitor. Some more, some less but all in any case.

Nobody can face Svetovid and ancestors with dignity.

But, let us not end up like those mouses. Let us don`t commit massive suicide. As long as there is life, there is hope. Maybe we shall come back to ourselves.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,574
7 Dec 2017 #100

Don't forget to lie about your age and say your 14 too
Crow 139 | 8,291
7 Dec 2017 #101
BDW, as man becoming older he in fact becoming younger.

stick to the topic please
Crow 139 | 8,291
7 Dec 2017 #102
stick to the topic please

Thank you. I will.
Lyzko 25 | 7,009
7 Dec 2017 #103
"Lefty yappers", @Ironside?? Don't you mean "Leftist...." Anyway, I'm a righty, always have been. Some of us are ambidextrous, unfortunately, I'm not one of them:-)
pawian 173 | 12,643
18 Mar 2020 #104
Six MEP voted against Poland. Should they be punished?

Not against Poland but against corrupt PiS regime. These are not the same things. Stop manipulating.

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