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The Political Circus of Poland

Alien 18 | 4,845
4 Oct 2023 #271
At least he has charisma.
Paulina 16 | 4,211
5 Oct 2023 #272
@Alien, and balls of steel lol


OP pawian 222 | 23,766
5 Oct 2023 #273
And the penis of uranium! Perfect for destroying Russian tanks! Three at a time! hahahahaha
PS. Russians will complain about environment contamination with uranium but they always complain, like their stalinist grandpas. Such a grumpy imperial nation.
Novichok 5 | 7,853
6 Oct 2023 #274
And the penis of uranium! Perfect for destroying Russian tanks!

Russia doesn't need tanks to win. This is not WW2. All Russia needs is to bleed the UA out of men and the US out of patience and money. See PAK.
Alien 18 | 4,845
6 Oct 2023 #275
balls of stee

Made of armored steel. 😄
Cargo pants 3 | 1,637
7 Oct 2023 #276
and balls of steel

Made of armored steel.

With the help of the US & Poland mostly.While ruskis are trying to break them he is now flashjing them to Poland and in future I guarantee to the US too,while ruskis will laugh there arse off.

They are fu.ckin corrupt as hell and will never be loyal to anyone.
OP pawian 222 | 23,766
26 Oct 2023 #277
One of the PIS nominated judges in the PIS controlled Constitutional Tribunal, embittered with the election results, said that Poles don`t deserve to live in an independent country.

It immediately struck me as ringing the bell to the words by Adolf Hitler who claimed that Germans, unwilling to fight tooth and nail with utter sacrifice against allies, didn`t deserve to have such a genial leader as himself and it was a natural course of history for them to be conquered by stronger nations, especially Russians.

He even gave the Nero Befelh in which he ordered the German industry to be obliterated before falling prey to allies.
Will PiS gangsters also issue such an order??? After us even a deluge????
OP pawian 222 | 23,766
6 Feb 2024 #278
PiS bolsheviks are so embarassed by their gangsta party affiliation that they hide PiS logos on the posters promoting them in the currently running local gov election campaign.

Amassing clowns. And idiots if they really believe a non-PiS voter might fall for that scam. :):):):)

That is why a new campaign has just been launched on X - DisclosethePiSSer!

Dorżnąć tą bolszewicką watahę do końca!!!! hahahaha

OP pawian 222 | 23,766
7 Feb 2024 #279
Today we could witness amassing scenes in front of the Parliament where PIS bolsheviks tried to break through Parliament Guards who prevented two convicted PIS criminals from entering the building. See it in the film below. PiS bolsheviks turned it into a deplorable brawl.

On the one hand, it is a huge embarassment for Poland coz it shows that thanks to PIS bolsheviks and their homo sovieticus voters, are are still an Eastern, not Central European country. I saw similarly violent mayhem with Parliament members`s active participation in underdeveloped countries in the Middle East or Asia.

On the other hand, it is a blessing that PiS bolsheviks are doing it, proving again and again they are wild uncontrollable pack of hoodlums who need to be aborted to the very end so that Poland can be a safe and prosperous country again. Seeing them in action, even more Poles and Polesses will vote against them in the coming elections in April and June than on the 15 Oct.

If those bolsheviks were more clever, they would completely change their attitude and behaviour in order to attract decent centrist Poles to vote for them.

Fortunately, they are moronic rightists and will remain such. Goddess bless them all!!!!!! hahahahaha

OP pawian 222 | 23,766
7 Feb 2024 #280
proving again and again they are wild uncontrollable pack of hoodlums

Of course it is natural that Tusk and Co enthusiasticaly, even wildly support such wild PIS, especially before the coming elections. hahahaha I suppose they are even ready to say prayers so that PiS won`t change.
Ironside 53 | 12,493
7 Feb 2024 #281
amassing scenes

They made a mess with these two MPs and now there is a result, they can't pass any legal bill, lol! Neo-Sejm.
OP pawian 222 | 23,766
7 Feb 2024 #282
They can, do and will. :):):)
mafketis 36 | 10,862
7 Feb 2024 #283
They made a mess with these two MPs

They're no longer MP's that was annulled when they were convicted and a pardon doesn't change the verdict it just keeps them out of jail...

What I want to know is why PiS is going all in for these two convicted criminals?

They may be shoring up their aggressive and ill-informed base but they can't imagine this plays well with anyone else....

Another idea is they're sending a message: stay loyal and we won't abandon you when you get in trouble (to encourage other crooks in the party to not abandon ship).
Miloslaw 19 | 4,777
7 Feb 2024 #284

Please improve your poor English.....
Ironside 53 | 12,493
8 Feb 2024 #285
They're no longer MP's

Oh, I wish it was that simple, it is not. What is more fun is the fact that only one of them was nullified formally (legally or not) whilst the other is clean as a whistle and according to all laws still an MP.

Holownia and their cronies are morons.
That made such a mess that it is possible to question the legal validity of all bills passed by the Sejm, not to mention that ministers Bodnar and Sienkiewicz are currently certified criminals, awaiting jail time.

Public opinion does not care about that and PiS because they are rightly fed up with them, for people it is like powerful politicians get their commence and they like it without understanding what is going on.


They can, do, and will. :):):)

So can you! But nobody cares!
OP pawian 222 | 23,766
9 Feb 2024 #286
ministers Bodnar and Sienkiewicz

Dream on if it unstresses you. . :):)

But nobody cares!

That`s a very healthy attitude! :):):)

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