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What is interesting in Poland ?

geekit 1 | 1
13 Nov 2014 #1
Hello everyone,

I am from Morocco and i want to know what is interessting in Poland, because i want to go in a trip there :)
Monitor 13 | 1810
13 Nov 2014 #2
OP geekit 1 | 1
13 Nov 2014 #3
Thank you for sharing with me this link, can you just tell what YOU see interessting in Poland ?
Monitor 13 | 1810
13 Nov 2014 #4
Interesting = different than what you have around you and different from what you've seen until now. That's why you better ask people from Morocco.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
13 Nov 2014 #5
Eat Pierogi (PS: May contain pork, for some morroccans this is an issue). Some of them are very very tasty, specially one that have a sauce made with fried meat, it is wonderful.

Drink Vodka (Zubrowka, Belvedere, Chopin, all those worldwide famous treasures inside bottles came from there).

Visit Old towns (I Visited the ones of Poznan and Krakow, they are impressive).

For a not happy, but a valuable and shocking human experience, visit Auschwitz near Krakow and the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Warsaw.

If you like skiing, people recomend the Tatars in the south. I never went but in January i will go to Wisla :)

Do not feed the pidgeons.
13 Nov 2014 #6
Tatras not tartars lol
feed the pigeons they are awesome!
Alien 22 | 5195
22 Apr 2024 #7
Do not feed the pidgeons

Is this prohibited in Poland?
Alien 22 | 5195
16 Jun 2024 #8

I almost ran over one today. You should not brake suddenly in front of birds and other small animals, but everyone does it instinctively.

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