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Jesus Christ is Now Officially the King of Poland

Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
3 Jan 2018 #151

Jesus Is King for Poland's New Rulers

The populist government wants the country to answer to God, not its critics in Western Europe.

Massive turnout for rosary crusade in Poland. Liberals furious

Ahh maybe I can put a few more drops into my 'SJW Tears' mug

This is a clear sign that we answer to a Higher Power than the unelected commissars of the EU and their allies. Yesterday Soviet tanks, today Western banks.
Crow 160 | 9,545
3 Jan 2018 #152
Western Europeans are heretics. In every sense of the word. They betrayed both, Christ and Svetovid. Double heretics. Anglo Protestants especially. They plus betrayed Mother of God. Triple heretics.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
3 Jan 2018 #153
Triple heretics.

I fear that too many of them have lost the will to stand up and fight for 'King and Country' and honor their culture, their ancestors, their motherland, etc. In Sweden, nearly everyone has a sort of neurosis where they don't like anyone that criticizes the migrant issue in their country. A journalist interviewed Swedes and sought to gather information and they didn't like the fact that he would be reporting facts, going through Malmo and showing what it looks like, etc. There's a video of a camera crew being attacked by migrants in Malmo as well. Anyway, the whole society refuses to acknowledge the problems that it has and prefer to sweep it under the rug. Even the wealthy swedes have given up and simply moved far away into the suburbs. They are safe there and move there to get away from places that have become full of migrants yet they hate it when you point out things like the skyrocketing rapes, the money being spent on housing, etc. They have these videos even they show to brainwash kids into believing in a multicultural utopia. There are German women who say that now (and well into the future) being German means having a hijab... I mean a white European lady saying this on TV.... The corporations, Zionists, socialists, etc. are working overtime to complete turning western Europe into a mindless mass of consumers who's culture, traditions, heritage, family values, etc. have been eroded. The churches are being replaced by mosques and the once deeply traditional conservative native Europeans are losing the connection to their religion, their heritage, etc. They are constantly told to accept the migrants, welcome them - share your home even with them. Don't worry about all the terrorism, nonstop state of emergency, sexual assaults, etc. We just need to do more to help them - spend even more money on giving them more welfare. They don't need a 9-5 week job and bars and clubs on the weekends - they just need our tax euros so they can send money to their family back home in Afghanistan or Ghana or wherever. They have their Saudi salafist mosques who tell these migrants that they will conquer Europe. Indeed they are doing this with ruthless efficiency. They are growing more and more and no one in Sweden, Germany, France, etc. wants to stop this madness. They've been cucked - they've simply accepted a simpler reality and prefer to be docile instead of resisting. The Slavs - Poles, Russians, Serbs, Czechs, Slovaks, etc. have not. They are resisting the western world order and the lefty multicultural sovereignty destroying anti-family anti-nation ideologies and policies. We're making our own route. We do not want to have 2 year state of emergencies like France, we don't want the women only zones because newcomer savages may help them like dogs as in Germany for NYE, we don't want the enormous bills for housing migrants, giving them food, so they can simply sit around on their butt all day as they do in UK, and that is our right as a country. This is the route that the majority of Poles want and it is clear the government continues to reaffirm our position so the EU knows exactly what to expect.
Taxpaying voter
3 Jan 2018 #154
I fear that too many of them have lost the will to stand up and fight for 'King and Country' and honor their culture, their ancestors, their motherland, etc.

Either that or they're too busy getting drunk and then driving home to bother with things like going to church or good to their neighbours.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
3 Jan 2018 #155
Possibly. People in France though have even been attacked coming out of church so that would certainly make someone a bit scared to go to church.
Crow 160 | 9,545
3 Jan 2018 #156
We Slavs needs to seduce Pope to support us rather then Germanics, Franks or Anglos. We have much more to offer. To Jews, too.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
3 Jan 2018 #157
Well apparently Theresa May wants good relations with Poland and wants the Poles in UK to feel secure despite Brexit. She recently met with Poland's leadership.

Polish patriotic groups support certain German and French groups like AfD and the identitaire movement and vice versa. However, as a country they're simply too far gone - especially France. Germany still has somewhat of a chance but it needs drastic changes unless it wants to become like France in the near future and have nonstop state of emergency. Thankfully, Merkel is failing, she can't form a coalition, 50% of Germans want her out, and AfD is having a meteoric rise. Merkels resorted to begging Germans not to listen to AfD's message which clearly isn't working. Their ranks swell everyday. Now even Austria voted in a government that will be strict on immigration. All this movement is simply to preserve our own sovereign nations and not allow a millennia of culture, civilization, history and our heritage to go to the dustbin. Certain countries have simply given up the fight to preserve their societies and the traditions and values of their ancestors.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
4 Jan 2018 #158
apparently Theresa May wants good relations with Poland

Of course, because she's playing the old "Divide and Conquer" game - trying to save the Brits' sorry ass after BREXIT.
Crow 160 | 9,545
4 Jan 2018 #159
You said great truth. Britain tries to preserve control. But those attempts are futile.

The Slavs - Poles, Russians, Serbs, Czechs, Slovaks, etc. have not.

Of course that Slavs (ie Sarmatians) resist. They are West. Western Europe was/is only geographically western while thanks to Romans, wealth flow from Sarmatian (ie Slavic) hands was transferred in Britain (to Romano-Brits) and rest of western Europe.

By all what now happening in Europe, we clearly see how are Slavs, despite all attempts in ruination of our integrity, still unique civilization. Its clear that our world have its internal rules and balances, tradition, internal interdependence and cohesive forces.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
4 Jan 2018 #160
As a russian saying goes - a man without a will is like a blade without an edge
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
5 Jan 2018 #161
Leftards saying goes: "A man without a penis is still a man if he wishes"
Crow 160 | 9,545
5 Jan 2018 #162
You are all crazy. We were talking about Jesus as King and Svetovid being qualified PM. And look how discussion developing.

Heretics! All malformed by rotten western Europe.
6 Jan 2018 #163
Chrisine love JESUS a lot may be more then their life but they dont know even JESUS REAL name

Do you know his real name ??? or you never bother about to know him what he is for real for sure it was not Jesus

he was born a jew not a british or american neither he was blond with blue eyes

He was brown ARAB man with beard like muslims and jews today and he never built a chruch never he ever said built one or he never said worship me or i am god

Read atleast bible atleast you can do :)
Crow 160 | 9,545
6 Jan 2018 #164
BDW, did you know that these people tomorrow (January 7th) celebrate Christmas?



Source: b92/zivot/vesti.php?yyyy=2018&mm=01&dd=06&nav_id=1344236

After Jagilonian Kings, Jesus is again common Polish-Serbian King.

This is how Serbians salute birthday of our common King Jesus Christ, in these troubled times >

On the end of Merry Christmas message, man says: ``Mother, please``... and woman behind him fire from the pistol thru window.

Point is- try to take it from Serbians.

Jesus Christ is Now Officially the King of Poland

If it is so why then Polish army on Kosovo walk with radical Muslims and Germanics?

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