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Jesus Christ is Now Officially the King of Poland

NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
1 Jan 2018 #121
Poles recognize Światowid as a made-up thing of the past. Fantasy. Unreal.
Crow 160 | 10,257
1 Jan 2018 #122
Sure. All is in the head. See, why give all rule over us to Christ. Much more democratic is if He share power with our old grandfather Svetovid.

See, Irish and Anglos, they all love Christ but also preserved something of their pre-Christ spirituality. We Serbians, too.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
1 Jan 2018 #123
Again. You can't give anything to a being that doesn't exist.
Crow 160 | 10,257
1 Jan 2018 #124
I understand you, dobri brate. But, if we strongly want something, you know how it is used to be said: ``Only sky is your limit.``
Crow 160 | 10,257
1 Jan 2018 #126
Could it be? Really? I thought only Russians are crazy in the family- third Rome and all that.

See, I think its questionable what you say. But if you point on official Poland, maybe exactly that is the reason why Poland isolating itself, these years.

*Spot what I founded thanks to internet:

Native Polish Church

religious association that refers to ethnic, pre-Christian beliefs of the Slavic people. The religion has its seat in Warsaw. Temples gathering local believers are spread throughout the country, The RKP was registered with the Polish Ministry of the Interior's

NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
1 Jan 2018 #127
See... I actually AM POLISH. I know you strongly want to believe Poles CARE about Serbia. That Poles THINK about Serbians at least once a day. That we consider Serbians BROTHERS. But it isn't the case, Crow. I'm actually very pro-Serbian. I strongly believe that the conflict in Yugoslavia WAS artificially created by USA and other evil nations but even I don't think much about it. Even I consider Hungarians (not Serbians) our brothers.

Deal with it. Poles DON'T CARE ABOUT SERBIA as much as you want them to and no "sky is the limit" rule is present here.


Wat is your point? There are more MUSLIMS in Poland than people still believing in pagan gods.
Crow 160 | 10,257
1 Jan 2018 #128
I understand you, man. Entirely. Situation is actually much better then one can expect, considering that we all have our foreign masters.

P.S. Give Svetovid some decent job in Poland. At least as secretary to Christ. Old boy would accept even that, I am sure.

Wat is your point? There are more MUSLIMS in Poland than people still believing in pagan gods.

Sad, isn`t it.

Plus, `Muslim` sound better then `pagan`. `Pagan` is something bad by default. Say that we aren`t subjugated people.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
1 Jan 2018 #129
Sad, isn`t it.

Nothing sad about it. It's just reality.

Muslim doesn't sound "better" than pagan at all. In these times it sounds worse to Poles. Pagans are like atheists to Poles while Muslims = terror threat.
Crow 160 | 10,257
1 Jan 2018 #130
Yes. But we talk of it, at least. At least.

Muslim doesn't sound "better" than pagan at all. In these times it sounds worse to Poles. Pagans are like atheists to Poles.

Its deeply wrong to use term `pagan`. Term that is on us imposed by foreigners. Our old faith is `rodoverje`- ancestral faith, `stara vera`- old faith, or I don`t know local Polish term.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
1 Jan 2018 #131
Term that is on us imposed by foreigners.

Maybe in Serbia.

Again, Crow. What you believe Poland and Poles are is just your imagination.

In Poland you can hear "poganin" and "poganie" quite a lot. For example they are used to describe people that refuse to go to church. "Nie idziesz do kościoła? Co ty jesteś poganin?"

And almost nobody in Poland cares about what was our old faith 1000 years ago.
Crow 160 | 10,257
1 Jan 2018 #132
Same is in Serbia. Or very similar. We Poles and Serbs simple race who would better insult Svetovid. Sad. Same, same.

But fortunately, in Serbian way of Christianity, in our Church, we have old faith incorporated in Christian rituals. That`s how we preserved memory on Svetovid. We concluded that those old-faith elements won`t an inch contribute to fact that foreigners wants to burn us alive. Faith isn`t problems to foreigners. Simple fact that we are Slavs is problem to them, they always invent reason. So, when it is so, we decided to keep memory on Svetovid.

And almost nobody in Poland cares about what was our old faith 1000 years ago.

Almost nobody.
Crow 160 | 10,257
2 Jan 2018 #133
I'm actually very pro-Serbian. ................. Even I consider Hungarians (not Serbians) our brothers.

Interesting that we talking of this in thread dedicated to Our King, Jesus, no matter level of our loyalty to His absolutism.

Anyway, we forming our opinions on the base of experience and stimulation by influences, education and family heritage. Essentially.

But, when you compare, in this particular case Hungarian and/or Serbian contribution to Poles, you can easily note that comparison even isn`t possible. Both, Hungarians and Serbs, generally speaking, love Poles.

But, what was and is price of that love?

What Hungarians paid? They hated Russians when Poles hated Russians. Not a big deal. Russians are Orthodox. Truly, not hard to Hungarian to hate them. Plus, having been under Germanic influence, Hungarians have that sense how Slavs are low-people. One more reason to hate Russians.

So that they gave to Poles?

But they didn`t hate only Russians, not only Orthodox Slavs. When they, on the Germanic wings, expanded, they harmed neighboring Slavs a lot of. That way, they harmed Poland`s interests. Actually, they devastated Polish interests. See, just in last 5 years Hungary shows tendency to coordinate with local Slavs and together with them resist to German influences. Only in last 5 years. And that, thanks to Serbian resistance and thanks to Serbian connections.

Serbians? What did they pay for the Polish love?

Serbs gave everything. If Orthodox Russians were against Poles, Serbians, no matter Orthodox themselves, sided with Catholic Poles. But without hate on Russians but suffering deeply for being involved in inter-Slavic conflict. Serbian choices were hard and, in this inter-Slavic things, Serbian guidance wasn`t Christianity but deeper metha-ethnic Sarmatian connection. Poles and Serbs are Sarmatians, Russians are Scythians. Scythians themselves are Sarmatians, too, but Scythians were separated from rest of Sarmatians by nomadic way of life, while sedentary Sarmatians established prosperous civilization from Baltic to Balkan. Civilization that had its rules and wealth flow even before God had plans for Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Wealth flow destroyed by Romans, while Scythians of that time were solidar to sedentary Sarmatians..... but, it belong to another story.

So, where in Europe did you see that Protestants strategically side with Catholics, or the opposite? No, you don`t have such an example. Where Catholics sided with Orthodox and opposite? Nowhere. Only Serbians paid that price. Paid for Poles. And as I said, without hating Russian, but loving them. That, my dear, is price. Real price of love. See, true love is always tragic.

Not to speak about long Serbians resistance to Germanics, with whom Hungarians often sided against us. At the same time, our every resistance to Germanics, contributed to Poles.

Or you want me to speak of Serbian mediation between Poles and Russians, so that they mutually profit and that foreigners don`t profit on Slavic divisions? You don`t need to seek deep. Take just this example of Polish apples that by re-export via Serbia travel to Russia.

To all that add that Serbians looking on both- Poles and Russians, with doze of sadness that both of you within your ways of Christianity, didn`t made an effort to preserve Svetovid and old-Slavic (ie Sarmatian) faith. We looking how irresponsible are both of you. But we love you and our choices are known, our price paid and that way, we giving our best to provide equilibrium and bring balance among you. So that we all and our civilization may survive and one day even prosper.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 155
2 Jan 2018 #134
Anyway, we forming our opinions on the base of experience

Crow I have actually been to Poland on several occasions. Despite some obvious similarities, Poland is a distinct place and Poles are a specific nation, they are not as open and are more cautious and reserved. Things function more based on interest in Poland. Whatever you do, DO NOT try to communicate with Poles in Russian language, Poles HATE Russians. You will have to learn Polish, I am not especially talented for learning other languages but I was able to catch a lot of words by it going into my ears while my Polish friends spoke to each other.
Crow 160 | 10,257
2 Jan 2018 #135
I know that. Poles that I know from Poland are far more cautious then those whom I know from Serbia (province of Voivodina). But, non of them likes Russians. Now, what is interesting to me, they are sometimes confused about Serbs. You have all that anti-Serbian propaganda in Anglo media these days. Plus, I think that communism greatly harmed education about history in Poland and they lack info on Serbians. Probably, what they heard about Serbians/Racowie, mostly coming from within family. Poles were exposed to that fatalistic Stalin version of communism. So, they lack historical knowledge in general but, most of history that survived in them is their animosity (with good reason, I must say) on Russians and then, there is resistance to Germanics that they have in their veins.

So, what is interesting, how things stand, we, Poles and Serbs, after made full circle, coming to the point where we can again tell, like in the middle age, no matter reasons may be, how are Serbians far better informed then Poles. No matter that right now Poland stands economically better then Serbia. What is the reason to it? I think, in civilzationsal sense, Serbs in cultural sense stand in the middle, right between western and eastern Europe. It was so 1.000 years ago and it is so now. In that sense, Serbians are in front of Poles. More open. More tolerant. Vigilant but, more tolerant. Plus, less naive. Not to mention, more passionate what is also result of more southern location. If one may say that Poles are crazy, Serbians would be in that context described as madmans.

Crnogorac3 2 | 863
2 Jan 2018 #136
Poles HATE Russians.

I am not dumb, mostly, I understand why Poles, Finns, Romanians or Hungarians do not like the Russians (although that's not generally the rule), but I really can not understand the Serbians or say Bulgarians who are Russophobes. There is no any logic there.

In Serbia, of course, the media is in total darkness and it propagates the EU ringing on all the bells and in every way for the past 17 years, so it is clear that some mentally less stable people began to believe in those stories. If they had been telling them that there was a Santa Claus for 17 years, they would probably believe it. However, I still think that the majority of those who hate the Russians are of non-Serbian origin, i.e. members of minority groups or from mixed and often titoist families.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,444
2 Jan 2018 #137
Its deeply wrong to use term `pagan`. Term that is on us imposed by foreigners.

This is true. Someone who opts for the former pre-Christian religion in Poland should correctly be called "rodzimowierca". Such a term is used in those circles.

This is a great pity that so little information about the pre-Christian religion and pre-Christian cults has survived to our times. This is our ancestry which formed our mentality for a period much longer than the Christian period. Christian officials and functionaries destroyed everything they considered 'pagan' although they adopted some 'pagan' customs into the Christian faith. The Christian monks or priests did not bother to record the names of Slavic gods in Poland or their rituals for posterity. The few facts we know come from the area of West Pomerania or the area inhabited by the Polabian Slavs who were in contact with German priests and chronclers.
Crow 160 | 10,257
2 Jan 2018 #138
Brate Ziemowite, your every word is golden.

I understand why Poles, Finns, Romanians or Hungarians do not like the Russians (although that's not generally the rule),

Poles I understand. And when I say, understand, it means that in my opinion Poles have realistic reasons- realistic by universal human standards of good and evil, to feel animosity on Russians. Russian collaboration with Germans against Poles, is mind-blowing sh**. Now, Russians would say that Poles promoted Catholicism in some regions but its BS in my opinion. As if Russians didn`t promote Orthodoxy in regions important to Polish Kings? They did. As a Serbian I can say how is Orthodoxy, same as Catholicism, hostile to our ancestral Slavic (ie Sarmatian) old faith, which we Serbians incorporated in our Christian Orthodox path after we finally subjugated ourselves to Christianity. Still, we tolerate and Russian and Polish way. If we tolerate foreign teaching in our own house, why we wouldn`t tolerate Poles or Russians for doing so.

I also can say how I understand Finnes, Romanians and Hungarians but, their reasons are questionable. Finnes, as all Baltic non-Slavs provoked. Then, when they got penis, they complaint. Romanians? Why would they complaint on Russians??? Russians (and Serbs and Bulgarians) liberated them from Turks and on the silver plate gave access to Black Sea to Romania, scre*** Bulgaria in the process. That Russians did and Romanian compliant. See, they complaint because they are under French influence and by default of western European school hate everything Slavic, so Russians, too. Hungary? Well, Hungary expanded harming Slavs relying on the Germans, so Russians did hand-work there. Not to mention that Hungarians were most prosperous at a time when they were in alliance with Serbs. Then, Turks came, Serbians weakened and Hungarians used opportunity to expand, betraying Serbs. Man, first genocide on Serbs, after Turks (not to speak of Romans, of course, equally western and eastern) committed genocide on Serbs was committed by Hungarians. In our time, Serbia and Hungary shaking hands and I just hope that they won`t betray us again. I hope and I want to believe.
Lyzko 37 | 8,705
2 Jan 2018 #139
@Johnny, I swear, sometimes you sound just like Archie Bunker!

Meathead: Hey, Arch! You must feel pretty good about belonging to the right religion, huh?

Archie: Well, uh, there Meathead, it'd pretty stupid if I didn't, wastin' my time down here praying to the wrong guy up in heaven,

then when I get to them Poily Gates over there, realizin' I was prayin' to the wrong guy all along!
johnny reb 40 | 8,628
2 Jan 2018 #140
I resemble that remark.
You are Trolling with it though and totally Off-Topic and should be given a warning.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
2 Jan 2018 #141
@Johnny, I swear, sometimes you sound just like Archie Bunker!

What's wrong with Archie Bunker? Donald Trump won the 'Archie Bunker' vote because tens of millions of conservatives are sick of the way the lefties have been running the US. And even in PL its similar which is why PO lost and PiS continues to have 2x-3x the popularity/support of PO (according to CBOS)

Happy Birthday to the KING of Poland and ALL CHRISTIANS!!!! That's what Christmas is about...

What's sad is that many European countries like Germany, Sweden, France, etc. which had nearly 2 millennia of Christinairy have been outdone by Japan - a country which experienced Christianity only in the past 2-3 hundred years. Yet the Xmas markets in Kobe, Kyoto, etc are way more beautiful and had way more effort put in than in Germany, Paris (which has a green inflatable butt plug for an Xmas tree), etc. It's all because they don't want to provoke the Muslim migrants. Instead of battling them head on and putting their foot down so they know they must assimilate or leave and that they will be put in jail for assaulting women, no instead the cops cordon off women to prevent a repeat of Cologne's NYE (German women nonetheless faced sexual assault this year - although not as bad as 2015/2016 NYE), tens of thousands of police to prevent the migrants from stabbing people for drinking alcohol or grabbing women off the street, burning stuff, mugging people, etc.
Crow 160 | 10,257
2 Jan 2018 #142

Please, I only promote transparency here. Why absolutism? With all due respect. After communism, absolutism. What is this? Where is continuity here, consistency, tradition, heritage.

For me, Poles and Russians are crazy. I mean majority of brothers (I apologize to sisters). To give up from Svetovid is abominable. People, don`t you see that Serbians have great advantage, how are we happy and prosperous, having protection from both- from our Lord Jesus Christ and from our Old Brat Svetovid, to put cross on myself, as my grandmother liked to say. See, double protection.


See? See?
Crow 160 | 10,257
2 Jan 2018 #143
Yet the Xmas markets in Kobe, Kyoto, etc are way more beautiful

Yes, Christianity is more and more popular in Japan. But, at the same time Japan faces constant rise in interest for all things ancients, Shintoism and Buddhism. Like for Serbians, its parallel process for old and new faith. Japanese don`t consider the idea about destruction of their old-faith temples. They aren`t backward. That is people with great culture and tradition. So, on the contrary, their old temples are under state protection. Sure, if our Slavic (ie Sarmatian) ancestors had chance to preserve their old temples, for sure they would do it. Devastation of old temples occurred after our ancestors were militarily and economically subjugated, lives of remaining people threatened in constant massive genocides.

Philosophically speaking, ruination of Svetovid`s temple at Arkona, by maniacal Danish bishop Absolon was actually grave insult to Jesus Christ Himself.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
2 Jan 2018 #144
Absolutely. That's why Poland, V4, Serbia, and indeed all of Slavdom should remain true to our roots and cherish where we came from. Western Europe is gone. They've embraced multiculturalism with deadly efficiency - I mean literally people are getting killed and raped thanks to EU's embrace of multiculturalism and policies meant to diminish the influence of the Christian conservatism mixed with some pagan traditions and family values that have been in Europe for 2000 years.

Actually, there's a little church in my old stomping grounds that's devoted to Svetoid. I think it's mostly Ukranians that go there. There's a big revival of Slavic paganism especially in the ukranian community especially abroad.
Crow 160 | 10,257
3 Jan 2018 #145
What else we have if we lose our Christianity, culture, spirituality, our pre-Christian tradition and heritage, language, all our combined values and what makes us? Nothing. Without all of this we are just morose beings, denoted only by belonging to some corporation and global soup. Without all of this, even our very contribution to humanity is in question.

Western Europe is gone.

Only few years ago this comment could sound like a joke. Today? How true. We are on our own.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,444
3 Jan 2018 #146
Western Europe is gone

How true

To both of you commenting on the death of Western Europe:
Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated (Mark Twain)
cms 9 | 1,255
3 Jan 2018 #147
Along with Japan and Oz/NZ It has the highest living standards and most equal societies on the globe. Good wine, good beer too.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
3 Jan 2018 #148
Okay technically not gone... but certainly severely weakened due to a whole host of factors most of which they brought upon themselves - terror, rapes, lack of housing, brexit in a way, trump and now a defiant v4. Even poland is outpacing almost all west eu countries in gdp growth for years and years.. france germany belgium sweden and a few others are not doing well not to mention the pigs countries. We have Jesus as King of Poland, France has a butt plug christmas tree (look it up) and Ken or should i say barbie?
jon357 71 | 20,799
3 Jan 2018 #149
Along with Japan and Oz/NZ It has the highest living standards and most equal societies on the globe.

Exactly, and thriving at the moment, despite the best efforts of some to undermine the principles of laicism.
johnny reb 40 | 8,628
3 Jan 2018 #150
Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated (Mark Twain)

Beware, the efforts of Satan and his children are continuous against the strong in their Faith of Jesus Christ and His teachings.

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