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Why is Poland so hostile against Germany? Do they realize how their reparations rubbish damages relations?

OP Weimarer 8 | 415
10 Feb 2020 #181
Hitler was leftist communist scum.

Why you think Hitler hated Emperor Wilhelm II and evrything the old wilheminian empire did stand for.

Only the most retarded would support Hitler and the only party that stands for that is NPD, which is below 2%.

AfD is conservative, standing for powerful patriotism, personal freedom, against public indoctrination and leftist gender gaga.

And one thing, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Pol Pot...same ****, different name.
10 Feb 2020 #182
I actually agree with something Weimarer has written...

Hitler was leftist communist scum (...) Stalin, Hitler, Mao Pol Pot...same ****, different name.

... un-be-lie-va-ble. :)
OP Weimarer 8 | 415
10 Feb 2020 #183

Do they know in Poland that Hitler acted extremly harsh against the old german imperial figures? Old noble families had to endure much pressure. Old generals, officers and so on as well.

Hitler did not fear communists. He feared german patriots, nationalists. And his fear proved to be right. It were german patriots who tried to blow him up.

Its so bizarre. In public Hitler based his bullshit propaganda on german titans like Bismarck but behind the curtains he threatend Bismarcks granddaughter with execution.

My great grandfather (dont know english word, father of my grandfather) was an officer in that time. Im lucky he is still alive and can share his story. He said it was so strange and he was a young man and did not know what to think. All made fun about Hitler and his idiots like Göring and Himmler.

But you had to fight, simply because basicly Germany was taken hostage. If you did act against what was ordered it felt like you betray your country.

He told me alot of what was going on. And im thankful because its much more than what one learns at school.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,633
10 Feb 2020 #184
Hitler based his bullshit propaganda

Rather Hitler was pointing out the obvious fact that Jews had disproportionate control in the media, finance, and government - same as they do in United States.

The Weimar Republic was almost as ****** up as western countries today. There were even brothels where people could have sex with animals. Everything that was disgusting, taboo, abnormal, etc. was promoted and encouraged. A lot of Germans got sick and tired of it.

Just like with Trump - there's a reason why he won the election. Tons of people were fed up with the way the country was being run.

It's pathetic how modern Germans feel they still owe a debt to the world because of **** that happened almost a century ago. Yeah let's invite every turd worlder in who wants free stuff and spend 10' of billion every year because our great great grandparents hurt some jews... makes total sense...
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 200
10 Feb 2020 #185
The Weimar Republic was almost as ****** up as western countries today.


Berlin in the 1930's was the sin city capital of the world where all sorts of depravities & perversions took place until Hitler and the National Socialists came to power.
Lyzko 28 | 7,001
10 Feb 2020 #186
Hitler was a radical RIGHT-WING "national" socialist, very definitely out of step with what later would be termed "conservative" Republicanism! He made a play of taking care of his own people, in the guise of eliminating fellow citizens deemed "non-Aryan" and hence less worthy of life. This is never defensible, whether used to justify mercy killing of the feeble-minded by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes or by a Nazi.

If you tell an idiot the same information, they'll give you an idiotic answer:-)
The danger was NEVER from the Left per se. The Left was simply responding to the excesses of the Right. Political Correctness is unfortunately a result of failed policies on the Rightist agenda which has backfired.

Liberals hearts were in the correct place, only their execution stank.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,309
10 Feb 2020 #187
Hitler was a radical RIGHT-WING "national" socialist,

No, he was not. He was a totalitarian thug like Stalin and Mao.

That left-right is a deliberately confusing bs. The scale that's worth discussing is the freedom scale. On the left: commies, fascists, Democrats, RINO's, Antifa, global warmers, feminazis, Muslims, greens, the swamp, MSM, CNN and and every as*hole who likes big government. On the right, conservatives, patriots and the limited government libertarians.
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
10 Feb 2020 #188
And in the basement, paid trolls
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,633
10 Feb 2020 #189
@Vesko Vukovic
Indeed. And that's why today people like Obran, Salvini, Kaczynski, Putin, etc. are so popular. People are getting fed up with the destruction of their culture, the traditional family unit, and this cultural marxist bullshit shoved down their throats. Western Europeans - the French, Germans, etc. in certain areas feel like strangers in their own countries. Women can't even walk around in miniskirts and go to the nightclub without worrying that some muslim migrant is going to harass them and at worst rape them. It's happening everyday in Europe and more and more people are going against the pc multi kulti agenda. They're finally realizing that this alliance of far leftists, global corporations and zionists are destroying their societies by flooding it with human garbage as Korwin Mikke so eloquently put it in front of the EP.

And FYI - Poland had a non-aggression pact with Hitler. In fact, many people in the Pilsudzski regime admired him. One even said that he deserves a statue in the middle of Warsaw. It's too bad that the two countries ended up in war and Hitler attacked the USSR before consolidating his gains and made wars on so many fronts.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 200
10 Feb 2020 #190
People are getting fed up with the destruction of their culture, the traditional family unit, and this cultural marxist bullshit

As with regards to the West, Hitler tried to save whatever could be saved?

In Sweden they are already planning to start teaching history beginning from WWII onwards and removing ancient history and older medieval Swedish history from the curriculum.
11 Feb 2020 #191
Hitler acted extremly harsh against the old german imperial figures (...) Old noble families had to endure much pressure. Old generals, officers

Definitely - he was against all civilised tradition. I agree 100%. He did exactly what Luther did with regards to the Holy Catholic Church and tradition. No wonder then that he got such an enormous support from protestants, but was practically ignored by Catholic voters.

Nazis and their protestant supporters
OP Weimarer 8 | 415
11 Feb 2020 #192
@Dirk diggler

Dont talk about modern germans feel. Im a modern german and a young voter and give a **** about Hitler and all that. AfD has major election victories and we say we want end this holocaust folklore and rubbish. A 180° change regarding that.

I feel zero guilt nor do i care. It was a bad time. So was the british occupation of india or what the americans do in vietnam and iraq.

Im not responsible for what happened, not even my parents or grandparents and i dont allow anyone to use that stuff against me.

Beside that the same groups that once supported Nazis are now for gender gaga and cultural marxism. The Greens and communist swines are same as NSDAP. ANTIFA is SA.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,633
11 Feb 2020 #193
Im a modern german

I'm sorry to hear that. You probably would've been better off 20+ years ago in Germany.

Dont talk about modern germans feel.

I have family in Dortmund and Berlin and they act more German than Polish now and have for a long time. Germans are pretty uniform - not as bad as the Japanese or Chinese, but still more collectivist than say E Europeans. The only part of Germany that is still resisting this whole multi kulti experiment is E Germany where AfD and NDP is strongest, no surprise there.

Im not responsible for what happened, not even my parents or grandparents and i dont allow anyone to use that stuff against me.

Well it's unfortunate that more Germans don't think that way. I remember talking with a German girl and we got on the topic of how the education systems differ in Poland vs US vs Germany. Well, it appears that in Germany they really push the whole "we're terrible because we hurt a couple jews almost a century ago" in schools. We started arguing about the fact that she shouldn't feel any guilt, nor Germans as a people. For one, they were doing the world a favor, but even if you don't believe that it doesn't concern you because you weren't even alive. She just couldn't get over the fact that she felt partly responible and somehow had to atone for it. Merkel and many other Germans feel this same neurosis. That's why even Merkel said that they must accept an infinite amount of brown sludge because of "Germany's history"
OP Weimarer 8 | 415
11 Feb 2020 #194
I love our history.

And one thing, its not just here in east. In many West German states Like Bavaria, AfD won big as well.

And its not in all schools. I had good teachers who placed much time in German history and Said their own opinion. No leftist propaganda ****.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,633
11 Feb 2020 #195
I guess you're either lucky, or were in school either in the east or years before the whole multi kulti cultural marxist crap took hold in germany.
OP Weimarer 8 | 415
11 Feb 2020 #196
@Dirk diggler
Of course in east. Thüringen.

You know what? Our class teacher skipped Buchenwald Trip and went bowling with us 😁
Lyzko 28 | 7,001
11 Feb 2020 #198
Once again, Dirk, I'd have to disagree with your assessment of Hitler and of the National Socialist Movement. Look at the second word of

the party name to clue you in as to what their agenda was!
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,633
11 Feb 2020 #199
The Nazis were National Socialists... It's known as the third position... a combination of the left/right, capitalism/socialism...mixed economic system... Fascism mixed socialism, nationalism, regimentation of society, with a one party system... I personally think it's a wonderful system. Everyone knows their place, resources aren't wasted on needless debates or rival political parties, the majority is given more rights than select minority groups, people who don't contribute are kicked out, forced to labor, or gotten rid of. colonizing and exploiting inferior turd worlders, etc. It thanks to such a system that Germany went from being broke and in despair to having Europe's most powerful industry and army and conquering almost the whole continent within a decade.
OP Weimarer 8 | 415
11 Feb 2020 #200
@Dirk diggler

For me the best system we had was the 2nd german Empire under Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II
11 Feb 2020 #201
The best system you ever had was 1950s-1960s ordoliberalism. It laid the foundation for your later power.
Lyzko 28 | 7,001
11 Feb 2020 #202
Torq may well be right on that score:-)
Spike31 2 | 2,040
11 Feb 2020 #203
The best system you ever had was 1950s-1960s ordoliberalism. It laid the foundation for your later power.

You're right but don't say "you". He is an Ossie, an East German, he or his family has nothing to do with the success of West German economy in the 50's and 60's. They are just milking Wessies for money since early 90's..
Ziemowit 13 | 4,218
11 Feb 2020 #204
[Hitler] got such an enormous support from protestants, but was practically ignored by Catholic voters.

Those maps are truly amazing. Which website did you get them from?
OP Weimarer 8 | 415
11 Feb 2020 #205

You have no clue what you talk. The west milked the east. Cheap labor allowed the nonstoo boom. And gave Germany the position it has today
11 Feb 2020 #206
@Ziemowit American Journal of Political Science, but they are available on many different sites. Just google "protestant catholic votes nsdap".
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 200
11 Feb 2020 #207
Hitler came to power in 1933. Germany was practically lying in ruins. It was the most severe economic, political and spiritual crisis. There was terrible unemployment, crime, moral savagery. In 6-9 years (a negligibly small time-frame), Hitler made from Germany the most powerful state, easily brought to its knees Europe and nearly broke the spine of Soviet Judea. Of course, Western investment played a major role in the economic miracle of Hitler's regime. But no investment can be compared to the decisive growth factor - the state of mind of the German nation. Hitler gathered the Germans and elevated the state of their spirit until the heaven.

It is very characteristic that Hitler, when he came to power in 1933, restored the law against homosexuals, arrested most gay people and burned their literature. And that is why Jews also hate Hitler.

The Illuminati were the creators of the red regime in the USSR. The USSR was their permanent instrument in the realization of their plans for the establishment of a «new world order». That is why the USSR was financed on a completely astronomical scale. After the war, not only the USSR, but all the participating countries became enslaved to the Levite financial oligarchy.

For example, that war cost the United States $ 400 billion.
After the war in the year 1946 The Rockefeller Fund approved $ 139,000 only for that through the FMI (Federal Ministry of Information) to suggest to the public opinion a false official version of World War II.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,218
11 Feb 2020 #208
"protestant catholic votes nsdap"

Ermland (Polish between 1466 and 1772) in East Prussia is so starkly visible on your maps that you could still think the border of 1772 between Poland and Prussia is there in 1932 ...
delphiandomine 87 | 18,432
11 Feb 2020 #209
but was practically ignored by Catholic voters.

I read this paper a while ago, and it was pretty interesting - - for me, the key point was that local priests held a tremendous amount of influence at the ballot box, and those who supported the Nazis influenced Catholics into voting for them. The Catholic hierarchy was against the Nazis until they took power, but it seems that the same problem existed then as exists now in Poland - priests have their own agenda, instructions from the bishops be damned.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 200
12 Feb 2020 #210
Stalin, Hitler

Hitler's figure is complex and contradictory. But Hitler came to power legally, unlike the Communists in Russia. Hitler was supported by the greater part of the German people. Not only was Hitler an ingenious orator, but overall he possessed unique personal qualities. Hitler was a very well read man and had a good understanding of history. In addition, when he wrote «Mein Kampf» in the year 1924, he was confronted by a figure of Russia, which had been eaten and nibbled to the bone by Jews. So Hitler had a great grasp of the essence of jewish games. The experience of Russia was before his very eyes.

Yet, had it not been for Hitler and World War II, the Russian people would no longer exist. Hitler forced world Zionism to weaken the rope around the neck of the Russian people. Initially, Hitler and Stalin made friends and made common plans. But the backstage was able to seduce Hitler and Stalin and start World War II. Thanks to that war, the Wall Street bankers in the United States made a huge amount of money.

One should not bother and make Hitler the figure of the ideal hero, but for the sake of justice, some comparisons of the red regime with the grey one can be made. The Communists lost the elections in Russia and seized power by force. Hitler won the election and came to power in Germany quite legitimately. The Communists hated the Russian people, and the Russian people hated the Communists. The Communists had to wage a long civil war and deal with the most terrible genocide of the Russian people until they succeeded in turning the Russian people into Soviet «people». Hitler loved the German people, and the Germans loved Hitler. Hitler was supported by 95% of the German population. Hitler did not wage any civil wars against the Germans or deal with the German genocide.

The phenomenon of Hitler's Nazism did not originate in an empty place and was the result of a concrete historical process. Note that in the emergence of the ideology of Hitler's Nazism a major role was played by Polish emigration (Friedrich Nietzsche). Information about what Hitler's Nazism really represents was closed in the USSR. Already, this leads to the idea that Hitler's ideology is not as stupid as they portray it. Hitler's ideology can be acknowledged or denied, loved or hated. But every smart person realizes that fascist ideology cannot be destroyed by force, it needs to be broken ideally. And since they can't break it down ideally and simply forbid it, it immediately confirms the strength of that ideology. That is why all the jewish cries for the destruction of »fascism«, concealed by false slogans such as the struggle for »democracy«, can provoke nothing but abhorrence in a thinking man.

Imagine the situation. The peoples of the USSR lost over 20 million inhabitants in World War II. Lost in the battle with Hitler and his ideology. And what is this ideology? In the fight against what kind of ideology have nations lost tens of millions of people? Where could they get to know this ideology? In which stores did the USSR sell Hitler's book »My Struggle«? Not in any. Not only could this ideology not be known. For the very attempt to get to know it, the man was automatically imprisoned in the USSR. All attempts to find out the truth, to find out what the Soviet people were fighting for and against were banned and severely punished. The Soviet man was an absolute slave and had no right to know anything. He didn't even have the right to ask questions. He was sent to war, and he had no right to know what and against who he was fighting. Stalin and his successors did not allow the Soviet people to know the simple truth that Hitler had fought against the Jews and that the Soviet people had fought on the side of the Jews. And that's all true, as simple as 2 x 2.

Today in Germany, where is allegedly a democracy, and in fact it is a jewdocracy, Hitler's book is banned. And that is your freedom of speech. In USA, Hitler's book is allowed. Republicans are pressing the tail of the Jews and not letting them to completely stifle the freedom of speech. In the USSR, people were fed cheap jewish propaganda, the most primitive of all Soviet-era demagogy. Hitler was portrayed as an idiot, mentally ill, Germans as miserable scarecrows, and Soviet warriors as rarely brave fighters, who themselves defeat a hundred Germans. Yet this jewish propaganda by no means explained how these miserable, idiot-led scarecrows conquered half of Russia and reached until Moscow. All the Soviet films that brought to life this propaganda did not fit into real reality. The first Soviet film to feature the objective elements of Hitler's Nazism was the movie Seventeen Moments of War. The Soviet people saw that the leaders of the Third Reich were not at all foolish, but powerful and strong figures. Although Hitler's figure was virtually absent in that film and it did not portray the ideology of Nazism, the success of the film was astounding. To date, there is virtually no objective information about Hitler and Nazism in Russia. There is a mass of cheap jewish falsifications.

In general, when mud is poured on Hitler, it makes sense to think and discuss a little. Let's take a look at our life experience. Probably everyone was dealing with people's conflicts. For example, you are analyzing a couple's conflict. You listen to one side, - one picture turns out, you listen to the other side - the picture is completely different. And only after hearing both sides can you form an objective opinion. If they convict someone in advance and do not justify him, then it is not a court but a judgement. When and where did we listen on television, on the radio, in other MSM protectors of Hitler? When and where? Never and nowhere. Doesn't that say anything? That says a lot. Doesn't that say that those in power fear Hitler's protector as a fire. Why are they afraid? That means there is truth and strength on the side of the protector of Hitler. No one is afraid of lies and weaknesses. Turn on today's American or British television (Judeovision), where some pitiful commentators brandish someone angrily. And do they give a word to those who they brand as (fascists, extremists, nationalists, etc.)? No. Is that not a court? Is it a democracy? No - it's a jewdocracy.

Official historians completely falsify the causes of both World War II and World War I. The most important thing is to understand one thing: not all revolutions, and not all wars are due to some objective causes. Wars and revolutions - these are the means of remodeling the world at the hands of the worldwide jewish-masonic mafia and their occult masters. Who was Hitler fighting against? Against the Communist (Zionist) USSR, against the Zionist USA and Zionist England. Hitler did not want to make war against England, but to his detriment (and to the unluckiness of the English) came to power Winston Churchill, who was in a strong personal financial dependence on jewish financiers and pursued policies in favor of world Zionism. Many historians have written about it, especially David Irving. That is, Hitler fought against world Zionism. This should never be forgotten. There is a version that Hitler was ¼ a Jew. It may be so, but that doesn't change anything in Hitler's view of the world and his behavior. For the Jews of the whole world, Hitler is - enemy number one. And the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition (including the Stalinist USSR) - the main protectors of Jewry.

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