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Poland economy is a financially drained economy of suppliers?

Ziemowit 12 | 3,566
21 Oct 2015 #1
A report by the Kalecki Foundation for the National Bank of Poland says that foreign enterprises operating in Poland benefit from generous economic support offered to them by the Polish state, whereas half of the non-financial enterprises said they made no profits in 2013 and as a consequence paid no Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in Poland.

The effective rate of CIT paid by foreign companies was 1,2% lower than paid by the rest of the Polish taxpayers - says the report.

The present structure of our economy focuses on an economic model based on the low costs of labour which may result in maintaining the role of Poland as a peripheral country in the world's economy.

The contribution of wages to the Polish GDP has been sliding down all the time since 2001 and is now 10 percentage points below the average for the EU as a whole.which places Poland (58% in 1999 against 48% in 2013) at the end of the OECD 2001-2012 ranking along with Mexico. In the same period the mean labour productivity in Poland rose 3,3% in a year while wages rose only by 0,9% a year.

An increasingly smaller number of people draw profits from this increased productivity of the Polish workforce - concludes the report of the Kalecki Foundation.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
21 Oct 2015 #2
A sort of "master of the obvious".

foreign enterprises operating in Poland benefit from generous economic support offered to them by the Polish state

That's because we have had pretty much the same economic policy since 90's, it had some good sides back then but is totally outdated since at least a decade. When you are a mid income country trying to catch up with the best, completely different approach is needed. Even some people in current "government" know that but If your main objective is being praised abroad and getting some jobs in Brussels for your people, not much can be done.

Merged: Poland among the most financially drained countries in the world.

$80 billion stolen out of our economy in 2008-13 alone.

Damn parasites.
polishinvestor 1 | 362
31 Jan 2016 #3
Lies, damned lies and statistics. Its not all one way flow.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
1 Feb 2016 #4
So I posted a report from the Washington based think-tank focused on tax evasion & money laundering and you posted... editorial of some lefty Nigerian dude...
polishinvestor 1 | 362
1 Feb 2016 #5
It doesnt matter where it is written or who wrote it as long as its accurate. You cant deny the money and investment hasnt come in. Foreign corps fill holes in the market. Polish enterprise couldnt offer a solution for Polish people at the time so foreign corps did. There is no hard and fast rule that only foreign corps can succeed, The Polish people chose to do business with foreign corps as they were getting a better deal with them than what was on offer at the time. And for what its worth the likes of Google dont pay taxes anywhere, thats the cost of them operating in you region, providing jobs, skils and investment. Its a two way street, coc za cos, but you can be sure if there is a better way of doing something, or one that makes more sense for business or consumer, someone will quickly come along and do it.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
30 Sep 2016 #6
Merged: Morawiecki becomes super boss of Poland's ecomomy

Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in charge of economic development was given the additional posts of finance minister and head of the government's newly formed Economic Committee. He replaces Paweł Szałamacha, the hitherto finance minister. The economy's new super-boss is known for his Morawiecki Plan to build a strong and independent national economy, promote indigenous Polish entrepreneurship and recognizable Polish brands. Previous government largely served foreign-interest groups, selling off the country's industrial assets at knock-down prices and giving tax breaks and other preferential treatment to foreign corporations.
peterweg 36 | 2,316
30 Sep 2016 #7
They are abolishing the Treasury aren't they? I wonder how that will go down with the markets.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
30 Sep 2016 #8
the markets

The so-called "markets" are guided only by their own selfish interests. Morawiecki's plan is designed to help and promote the Polish nation's economy first and foremost.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
13 May 2017 #9
Poland's ecomomy

After over a year of anti-Polish ratings caused by the presistent, unrelenting snitchery by Poland's traitorous oppositon, thigns are returning to normal. The traitors who bashed their own country in the interaitonal froum managed to convince the ratings agencies that the Polish was in danger, which it never was.

Moody's expectation that the downside risks to the fiscal stance that led to the negative outlook one year ago "are abating," the agency said in a statement on Friday.

Since winning the 2015 general election in Poland, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party managed to narrow the fiscal deficit in 2016 to 2.4 percent of GDP from 2.6 percent the previous year.

Moody's added that the investment climate under PiS did not significantly deteriorate. Fear of such a deterioration was among the factors behind the agency's decision to lower Poland's outlook from stable to negative last year. Friday's announcement reversed that downgrade.

"Despite some increase in policy uncertainty post-2015 elections, the evidence does not suggest that the investment climate has materially weakened," Moody's said. Moody's should apologise that such an experienced agency got deceived by a the incessant badmouthing of desperate political losers. And they're still at it. Moody's

has seen through them, but a new sucker is born every minute (as the famous American circus mogul rightly noted).

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