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How will Poland be affected by WW3 which has now started

31 May 2024 #511
Poland will be saved when Serbia flatten Rome and dispel evil magic. If that`s what it takes, so be it. Fuc* the fiends.

Have no fear! Sarmatia shall prevail!


Rome is the range
31 May 2024 #512
Rome is the range

correction > Rome is in the range of Serbian armament, air defense and rocketry, land to land missiles
31 May 2024 #513
it will take violence to remove Orban at some point

He's like PiS but over 10 times worse - his loyal voters look back in fondness at not having to make decisions and don't even care that he's destroying the country's future (young people are leaving in droves).

Similar case with Fico....
31 May 2024 #514
Hungary and Slovakia gave up from Rome and gravitate to Belgrade.

Poland is next.

31 May 2024 #515
gravitate to Belgrade

and corruption? You can't spell Srbija without 'corruption'....
31 May 2024 #516
Just buy popcorn and watch what happening.

Crow knows. Sarmatians reclaimers came back.
5 Jun 2024 #517
Poland is next.

You clearly have no idea about how it is to live under RU occupation... Check histories from Ukrainians who used to live in Mariupol and are now in the western regions of Ukraine. There is a reason to why RU nuclear threats works against westerners but don`t work against Poles or Balts for eg. Is not that they don`t fear being nuked. Is that they fear being under RU rule more than they fear being nuked.
5 Jun 2024 #518
You clearly have no idea about how it is to live under RU occupation

Oh, I know all it well. But, I am not ONE SIDED as you are. Brate! Why brate you forgiving to those that mutilated your ancestors at Arkona and you don`t wish to see reality of your kin? What evil spirits clouded your eyes?

Complete history of Rome, Greeks and western Europe is looting and enslaving. ALL they achieved is thru deception and stealing. THEY used the moment and seized the power at one point of history. THEY re-directed wealth flow in Europe and world. THEY pushed Slavs ie Sarmatians and pressed so much what remained of our people and of our ancient noble families (because we also have our `immortals`) so that we were reduced to defense. Life in misery and long night. So our people fled from its own ancestors, from itself. Fled to false world created by the evil magicians of Rome and western Europe. False good life, from the blood of worlds.

So now Russia arises. That power what remained of our almost completely ruined civilization. Arises and says NO. What you stole, you stole, you won`t stealing anymore. What you assimilated, you assimilated, but NO more. What you killed in multiple genocides, you killed, but you won`t kill anymore.

That imperfect Russia said that to THEM. to the masters of lie and evil manipulation.

SEE, THIS IS TRUTH, BRATE. Truth is that we never sow happy Russia. Only Russia in agony. But, they now rebelled. Russians rebelled. So help us God, we Racowie are with them on this one. For the ancestors and golden freedom!

And what official Poland want. Monument to Bandera. To sacrifice Poland`s Slavs for the good of Rome`s black nobility. No, Poland`s officials don`t have credibility to do that.

And when you see battle standard of Sarmatia, our Dragons and fire-steels, you take your best aim and shoot at Serbians, if you have heart for such betrayal of your ancestors. That, assuming you are Polish. Your own blood and soul will rebel agisnt yourself and you will finish as the madman.
5 Jun 2024 #519
Is that they fear being under RU rule more than they fear being nuked.

Was Poland under the Soviet occupation from 1945 on?

If it was, it was the weirdest occupation ever...Never saw one military truck, one tank, or even one Soviet soldier in my entire life there. For this, I had to see movies...

I know because if I saw one I would give him a hug for preventing Western "democracies" from liberating Poland. Early on, we had that vision of the Polish version of Vietnam...No. Thanks.
5 Jun 2024 #520
In the wake of WW3

One of these days Milorad Dodik, President of Serb Republic within Bosnia-Herzegovina needs to meet with Vladimir Putin.

But, who is Milorad Dodik, beside he is the leader of Bosnian Serbs. Milorad Dodik is also heavily sponsored by the Polish magnates from the USA Polish diaspora but, also from Poland. Magnates that tend to stronger ties with Anglo world and normal ties with Russia. Magnates that would like to see balance within Slavic world and Europe restored. Thru strong Serbian state. As it was in deeper past. So no more friction. All via private company of the Corey Lewandowski, Trumps aide.

So, Milorad Dodik is the man of balance for the Polish and Russian magnates. And he mediate. Let us wish him luck. We who love Slavic civilization.

Sastaju se Putin i Dodik


Interesting. Isn`t it. Milorad Dodik, Serbian leader from Bosnia-Herzegovina that has support of rich Poles and Russians.
5 Jun 2024 #521
Yes, Racowie are back. Sarmatians reclaimers.
OP johnny reb
12 Jun 2024 #522
Ho Boy, here is one for you to Google and expand on Novi.

12 Jun 2024 #523
I read it but couldn't find the punch line. I need help...
14 Jun 2024 #524
JR Jim is overreacting as usual.This is not WW3.

Putin has just tried to get peace in Ukraine.He obviously knows that he is losing this war.

He wanted Ukraine to give up 25% of Ukraine and to commit to not joining NATO.

Ukraine, quite rightly, told him to F off!

Who is running scared now?
14 Jun 2024 #526
Are you posting from your peanut gallery again ?

WTF is a peanut gallery?

Read both of my posts here.

With good reason, I tend to avoid your posts, but bravo, you flagged it up before me.

But Putin knows that he is losing this war.And it could get worse.
OP johnny reb
14 Jun 2024 #527
WTF is a peanut gallery?

Google it professor
It fits you perfectly.

But Putin knows that he is losing this war.And it could get worse.

He is doing a tight rope walk with NATO.

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