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How could PiS better spend billions instead of 500+ ?

jon357 74 | 22,425
20 May 2023 #271
If the link still doesn't work on your computer, just Google the phrase cpag means tested and a direct link should come up.

I have a friend in the UK, the daughter of someone I was at school with, who receives means tested benefits, a single parent. She does work part time however she'll not work any more or attempt to change the difficult situation she's in since a very small pay rise would lead to a larger loss of benefits; not just fiscal benefits but a few others. A third party known to us both in the same community is very hostile to her since she doesn't receive any benefits (being just over the income threshold) and feels that the reality of her financial situation (no discreet help from the family) is far worse than that of the first person I mentioned.

As I say, I strongly believe that Poland has called it right on this one.
amiga500 4 | 1,529
20 May 2023 #272
I think we would have to start with the basics- what is this programme supposed to accomplish?

All of the above that you mentioned.

1- increase birth rate - will boom shortly with all those millions of ukranian women having arrived.
2- reduce poverty - history making changes
3- income top up for parents - helps middle class parents do more like sending their kids to kindergarten
4- increase consumer spending and thus help small business and economy.

5. After Poland being fu**ed over since the 89, by the introduction of neoliberalism, it's a show of political respect by the government to the demos, that Poland can dream of being a civilised western state with the social spending that this includes.

Means testing: it should be set at a level that only excludes the top 10-20 percent, then the points of benefits stopping people getting pay rises and people kombinowac to receive benefits are moot, as are the stigmatisation issues. It would nullify the political argument that the money is being wasted on the rich.
cms neuf 1 | 1,745
21 May 2023 #273
I think the problem is that you if benefits are not universal then the shrinking number of taxpayers will resent paying their taxes and ultimately start to avoid or cheat on them.

Poland has a very low number of people in private employment and the tax base is shrinking quite quickly after the Polski Lad disaster.

Now is not the time for the increase to 800 zloty. It is pure Gierek economics. Wait for the war to end and inflation to be under 10 percent.
amiga500 4 | 1,529
22 May 2023 #274
Wait for the war to end and inflation to be under 10 percent.

The PiS plan is to introduce them in 2024 when they say, inflation will be under 10 percent. PO plan is to introduce them now after years opposing it. lolzo. If god forbid inflation is still at 15 percent then i am sure PiS will delay the introduction.
OP pawian 223 | 24,583
24 Jun 2023 #275
i am sure PiS will delay the introduction.

Until the next elections when it will become a new old campaign motif. :):):)

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