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Lech Walesa urged to "reduce Russia" to 50 million people

11 Jul 2022 #31
Why not to reduce the population of the Poland to 3 million?
Paulina 17 | 4,469
11 Jul 2022 #32
@Velund, you didn't answer mafketis' question.

So, at least current Estonia and majority of Latvia was in fact BOUGHT from Sweden by Russia after Northern War.

So? At some point Kaliningrad belonged to Poland, at another it was a feoff to Poland. Should we take it back? lol

Also, Soviet Russia accepted the independence of both Estonia and Latvia in 1920 and later the USSR also recognised their independence in 1991.

Good luck trying to get Alaska back. LMFAO

But the US PAID for Alaska, so, you know, maybe you'll get lucky enough and Russia won't reach for it with it's sticky fingers, haha :D

What russia has become (or always been.....)

Check this out:

'A Russian man is facing a criminal probe for passing out free copies of George Orwell's "1984." His crime? "Discrediting armed forces of the Russian Federation."'


gumishu 15 | 6,186
11 Jul 2022 #33
At some point Kaliningrad belonged to Poland,

first of all, not so long ago Kaliningrad was German (there are perhaps people still alive who remember it as a German city) - why don't you Russians give an example to the world and give Kaliningrad back to Germany
Velund 1 | 531
11 Jul 2022 #34
why don't you Russians give an example to the world and give Kaliningrad back to Germany

Why Germany don't give example to the world and not revive 20++ millions of killed Soviet people first?

Poland should think about another thing now. Reinstating of lost Polish statehood and giving Ziemie Zachodnie to Poland as post-war reperations was result of Yalta and Potsdam agreements. Now, Polish masters from across the pond is destroying what remained of Yalta-based world order. So, you can expect significant changes in territory of Poland as well.
Kashub1410 6 | 689
11 Jul 2022 #35
Around 27 million*

As long as Poland was outside of NATO, and a large Chunk of Germany was in it. That threat would had been valid.

Now Poland and Germany are part of same military alliance and western-Poland+Kaliningrad would only be for purpose of semantics+nostalgia.

Not to mention, potsdam agreement was broken few years later after signing it due to Soviet interference and not having free and fair elections (leading to a cold war).

After Soviet Unions collapse even among eastern NATO members, NATO infrastructure was horribly small. Insignificant and served only as a free-earning meat shield for the west.

Now that Russian Federation not only broke it's promise of guaranteeing Ukraines independence (state of Ukraine, not Kremlin loyalists) for nuclear disarmament. But also seeks to annex Ukraine, gloves are off and all earlier understandings are scratched due to Kremlin scratching theirs.

Which surprised Washington and most western leaders and gave Warsaw a lot more influence then ever before.

Now any truce/peace/understanding will difficult without Warsaw. Yet it also provides chance for Kremlin to sign a lasting agreement with Poland. (Especially it's right-wing factions, Russian Federation have mostly come to an understanding with the left wingers of solidarity).

If Russia plays it's cards smart, Russia could create something more terrifying and challenging then when Prussia created Germany.

It choose to end up like Prussia losing a war to Denmark, or be victorious over France and creating Germany. Metaphorically speaking.

It would require statesmanship however, and Putin is a tactician, not a strategist.

He is good at performing snub operations (Crimean operation of green men)

But, something of the magnitude of Bismarch/Catherine? You would have to be joking
Lyzko 45 | 9,513
11 Jul 2022 #36
Pan Lech often had a reputation for speaking without weighing his words, right? Well then, this should come as no surprise!
PolAmKrakow 2 | 923
11 Jul 2022 #37
You have been drinking too much. Nothing is going to happen to Polish borders. You may want to watch Belarus though because if they are drawn into Ukraine war, I am betting Lucky Luka will be assassinated or overthrown. Then Russia would really be isolated and Kaliningrad could come back to Poland and change the border in that way. More seaside property and the residents could actually have a life again. Everyone wins. ;-)
pawian 223 | 24,583
11 Jul 2022 #38
you can expect significant changes in territory of Poland as well.

You mean Russians are going to offer us Kaliningrad region for free??? AmaSSing!
Velund 1 | 531
11 Jul 2022 #39
You have been drinking too much.

I don't even started to drink. And think what to start - Belarussian vodka, Belarussian Starka, Hennesy Cognac, Bulgarian Rakia or Spanish vine (my most preferred Tres Picos from Campo de Borja). ;)

As I can see, people here blindly believe in NATO, at the same moments when main NATO beneficiaries prepare second line of defense in form of AUKUS to get rid of expensive EU cannon fodder suppliers once it will became clear that they is not necessary anymore.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 923
11 Jul 2022 #40
We will see, but I believe things will turn in the next six weeks. Russia will not be holding so much territory if any by the end of the year.

Spanish wine though. Fantastic. We have found a common ground. Logrono is a great region, and Barcelona once a year is still not enough.
Velund 1 | 531
11 Jul 2022 #41

I'm not impressed by anything from La Rioja. Many cheap table vines, good balsamic vinegar, but not so much something special. At the same time every vine from Priorat I tasted was well above average.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 923
11 Jul 2022 #42
The area though to visit, very nice. Not every wine was meant to be special. Most were just meant for a table with friends and food. But I will get back on topic.

Lech Walesa is a bit crazy, but mostly misunderstood.
mafketis 37 | 10,880
11 Jul 2022 #43
I am betting Lucky Luka will be assassinated or overthrown

latest wind of change fsb letter is about that (also touched upon by generalsvr and in line with what was written there a couple of weeks ago)

short story: When russia sent troups to belarus the idea was for them to not leave..... ever, putin has lost patience with lukashenka and seeks to eliminate belarus as an independent entity.... (perhaps keeping luka as a show window hostage/president).

putin is hot under the collar to form a 'triune' state with some part of Ukraine, russia and Belarus... one problem he has is lack of follow through so a lot of his projects get stalled
mafketis 37 | 10,880
11 Jul 2022 #44
More extremely sane behavior from russia... surgeon with decades of experience fired for a joke...

but then who needs surgeons? not russia I guess...
pawian 223 | 24,583
11 Jul 2022 #45
Lech Walesa urged to "reduce Russia" to 50 million people

Yes, it is an excellent idea, suggested by more and more people since the beginning of extermination of Ukrainians by barbaric RuSSists. We need more states - diversity rulez!!!


It is lovely to read RuSSists whine. More, please. hahahaha
OP Crow 160 | 9,098
11 Jul 2022 #46
Google search > Wikipedia > Lech Walesa

While working at the Lenin Shipyard (now Gdańsk Shipyard), Wałęsa, an electrician, became a trade-union activist, .......... He co-founded the Solidarity trade-union

How it worked? Certain circles placed Walesa in position to advance in his political carrier. To influence people. That he tries to do even now. But, key words are `Certain circles`. That telling us man is in the zone of corruption. In other words, works for somebody. Say he had progressive ideas or no progressive, value him as you want but, he works for somebody. He is employed by some circles.

So what is his job now? Job of Lech Walesa?

Let us take a look.... Let us exclude environment. Let us just focus on the words of man. See, his words are hostile. He wants people in Poland to become hostile on Russia. Then what are to be results? Then only spark is needed to put Poland on the harms way and to put Poland in situation to harm. For what? For certain circles, same circles that employed Lech Walesa. But if this happen many would die in Poland. Never mind. Poland would be devastated. Never mind. Walesa don`t care. Walesa have priorities and that is his job that must be done.

See, that is Lech Walesa. His true face. Have no illusion if you ever had.
Miloslaw 21 | 5,170
11 Jul 2022 #47

Total insane bollox from our resident Serbian nutter.
Lech has just proved his Polish patriotism by showing his distaste of Russians.
OP Crow 160 | 9,098
11 Jul 2022 #48
Lech has just proved his determination to fight for certain circles till the last Pole and till the end of Poland. Only that he proved.

In other words, Lech Walesa don`t care if Poland is turned into the bloody battlefield just like Ukraine.
Miloslaw 21 | 5,170
11 Jul 2022 #49
In other words, Lech Walesa don`t care if Poland is turned into the bloody battlefield just like Ukraine

More Serbian bollox.
It will never happen.
NATO has Poland's back and the Russian military have already proven how useless they are.
So what point are you trying to make Crow?
Joker 3 | 2,453
11 Jul 2022 #50
More Serbian bollox.

Just more of his childish/ goofy fantasist statements...

Lech has just proved

Really, so hes back in office again. News to
Velund 1 | 531
11 Jul 2022 #51
It will never happen.

Never say 'never' again. And try to prepare to the sudden shift in British propaganda to support of AUKUS versus "traitors from NATO".
PolAmKrakow 2 | 923
12 Jul 2022 #52
Could it be that I predicted the events transpiring in Belarus? Now senior officers from the 5th Special Forces Brigade in Belarus do not agree to participate in the war in Ukraine, which they describe as "pure suicide."

"Russia's occupation of the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine, which is a friend of our state, and the attempt (of the Russians) to drag Belarus into a completely unprovoked war against a sovereign state can only be seen as the destruction of Belarus's sovereignty. We, the officers, have now observed the most serious violation of Clause 1 of the Constitution of Belarus by the highest political leadership of Russia. According to this clause, the Republic of Belarus retains sovereignty and full authority on its territory. It also enjoys independence in domestic and foreign policy. (...) By joining the war with Ukraine, Belarus will be expelled from the community of civilized states and will be an international outcast for many years," the letter reads.

Without Belarus, Russia is in deep $hit. Imagine Lucky Luka is overthrown. What then for Putin? Keep going to the middle east for help? Soon even the middle east will see the Russian weakness and turn on them. IF Russia lost Belarus, the whole house of Russian cards would collapse in only a few months.
Korvinus 3 | 516
12 Jul 2022 #53
"Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free."​

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

We need more Russians like him and less Eurasians, Vata and Commies
RussianAntiPutin 7 | 216
12 Jul 2022 #54
I can't say I've read 1984, but I know the plot, and.... well..... what is there to say? Isn't it Animal Farm that's about Russia though? Does 1984 have anything to do with?

Is that what Russia is seen as? We do have FSB agents in Vaganova right now even, not much privacy or freedom judging by what I've heard of other countries.

Lech Walesa is a idiot. It's a disgusting idea.
Kashub1410 6 | 689
12 Jul 2022 #55
I mean Tsardom of Russia agreed to partition Poland, Soviet Union partitioned Germany, why would Russian Federation be against splitting up it's country? I thought it was type of politics Russians generally support
RussianAntiPutin 7 | 216
12 Jul 2022 #56
Those were other countries. It does make a difference to what is wanted to be done. Russian politics don't treat Russia as other countries. I am not talking about the ethics but simply the facts.

And Germany and Poland aren't partitioned anymore, would you want your country messed with that way?
OP Crow 160 | 9,098
12 Jul 2022 #57
disgusting , he accurately represent view of most poles here. shame

Dobri brate.

Lech Walesa isn`t Poland. Neither he represent Poles here. Actually, as you see yourself, how Walesa speaks he absolutely don`t care for Poland. He is simple paid to work for certain circles, obviously outside of Poland.

We have a joke going around that the dead, the Anglo-Saxons and the Poles have no shame. ;)

Anglos are people with no shame, that is truth. But Poles are people with dignity. Don`t judge on them by the words of that corrupted Walesa. After all, who knows what Anglos did him on London airport. Story says they were very invasive.

So, speaking of Poles you better spot that Polish FM and The OSCE Chairman-in-Office Zbigniew Rau today visited Serbia. It was extraordinary positive meeting with our FM Selakovic and President Vucic. In joint statement about Kosovo brat Zbigniew and our Selakovic agreed that OSCE has two offices in Serbia, one in Belgrade and the other one on Kosovo. See? That is Poland, dobri brate. Poland that would never betray Racowie. Walesa isn`t Poland. He is corrupted, cold calculated evil man that maybe even hate Poland. Hand on heart, he is actually traitor of Poland. And what would you expect from him about Russia? To Love you? Please, dobri brate.

Spot more how brat Zbinjew Rau speaks of Serbia. Where EU criticize, Poland kissing Serbia >

OSCE head praises Serbia for stability, security



"We appreciate (Serbia's - PAP) efforts to uphold stability and security, and that it has continued to strengthen its democratic institutions,"

At the same time brat Zbignjew have understanding for stance of Serbia on Russia >

Selakovic to OSCE's Rau: Serbia won't impose sanctions on Russia


Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic told OSCE Chairman in Office Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau on Tuesday that Belgrade will not impose sanctions on Russia.

Plus, never forget that without cooperation with Poland, Serbia wouldn`t be able to import most heavy armament from Russia in several last years.

We can work with Poland. And we work. From long ago. On unfathomably ancient Balkan-Baltic line.
pawian 223 | 24,583
12 Jul 2022 #58
It's a disgusting idea.

No, it is a good idea. All Russia`s neighbours in Europe are looking forward to it. Do you know why? Because it is the only chance that RuSSist imperialism will be destroyed and the smaller Russia will become a normal state, not a mental house like now.
OP Crow 160 | 9,098
12 Jul 2022 #59
There won`t be imperialism in Multi-Polar world of global civilizations. Or at least there would be much less of it then in any past time in human history. There would be International order. And Russia fight for Multi-Polar world. Let us thank Russia for that.
gumishu 15 | 6,186
12 Jul 2022 #60
There won`t be imperialism in Multi-Polar world of global civilizations.

there were once multi-polar politics in Europe (and elsewhere) - do you think it stopped imperialistic wars?

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