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Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps'

Bluzeki - | 23    
  13 Mar 2018  #901
You may think its funny and try to brush it off. However, the facts are abundantly clear about how anti semitic the Polish are and many conspired with the Nazis.

Trying to rewrite history might work for Polands image at home but you're not really fooling anyone else but yourselves.
gregy741 4 | 1,232    
  13 Mar 2018  #902
There seem to be quite a few Russian government trolls on this forum

man how i hate dumb people. you dont hate Russian people ,mean you are Russian gov troll.
village stupidity
try to understand moron,not every Pole is dumb,Russian people hater.
Dirk diggler 8 | 4,064    :-(
  13 Mar 2018  #903
anti semitic the Polish are and many conspired with the Nazis.

Poles don't care. If we wanted to really reveal the truth about Jews in Poland we'd discuss how Jews allied with the invading Red Army (and before WW2 the Bolsheviks) and killed tens of thousands of people - including AK soldiers who supported the Jewish saving group Zegota. The Red Army and Stalin had it so easy to establish Communism in Poland thanks to all the Polish Jews who sided with Communism and killed, tortuted, and jailed their fellow countrymen - including those who had helped Jews just years earlier.

Trying to rewrite history might work for Polands image at home but you're not really fooling anyone else but yourselves.

No one's trying to rewrite history. We're merely breaking the Israeli monopoly on the Holocaust. The Jews conspired with the Nazis too. The very architect of Nazi ideology was a Jew - Alfred Rosenberg (what an Aryan name). In fact, many of the rival groups within the Nazi party (SA, SS, SD, Gestapo, etc) would often criticize Rosenberg and Nazi's who hired him as he 'didn't have a drop of German blood'
Miloslaw 6 | 1,113    
13 Mar 2018  #904
gregy741 -

I said I didn't hate Russian people just the Russian state and you have a problem with that?
Why do you love The Russian state so much?
Oh yeah,they pay your salary..............
14 Mar 2018  #905
Trying to rewrite history might work for Polands image at home but you're not really fooling anyone else but yourselves.

Actually, only Poles and Jews could give a damn about this. For both, making news of the Holocaust is a good thing because its helps to keep the memory alive.

Poland has NOTHING to loose over the discussion because Israel has successfully distorted the history to remove Germans as the perpetrators of the Holocaust. Holocaust denial is rightly illegal in Israel, yet that is precisely what some parts of that society are actively participating in.

Maybe someday you will come to realise that the truth is far more complex than black and white and that Catholics and Jews were equally at present and victims of, the Holocaust.

Until then, Poland not going to accept that it welcomed an invasion than destroyed it as a nation and killed 6 million of its citizens. No way. Never.
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,535    
14 Mar 2018  #906
Look up the movie "Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową"
It depicts perfectly fine how I feel right now.
It´s as if Francziszek Dolas is me :)
Happy watching brother! :)
Michael Grunwal    
14 Mar 2018  #907
@Crow remind me the colours of Yugoslavia?

You need a lot more calm :)
Crow 147 | 7,398    
  14 Mar 2018  #908
"Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową"

you think this >
Looks promising. Thanks for sharing. Will try to found torrent :)

You need a lot more calm :)

No. I need three girlfriends at the same time.
Lyzko 19 | 5,751    
14 Mar 2018  #909
Interesting piece in the current >Jewish Week< written by a Rabbi Michael Hammerman, "Wrong Country, Right Boycott", in which Rabbi Hammerman insists that it is flat wrong to penalize Poles, many of whom were valiant in their struggles against Nazi oppression in their country!

Furthermore, he claims that if any country should be boycotted, specifically by Jewish tourists, it should be Russia, not Poland.

Worth a read, I'd say.
OP WielkiPolak 59 | 1,036    
  14 Mar 2018  #910
Hey Lyzko, a link would have been nice.

Here it is for others.

I had a read and have mixed feelings about it. Sure he does talk about not boycotting Poland and how Polish people also struggled, but of course likes to emphasise that they were not treated anywhere near as badly as Jews [usual spiel]. Where he completely loses me is when he decides to chime in about Poland and Hungary being dictatorships under its current governments and how the campaign against Soros in Hungary is anti-Semitic. Sounds like left-wing drivel to me.

And look, here is an anti-Polish letter in response
Dirk diggler 8 | 4,064    :-(
14 Mar 2018  #911
Oh please let them boycott Poland. Nothing would unite the Polish nationalists quite like a boycott by Israel of our beloved country.
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,535    
15 Mar 2018  #912
I think this:
You idiot xD
Crow 147 | 7,398    
15 Mar 2018  #913
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Crow 147 | 7,398    
15 Mar 2018  #914
Bracia Serbowie. Ile to wam krzywdy zrobili

Povredili, povredili.

But, this what happened in this Civil War in former Yugoslavia and in NATO/EU attack, initiated by Germany and Britain is nothing in comparison to the hell they gave us in WWII. Brits with their betrayal and schemes and, Germany with its Nazism and satellites in the region and, Vatican with its desire to constantly spread. At least now, in our time, Vatican seams to even tries to support us.
OP WielkiPolak 59 | 1,036    
15 Mar 2018  #915
The more I follow Daniels, the more I seriously doubt the theories that he is a Mossad agent. He is definitely up to no good, but he's too stupid to be an agent. He has lost his cool and attacked Poland far too many times.

He has told the Polish government what organisations they should ban, he has quoted Gazeta Wyborcza, he flipped out and said Jews had to help the Germans to save their own lives while Polish people did it out of hatred and greed and just yesterday, he retweeted the Israeli journalist who tweeted 'Polish Death Camps' 14 times a while back. If he was an agent, his job would be to blend in, not to get almost the entire nation to despise him.

I think he is more of a PR man with some connections, serving the interests of Israel and the Jewish lobby in the USA, but Mossad agent? Naaaah.
Lyzko 19 | 5,751    
15 Mar 2018  #916
Got the right rabbi, but wrong first name. It's actually Joshua Hammerman and the article is instead "Right boycott, wrong country", same differenceLOL
Slavictor 10 | 266    
15 Mar 2018  #917
Has anyone ever watched the (freely downloadable - try Youtube) film "The Greatest Story Never Told"? It's a history film from a different perspective. I learned that after the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was divided up geographically. The area surrounding, and including Danzig, was handed over to the Poles. The large number of Germans (50,000+ I believe) who had lived in this now Polish territory received horrible treatment from the Poles, many of them being slaughtered. In the documentary film, it shows German civilians being forced to lay down on the ground in a row and being driven over with trucks. This prompted Germany's invasion of Poland; to stop this carnage. Also in the film, it goes into great detail about the "Transfer Agreement" made between Zionist leadership and Germany to allow jews to leave, with their wealth and lives intact, and form a nation in what would be called Israel, unfortunately constructed on the stolen land and bodies of existing Palestinians. The film is 4.5 hours long but well worth the watch.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,272    
15 Mar 2018  #918
Treaty of Versailles

Well post a link
Lyzko 19 | 5,751    
15 Mar 2018  #919
Sounds a bit dodgy to me, almost revisionist. Some atheist a number of years back tried (unsuccessfully) to propagate "The Greatest Story Ever Sold", in which he attempted to debunk the entire notion of the Bible!

Cute idea, but hardly acceptable.
Slavictor 10 | 266    
16 Mar 2018  #920
Well post a link

Type the name of the film into Youtube. There are several uploads of the film from different users. As mentioned, it's lengthy and filled with information.
Slavictor 10 | 266    
  16 Mar 2018  #921
Sounds revisionist.

Revisionist? As we know, the victors write the history books in their favour. It depends too who owns the printing presses. The title is a play on words of the film entitled "The Greatest Story Ever Told" about Jesus. I watched this one too (with Max Von Sydow) but the one I mention is not a Bible story. Watch it and see for yourself.
16 Mar 2018  #922

Atch 17 | 2,653    
  19 Mar 2018  #923
A planned joint event between Poland and Israel today in Radomsko has been cancelled after the visiting Israeli delegation were asked to submit the text of their speech for examination by the local authority. They were subsequently asked to remove references in it to Poles who turned Jews over to the Germans. When they refused the event was cancelled . It's not clear who took the decision to cancel it or whether it was jointly agreed. The Israelis then held their own event apparently where the uncensored speech was delivered. Wonder if there will be any prosecutions??
Ziemowit 12 | 3,197    
19 Mar 2018  #924
the visiting Israeli delegation were asked to submit the text of their speech for examination by the local authority.

Ha ha ha, this would sound a good joke if it wasn't for real. I wonder what the true Polish patriots would do if the Israeli in Israel would ask them to remove from their speech references to Poles who saved Jews in Poland under the Nazi occupation.
OP WielkiPolak 59 | 1,036    
19 Mar 2018  #925
Wonder if there will be any prosecutions??

We would have to get a look at the speech to answer that. If it referred to Poland and being responsible for Jews perishing in the Holocaust, they could be. If it just mentions some Poles who handed over Jews, then there is no legal basis for it.

Where did you get this information by the way?
Ziemowit 12 | 3,197    
19 Mar 2018  #926
in Radomsko

A famous cadyk of Radomsko (cadyk z Radomska) comes to mind ...
Atch 17 | 2,653    
  19 Mar 2018  #927
It seems that it was a visit by some students lead by the Mayor of a town with which Radomsko is twinned. The speech was actually about the Holocaust - otherwise one might be forgiven for thinking that it's a bit rude for guests to mention 'oh and by the way you were complicit in the slaughter of my relatives'! If it counts as an educational event, then under the terms of the new law, shouldn't it be excluded from the ban?

Where did you get this information by the way?

I came across it on an Israeli news site.
OP WielkiPolak 59 | 1,036    
19 Mar 2018  #928
Hmmmm. I see they don't give any information as to what was written in the speech and claim that they had to take out something about Polish people who turned Jews over to the Nazis, but I find it hard to believe. Of course it could be true, but seeing the transcript of the speech would be helpful.
Atch 17 | 2,653    
19 Mar 2018  #929
It's also reported in The Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post. Apparently the speech contained references to both collaborators and Polish Righteous Among the Nations.
Ironside 47 | 9,328    
19 Mar 2018  #930
Wonder if there will be any prosecutions??

Of course not, that law is everything about a show, a political stunt. Showing the populace that gov is doing something to combat slanders spread by some reprehensible people.

Are even sane? You sound like you have serous mental issue. IF they came to Poland to promote their BS narrative, I think that at the present cirncumsctens it was prudent on the part of the organizer (if that is all true that is) to stop them.

Biases your comparison doesn't even make sense. Your illogical mind doesn't even compute it.
They are akin to Poles going to Israel and talking about Jews who worked for GESTAPO or NKVD. I'm sure people in Israel would like to hear about it right now.

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