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Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps'

Ironside 47 | 9,328    
10 Mar 2018  #871
Pressure on Poland incresing

Because there a 'fence sitters' in Polish gov. That should stop talking to Israel, cease all cooperation, businesses and agreements with them and at the same time back out from this law.

After all in Poland they can fine or put behind the bars anyone who tell lie, insult or slander.
Anyway Poland is not a problem, it is about foreign countries. The should built their own lobby in the US and here a top law firm in the country to deal with BS some media are spewing.

That is way to do it. Sad that bureicritc dikeheads from PiS cannot see beyond they fat useless behinds.
Dirk diggler 8 | 4,064    :-(
10 Mar 2018  #872
Poland ought to stage a massive boycott of israel and israelis products. If us wants to threaten us perhaps we should look to oyr neighbors and eastward. Not that we can trust us uk etc after the western betrayal
10 Mar 2018  #873
There isn't going to be any pressure on Poland from the USA.

Poland and Israel will sit down and agree a common approach.

No boycott nessesary.
Crow 147 | 7,398    
  10 Mar 2018  #874
How I see things, preconditions are met for Poland to move closer to Serbia. But, you know that mean being able to spit in the face of France, Britain and Germany. I mean, we here clearing situation with USA, Russia, Israel, China, Vatican, Hungary and Turkey. Its not that Poland facing chaotic situation when finally founded itself on our side. But, we can`t avoid to put France, Britain and Germany to place that goes to them. We creating something here already. You know, Intermarium can`t wait for Poland to initiate it. Obviously, we moving things already. And when it happen, Kosovo and Lusatia goes with us. Kosovo and Lusatia we wont leave at the mercy to the vermin. So, it won`t be easy. Plus, we taking our ancient history with us. Greeks, Italians, anybody who wants to steal it, they all shall learn. Easy or hard way, its up to them.

See, Serbians won`t ask you are you Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or atheists. Serbians would only ask you are you ready to pay price of freedom. Only that is the measure.


And if Poland wants to lead process instead to follow, well, you know, look at Serbians. Are you ready to be more crazy then Serbs are? Are you? yes? Then lead us!

I looking forward to your Polish awakening. Your flanks are already secured, what you wait. Southern gate doing its part. As you like it, even Hungarians are at ready. I would like to see that Sarmation dragon flying. Show me, show me! In the name of everything holly to you, show us!
Joker 1 | 836    
10 Mar 2018  #875
Seams that USA joining to Israel on case of Polish law to criminalize term 'Polish death camps'.

The fact is the death camp existed. Even if Polish is only used as an adjective to describe the location of the death camps, it's historically accurate. Denying that is absurd and covers up their guilt. Guilt is uncomfortable, but too bad.
gregy741 4 | 1,232    
  11 Mar 2018  #876
not sure ,whose guilt you are talking about?whose trying to cover any guilt?little sense in what you wrote.who is denying that some nazi camps were located in Poland?

are you saying that Poland trying to hide the fact that camps were located geographically in Poland?
Joker 1 | 836    
11 Mar 2018  #877
Nope, that not what I said at all.

I was reading some articles about how badly the Poles have treated the Jews.

Or is this fake news?????
G (undercover)    
11 Mar 2018  #878
This is another psycho Jew vermin spreading xenophobia supposedly in order to "fight anti-semitism".
OP WielkiPolak 59 | 1,036    
11 Mar 2018  #879
Oy anti-Semitism. Amazing that Jewish organisations have now managed to make this Putin interview with msnbc about themselves.

Vladimir Putin answered a question on Russian meddling in the US election by saying "Maybe they're not even Russians. Maybe they're Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, just with Russian citizenship, even that needs to be checked."

I wonder if Tartars or Ukrainians are also going to react with similar outrage?
Crow 147 | 7,398    
11 Mar 2018  #880
Very interesting development, all these increasing pressure on Poland from many sides. I think we may soon found out who founds existence of Poland more useful, USA or Russia. If I follow this good, if correctly understand signs, if I thinking in right direction, then it is Russia who would like that Poland strengthen and establish Intermarium. Take the behave of Serbia and Hungary as key positive signs in this direction. Orban and Vucic did got some blessings from Putin. Sure, and from Xi of China. And yes, from Pope Francis, too.

Pray Poles that I`m right.
Dirk diggler 8 | 4,064    :-(
  11 Mar 2018  #881
I was thinking about that but it's unlikely to happen. Poland wants US for its security so they'll likely cave - which is pretty sad imo. This wouldn't of been such a big deal under Obama but Trump is a huge Zionist especially due to his time in NYC and his daughters marriage. He'll sell Poland out real quick for Israel. Poland could use this to break free from US and foreign pressure but I doubt itll happen. They can't fight two fronts either they've already distanced themselves from EU's leadership and are doing their own thing. Poland can' yet secure itself from Russia which unfortunately would be the first to attack us.
Crow 147 | 7,398    
  11 Mar 2018  #882
Russia isn`t threat. That changes only if WWIII erupts in a hot way. But, in that case, nobody is safe.

So, just focus on development in Poland if pressures continue and escalate, start to affect economy what would antagonize internal elements. That in situation when pressures coming from western Europe, USA and Israel. That in situation when at the same time there is no pressure/threat from Russia. Let me tell you. Three options:

1) Poland starts to form Intermarium relaying on Eastern Europe, China and Japan.
2) Poland disintegrates due to internal turmoil where one side wants Poland by the dictate of western Europe and USA. The other side will insist on Intermarium.

3) Under the pressure of two previous prospects, in order to preserve internal unity, leadership of Poland chooses to form Poland by the Kanopisht, what is essentially clero-Catholic Theocracy. I predicts that such a Poland don`t have future and ways of its disaster may go from internal Civil War, to the foreign intervention (from western Europe and even other sides) or may come to combination of both- Civil War and foreign intervention. Country may finish eternally divided on two or even more states.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,272    
11 Mar 2018  #883
if WWIII erupts in a hot way.

The won't nuke poland, and russia won't nuke poland too much potential blow back to russia
Crow 147 | 7,398    
  11 Mar 2018  #884
Brate listen. You may have NATO official in some NATO base in Poland. Somebody who isn`t ethnic Polish. It would be enough that such a person fire just a single nuclear missile (or any missile) on the trajectory to Russia. Now, when you fire missile from Poland its not same as you fire missile from let`s say Britain. Missile fired from Poland reaches Moscow in 5-6 minutes. Tell me, what you think how much time Russia have to check her options, to investigate is it mistake or real war, is it conventional or nuclear missile. No, Russia won`t have time to check it and Russia will retaliate- at first only on point from where missile was fired. If missile is followed with just one single additional missile, Russia will must to aim at every NATO installation and base on the soil of Poland. It will be nuclear bombardment. Its the end for Poland, no matter what later happen to Russia. Effectively, its the end of Slavic civilization and then followed by the end of human civilization as we know it.

Or, NATO may just provoke Russia firing missile from Poland and then just look how Russia retaliate, changing its mind in a last minute and avoid complete nuclear war. In that case, only Poland disappears, thanks to NATO, while Russia gets few wounds- possible serious wounds. Again, it may lead to fast end of Slavic civilization.
sandwich 1 | 4    
11 Mar 2018  #885
Poland is a young democracy. It will have growing pains and missteps, however it's currently doing better than anyone could imagine.

It's essentially the first time it's stood on it's own without being manipulated, plotted against or occupied by foreign powers. They should use countries such as Canada and Australia as governing models. Don't get sucked into the problems of the past.

For the most part I think Poland just wants to be left alone to build a better future.
Lyzko 19 | 5,751    
11 Mar 2018  #886
Some day, Poland will be an old democracy. We all want to see her make it before she does herself in from within:-)
Crow 147 | 7,398    
11 Mar 2018  #887
Some day, yes. If survive love of major NATO and EU powers.
gregy741 4 | 1,232    
12 Mar 2018  #888
I was reading some articles about how badly the Poles have treated the Jews.

you dont come across as someone who can read.
i just read article about Jewish gestapo,whose only job was hunting hiding jews and poles who were helping bout that for collaboration?
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,535    
12 Mar 2018  #889
If you would stop being patronizing towards Poland with symbols of dragons (symbol of lust, greed and malevolence) I would be grateful. I hope you know the true symbols of Poland.

I hope Israel and Poland could stop bickering with each other like a divorced couple. Why on earth are they so dramatic about Poland? It seems many people in Israel have no clue about Poland what so ever. Neither in the past, present or where it is going. It´s all doom and gloom for them. I wish they could really see what drives Poland
Crow 147 | 7,398    
  12 Mar 2018  #890
patronizing towards Poland with symbols of dragons

I know for crucial symbols of Poland, yes. That above image of dragon on Polish shield that I gave is from WWII Polish Air Force badge. It was released in a very limited quantity in 1940 just before the fall off France.

Anyway, who told you that dragon represent symbol of lust, greed and malevolence? I hope that you don`t buy Roman anti Sarmatian propaganda. You must be aware, it was war and Romans were famous by their war propaganda. When they destroy you, they do so completely, materially and spiritually. Even today we Slavs (ie Sarmatians) didn`t quite consolidate, we are still servants, all of us.

Why on earth are they so dramatic about Poland?

Whatever their motivators are, they see Poland isolated from her real friends and brothers and they may decided to issue pressure driven by who know which real reason.

Poland is right about this particular issue but, its not only about being right.
Dirk diggler 8 | 4,064    :-(
12 Mar 2018  #891
Its because Israel doesn't like it's monopoly on the Holocaust threatened - that's what the anger from their side is about

Shame on Duda for apologizing for what some commies 50 years ago did]
Crow 147 | 7,398    
  12 Mar 2018  #892
Duda is wise. But, yet to be seen how much and how much he is loyal to Poland and not corrupt and bribed to purposely make mistake.
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,535    
13 Mar 2018  #893
Ahh I see
Well it makes sense, Polish airmen were hell bent on revenge for sure. After all their quite famous for participating in the battle of britain.

Dragon is a fire-breathing snake with wings... If that is not a good symbol for hell, I don´t know what is.
If anyone should had a dragon symbol it´s those who bombed Belgrade.
No offense to any American reading this but, it was´t much love in bombing Belgrade.

Bracia Serbowie. Ile to wam krzywdy zrobili
Bluzeki - | 23    
  13 Mar 2018  #894
What about the massacre at Jedwabne? Are Poles trying to rewrite history? That is just one of many examples a quick google search will expose. The collaboration and complicity during the Holocaust.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,272    
13 Mar 2018  #895
What about the massacre at Jedwabne?

What about the massacre of villages in the East, where Jewish partisans where complicit. with the soviet invader.

The point is that the Polish government and the people as a whole were not behind or complicit with the acts of a number of criminal lunatics that committed these horrendous crimes.

The fact is Nazis and Commies were fully supported by their government to commit crimes against humanity, the free Polish government at the time never supported such actions.
OP WielkiPolak 59 | 1,036    
13 Mar 2018  #896
That is just one of many examples a quick google search will expose

A quick Google search - LoL
mafketis 17 | 6,504    
13 Mar 2018  #897
Are Poles trying to rewrite history?

No. Jews are. There was no functioning Polish state form 1939-44 so there is no way the Polish state bears responsibility for the crimes carried out by foreign powers while it was occupied by a power devoted to its destruction.

Some individual Polish people cooperated and so did some individual Jews.

Poles feel no collective guilt for the holocaust and tantrums won't change that.
Miloslaw 6 | 1,113    
  13 Mar 2018  #898

How I see things, preconditions are met for Poland to move closer to Serbia.

Poland will never move closer to Serbia.
Besides not being Catholic.Our languages are quite different despite sharing some similar words.We use different alphabets.
We Poles are in the main not very interested in Serbs,Serbs tend to be anti American and far too friendly with The Russians.
Your love of Russians is our main problem.
gregy741 4 | 1,232    
  13 Mar 2018  #899
Your love of Russians is our main proble

maybe your problem,and few other dumb villagers
Miloslaw 6 | 1,113    
  13 Mar 2018  #900
There seem to be quite a few Russian government trolls on this forum...............

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