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Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day- March 23rd

Filios1 8 | 1,336
26 Mar 2010 #1
Two days ago, Poland and Hungary celebrated 3rd annual Friendship Day.

Poland and Hungary have an ancient friendship, spanning more than 1000 years. Which other two European nations can honestly say that they have such a friendship? When I went to Budapest a few years ago, I literally felt right at home. When I spoke Polish (with my cousin who had come with me), several older fellows automatically assumed I was Polish, and were eager to help us find landmarks, restaurants, etc... Had I spoken Russian, I would get mobbed, and probably beaten up :)

Hungarians and Poles also may have more than friendship in common. The two countries have the highest % of Haplogroup R1a1 in Europe.

So, Happy Belated Friendship Day to all my Hungarian brothers and sisters ;)
MediaWatch 10 | 943
26 Mar 2010 #2
Its interesting how much Poland and Hungary have in common. More then what meets the eye.

Here is a nice video on Polish-Hungarian Brotherhood

God Bless the Hungarian people.

May the bond between Hungary and Poland live forever.
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,199
26 Mar 2010 #3
Thanks for sharing :D
Happy friendship day!
OP Filios1 8 | 1,336
18 Apr 2010 #4
We can thank Kaczynski and his government for helping enact this beautiful day we share in common with Hungarian brothers. Hungarian president and prime minister will be at his funeral tomorrow. Many other Hungarian delegates too, I'm sure.
Tamas 2 | 5
23 Mar 2013 #5
Merged: Happy Hungarian-Polish friendship day!

Just a quick reminder that today, March 23, is the official day when Hungarians and Poles celebrate the longstanding friendship between our countries.
Happy Hungarian-Polish friendship day!
Zibi - | 336
23 Mar 2013 #6
Happy indeed! Seretlek! :-)
Ktos 16 | 436
23 Mar 2013 #7
That's right, it's on today. Are you two Hungarians?
Tamas 2 | 5
23 Mar 2013 #8
I am only one :)
Ktos 16 | 436
23 Mar 2013 #9
Are you visiting or do you live in Poland? Hungarians and Polish fought together few times, I remember somewhat the story of general Jozef Bem but I forgot the Hungarian general's name, who fought alongside him, sorry, do you know maybe?
Tamas 2 | 5
23 Mar 2013 #11
Now I live in Hungary, but once I would like to move there for few years. Kids can learn the language.
So, if someone want to change temporarily a flat and move to Hungary, please let me know :)
Crow 160 | 9,190
24 May 2017 #12

What wants EU with its attacks on Hungary and Poland ?

Investigating on EU`s conflict with Poland, I founded an article which led me to crucial question- What is the main reason for EU to antagonize relations with Poland and Hungary? What is really behind that? What, why, really?

An article

EU deepens its own crisis with attacks on Hungary, Poland

Brussels is now threatening all-out financial war against both Hungary and Poland, among others, for alleged human rights abuses and anti-democratic policies and actions.

Atch 20 | 4,152
24 May 2017 #13
Crow, the article though from a reputable source, is poorly researched, highly subjective and written from an American point of view by somebody who clearly knows very little about the EU and probably less about Poland and Hungary. The EU is not 'attacking' Poland or Hungary. It is implementing legitimate sanctions for failure to comply with things both countries signed up to and for failing to observe EU policies, in other words breaking a treaty. Simple as that.
Ironside 50 | 12,464
24 May 2017 #14
he EU is not 'attacking' Poland or Hungary.

Lefties rulling the EU are attacking Poland and Hungary. There no legitimate sanctions, that make a lot of noise.
jon357 74 | 22,679
24 May 2017 #15
The EU is not 'attacking' Poland or Hungary.

Indeed. It's something that Poland (and Hungary) agreed to.
9 Apr 2020 #16
Because of this bloody virus, I totally forgot about this year's Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day :(

Luckily some people remembered...

... eternal brothers forever!
12 Apr 2020 #17
One more new video...

... :)
Crow 160 | 9,190
12 Apr 2020 #18
Hungary always belonged with us and not to Germany. Things returning to normality on European continent.
12 Apr 2020 #19
"Serbia is expected to complete its negotiations by the end of 2023, allowing it to join the Union by 2025."

Welcome to 4th Reich (soon)! :D
Crow 160 | 9,190
12 Apr 2020 #20
Forget it man. Nothing of it. Just eat pop corn and look development. But, if you see that Serbia entering EU, it won`t be Reich anymore. It would mean that world powers have other plan, that is, to postpone dissolution of EU for a while. Internal wealth flow would be redirected and when time comes EU will splint on at least two new conglomerates.

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