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Polish surnames of Hungarian / Ruthenian / Rusyn origin

Bartkowiak 5 | 114
31 Jan 2016 #1
Please list surnames of Hungarian origin. These can include Hungarian roots and Polish suffixes.
gumishu 11 | 5,603
31 Jan 2016 #2
I studied together with a girl whose surname was Sabo (pronounced Szabo/Shabo) it is a Hungarian surname afaik
OP Bartkowiak 5 | 114
31 Jan 2016 #3
Bernatowicz is of Hungarian origin (atleast the root is), Szabowicz is of Hungarian origin (atleast the root is) and Akosowicz.

Merged: Is my surname of Ruthenian or Rusyn origin?

Here I am again, sent back by a wall of geology. Is 'Bernatowicz' of Ruthenian or Rusyn origin? Thanks
17 Oct 2018 #4
unable to find any record of surname Sapianik - supposedly Polish and connected to Wilna during 1912

please help with surname Sapianik used by family relatives who arrived at ellis island during 1906 & 1912 but no records can be found - thank you.
Lyzko 29 | 7,235
17 Oct 2018 #5
I suppose that my family name 'Pajdo' must therefore be possibly Goral, perhaps Slovak, in origin.
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Oct 2018 #6
Try Hungarian. From "paitas". Influenced by Polish "pajda", which is a word of Turkish origin. My guess is that the protoplast was a Vlach, an ethnic group that once dominated the highlands of the Carpathians. The Górals are descended from Vlach herdsmen, as are present-day Rumanians.
Lyzko 29 | 7,235
18 Oct 2018 #7
Makes as much sense as any explanation. Thanks, DominicB!
Spike31 2 | 2,098
20 Oct 2018 #8

Surname: Turłaj

I had a childhood friend with this surname. His father's family was of Hungarian origin who moved to Poland
27 Nov 2018 #9
What is the name Kargol? This surname might be misspelled
22 Jan 2019 #10
My Grandmother Julia Witeczek name is shown on ellis island passenger record from the ship MAIN, Bremen, Germany with an Ethnicity of Austrian, Ruthenian with a place of residence in Niwza, Galicia. She arrived with her two sons (same last name) in NYC on December 28,1909. She was 27 years old. I have always been told I Grandmother was Polish. All the manifests show the same last name with czek not czuk.

Can this be an incorrect entry. Or am I Ukrainian?
27 Apr 2019 #11
My surname is Kapas, and my grandparents came from Poland. Now I have been told that Kapas is a Hungarian surname. Can anyone clarify if there was a significant migration of Hungarians to Poland and when? Thank you.
kaprys 3 | 2,503
28 Apr 2019 #12
Kapaś is also used in Ukraine. Google Andriej Kapaś, a Polish tennis player born in Ukraine.
I believe there were some Hungarian immigrants to Poland, but there were definitely more Ukrainians/Ruthenians.
You'd have to study your family history to find out more.
3 May 2019 #13
Thank you for the information!

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