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Famous Poles die - your memories

pawian 161 | 9,971
6 Oct 2019 #1
Kornel Morawiecki was buried yesterday.

A confirmed anticommunist in 1970/80s, an editor and publisher of antisystem underground publications, he set up Fighting Solidarity in 1982. Their programme was simple - abolish communism and retrieve independence. I remember they were tough guys, very militant. When they went to antigovernment demonstrations in 1980s, it was obvious there would be street riots and serious clashes with communist militia.

While eventually all these things did in fact come to pass, at the time this program was seen as quite radical and unrealistic, even in dissident circles.

The Polish secret police found it extremely hard to infiltrate the organization, even though they employed various tactics, including kidnapping Morawiecki's children in an attempt to blackmail him..

antheads 13 | 344
7 Oct 2019 #2
A true hero, and good to see how his legacy lives on in his son, who even Sikorski called a patriot when he was appointed.

Funny how the Walęsa Bolek fool called him a traiter at the KO conference. And people applauded. Poland will never vote these Post-Communists in. ! We are on the right path!
OP pawian 161 | 9,971
7 Oct 2019 #3
Today was the internment of Jan Kobuszewski, a great comedy actor. Very characteristic countenance.
One of his dialogues :

a retired sportsman addicted to alcohol:
Yes, Sir, I admit it openly: I tope. No, of course, I do make breaks: Then I say to myself: Jonhhy, stop toping! Haven`t you had enough if it in your lifetime? But, Sir, it`s to no avail, I only fritter away my tongue. I love this naphtha so much. Do you tope?

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