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Help me figure out if she might like me? Or if she is just easy going and nice with me?

16 Aug 2018 #1
Last year I came to Poland for the first time and I didn't know anybody. I came because a friend asked me to bring his kids back. Well, during the days that I was in Poland I met this girl who is 34 years old now and I'm 26. She was very hospitable and very attentive and one night we went to the beach and had dinner and even stargazing. It was beautiful.

When I left Poland we added each other on IG and we kept in touch. I started calling her big sister and she little sister. I am very shy so honestly she reached out more but I would always reply in a very warmth way, but she sometimes would not reply or just answer very sharp. ( i guess she is busy, she is a mom or maybe polish people are not into texting a lot like other cultures), stills she would send like memes also all the time maybe as a way to keep in touch.

During that year she sends me this book she would love to read and i send it to Poland and she was very happy with it and even when i told her that she could always tell me when she needed something she replied " send to me Ivanka" ( maybe she just like being flirtatious in her personality). Sometimes she would call me baby and I would call her kochanie.

Anyway,in April i tell her I was coming to Poland for four days and she said she was very happy. Weeks later she tells me I will meet her men now when I come in July. He is Italian. When i come I meet everybody ( including the guys daughters) and we had a nice time. She said her dream was always having a big family so I told her I was very happy for her. When i came to Poland I got her a birthday card because her birthday was gonna be the week after I leave.

The week after that i record myself wishing her a happy birthday and she she replied the day after her birthday saying how she loved it.Then she tells me she had my birthday card with her in itsly and sends me a picture of it.

Could you guys tell me if she might like me? Or if she is just easy going and nice with me. ( sorry for the long story)
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
16 Aug 2018 #2
I'm confused. You're a female and you are attracted to another female and want to figure out if she is attracted to you. Is that right?

If that's the case, I doubt it. She calls you baby and kochanie, but I figured lots of girls do that to each other. Also, you said you met her man and that she told you she wanted a big family. Isn't that a sign that she wants to be with a guy? Particularly since she told you when you met her man.

By the way, where are you from?
Atch 16 | 3,415
16 Aug 2018 #3
I'm afraid if you're a lesbian my dear, you'll be chased off this forum by a howling mob of angry men! As I'm a woman, I'm a bit more tolerant so, no I don't think she fancies you. If she's bi-sexual which I presume is what you're hoping, she would have made a move on you when you visited recently. But even if she did, you'd be very silly to respond. Bi women don't leave their man for a woman as a rule. They just want a bit of fun on the side. So just forget about her and try to find a nice girlfriend where you live.

Home / Love / Help me figure out if she might like me? Or if she is just easy going and nice with me?
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