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Asking Polish parents for permission to propose to my Polish girlfriend - help

flait 1 | 1
22 May 2013 #1
Hi everyone,
I'm planning to propose to my (Polish) girlfriend, we've both discussed it and know it's what we want to do.
I've met her father quite a few times, as well as the rest of her family. I want to ask him for his permission on our next trip there soon.

I still want to keep it a surprise for her so he needs to know to try and keep it a secret. My Polish pronunciation is fine, I can speak some broken Polish but really need help to get this right.

Below is the English version and the rough translated Polish version (probably very wrong).

If you could help me translate, so I can practice, maybe even suggest a way of saying it that would seem more natural to her father (rather than the English way) I would be forever grateful.

English version:
I have a question to ask you. We do not know how to speak each other's language, but I have learnt to say this because it is very important to me.

I am seeking your permission to ask your daughter to marry me?

*Hopefully an answer here*

Please keep this a secret until I have asked.

Polish version:
Mam pytanie zadać. Nie wiemy, jak się mówić nawzajem język, ale nauczyłem się mówić o tym, ponieważ jest to dla mnie bardzo ważne.

Szukam Twojej zgody, aby zapytać córkę o rękę?

*Hopefully an answer here*

Proszę zachować to w tajemnicy, dopóki nie zapytałem.

Ironside 50 | 11,287
22 May 2013 #2
Chciałbym zapytać. Trudno się jest nam porozumieć, z powodu bariery językowej wiec nauczyłem się kilku zdań po polsku bo jest to dla minie bardzo ważne.

Chce poprosić Pana o pozwolenie by oświadczyć się pańskiej córce.

Proszę zachować to w tajemnicy, dopóki nie zapytam.

23 May 2013 #3
Why the preamble about not speaking each other's languages? They know that. Just launch into promising that you'll look after their baby girl and will be forever loyal.

You don't mention her mother. If there is one, do not exclude her from the ceremony of asking permission. Both parents should be asked. You ignore this advice at your peril.
bledi_nowysacz 2 | 53
23 May 2013 #4
They know that

He got a point. Just keep it simple. Ironside translated it for you, scratch the language part and I guess it's ok.
OP flait 1 | 1
24 May 2013 #5
Thanks for the advice, I'll scrap the language part. I tend to ramble on a bit in English too!
Her mother passed away a few years ago unfortunately which is why there is no mention of her, and which makes it even more important to ask her father I think.

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