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Why should the Polish all over the world wear red on St. Joseph's day?

19 Mar 2017 #31
The History: In the Middle Ages through St. Joseph's intercessions with the Lord, Sicilians were saved from famine. The Colors: Just as St. Patrick's Day revelers wear green, on St. Joseph's Day, Italians and others who want to celebrate, traditionally, wear red. A St.Mar 13, 2014

Polish People wear red in honor of Swiety Josef too. It's tradition. Solidarity for their breathren that survived famine, Poles suffered
much too over the centuries.
17 Mar 2021 #32
Polish and Italians have been celebrating St. Joseph's Day or St. Joseph's table since 1840, it is not just something "whipped up" and I would say that is very disrespectful to this population to even suggest "Why not make it as a NEWISH TRADITION" this takes away the meaning and the hope these populations had during very difficult times, it is part of their heritage. If others wish to partake in this celebration that is wonderful, as this is the only way we can grow as human beings is to learn about others in their traditions, their heritage, their culture, Join them in the celebration but not because it is going to be another day of drinking and partying but for what the intent was made to be. Once of the things they do at the feast of St. Joseph Table is to set out a bowl for donations to those less fortunate and in need, there is meaning behind the celebration of St. Joseph, not just the workers, but he is also the patron saint of families, and those dying. As St. Patrick's day has lost it's meaning with being Americanized, which is a shame, this should not also happen to St. Joseph's day or any other ethnic, race or religious holiday. Enjoy the time! Let's learn from these traditions.

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