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Polish Weddings - what to wear, gifts, confetti, traditions

24 Mar 2013 #1
I will be atteding my first polish wedding, can people answer a few questions for me?

1) What sort of things would a female guest wear? please post links to some polish clothing websites with suitable clothing?
2)What about gifts? they do not want household items and have asked for money but how much? also is there anything else traditional? for example in england we good give a horse shoe- symbolising good luck?

3) Do you throw confetti?
4) Can people please list some other traditions.

Just to let you know the wedding is for a traditional family from krakow if that would help.

Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
24 Mar 2013 #2
take some time to search the threads. all your questions have been dealt with.
Ana27 - | 4
24 Mar 2013 #3
1. Polish women put on dresses, long, short whatever. Put small black and it will be fine.
2.Gifts... the most popular is to give money. 500PLN will be OK. You can buy kettle,toaster etc.
3. Yes but popular is trow coins
4. In the mindnight bride trows her flowers or veil and single women have to catch it. That woman who catch is the next bride bla bla:)
24 Mar 2013 #4
Can people please list some other traditions.

The Polish wedding is purely seen as business, the bride and groom organize a party and invite guests, the average spend per head is normally, 25 GBP by the happy couple. All guests are expected to give cash gifts of at least 100 GBP if you are a meanie, up to 500 GBP depending on how much you like the couple. The couple then collect the money go on holiday and put a deposit down on a flat. If you give more money you can wear what you want and they will even provide a taxi home for you.The only traditions are take flowers to the church, kiss the groom only on the lips, otherwise it is offensive. Enjoy the evening and have fun.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
24 Mar 2013 #5
the average spend per head is normally, 25 GBP

Unless the wedding is really shytti, food alone will cost that much...
24 Mar 2013 #6
I have obviously been to too many shyte weddings then. Better ask for my money back...
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
24 Mar 2013 #7
I have obviously been to too many shyte weddings then.

Are you sure they really got married ? Maybe just wanted to rip off some expats !
24 Mar 2013 #8
Well I didn't check the wedding cert, gullible me. Although the guy on the pulpit looked quite real even though he had a mowhawk,mmmmmmmm makes you think.
polonius 54 | 420
24 Mar 2013 #9
The basic traditions of a Polish wedding are:
-- parental blessing before the couple leaves for church
-- bread & salt welcome at reception site
-- oczepiny - veił removal
-- money dance with bride (male guests give a llittle cash 'na kołyskę')
-- poprawiny - follow-up celebration the next day.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Mar 2013 #10
"-- money dance with bride (male guests give a llittle cash 'na kołyskę')" - in which region do they practice something like that :D ?
polonius 54 | 420
25 Mar 2013 #11
Dunno if it is done all over but this wedding dj ( definitely has it in his offer. At some weddings, there is also dancing with the bridegroom for money. At the end of it all, the loot is tallied up to see who has earned more na kołyskę. It's all in good fun, of course..

Related: Do female guests wear hats at Polish weddings?

I am a guest at a wedding in gdansk shortly. The bride is polish, the groom is scottish. There will be a lot of guests from the Uk. Do female guests wear hats at weddings in Poland? I would if in the Uk but not sure if ladies wear hats at polish weddings. Thanks for your help.

No, women don't wear hat at Polish weddings. You are also not supposed to wear cream or white. I didn't see anyone wearing a hat at my cousin's wedding in Poland; neither female nor male.
24 Aug 2014 #12
My partner and I are going to a wedding in Bobolice in September and looking for some advice.
We are friends of the groom and coming from Scotland.
From what I've read the dress code for guests on the wedding day isn't too far from what we'd wear to a Scottish wedding - nice dress, long or short and any colour but black or white.

I am just wondering what the dress code is for the poprawiny? And even day 3 of the wedding?
Is it fancy attire again? Another nice dress or more casual? Any help at all would be appreciated :)
27 Aug 2014 #13
Dress code for poprawiny? I think it depends on where it takes place. If they invite you to the same restaurant or other local then it would be better if you wear dress, but if the invite you to their hause then you can wear whatever you want, trausers even. At lease it's all about fun :)
9 Aug 2017 #14
My grandson is getting married. I remember my parents giving all their children PILLOWS before the wedding or shower. I also have a painting with horse and carriage carrying pillows for the POLISH wedding couple. Is this a tradition? Does any one remember or have information about.
kaprys 3 | 2,511
10 Aug 2017 #15
I don't know any such Polish traditions.

However, I know it might have been part of the bride's dowry along with bedsheets, cutlery etc. But that would have been decades ago.

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