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Unique Culture Aspects of Krakow

cjhanna82 1 | 1
8 Dec 2012 #1
I'm working on an essay for a literary competition about Polish culture and need to discuss aspects of Polish culture that are unique to the city of Krakow. Any ideas would be helpful :)
Zibi - | 336
8 Dec 2012 #2
How about you go there. Rent a place for a month or two and experience it for yourself.
Zibi - | 336
8 Dec 2012 #4
How about you google "Wesele"
polonius 54 | 420
8 Dec 2012 #7
Wieliczka salt mine (and outlying locality but interesting); also the Easter custom rekawka, obwazanki, pigeons and flower vendors in the old Main Marketplace... are a few things that come to mind. Naturally the Hejnal and the story behind it.
Marysienka 1 | 195
8 Dec 2012 #8
there is also traditional outfitój_krakowski
rybnik 18 | 1,461
8 Dec 2012 #9
lets not forget Kraków's gastronomic side you'll see these being sold on many street corners the obwarzanek
Marysienka 1 | 195
8 Dec 2012 #10
Also legends:

of Wanda who didn't want to marry German
of pigeons- soldiers
of Lajkonik
of Hejnał
of "kosciół mariacki" towers
of the Wawel dragon
beckski 12 | 1,617
9 Dec 2012 #11
Watch Rick Steves Europe travel episode to Poland. He includes a visit to Krakow.
rybnik 18 | 1,461
9 Dec 2012 #12
you know, I've seen every episode except that one!
beckski 12 | 1,617
9 Dec 2012 #13
The episode on Poland airs quite frequently on PBS television. Ironically, it was shown last night, after I made my post about suggesting he watch the program:)
pawian 200 | 21,250
24 Sep 2022 #14
Wow, I was immensely impressed by the latest news of blocking ex Pink Floyd Roger Waters`s concert by the Krakow council. They said he is persona non grata in Krakow after his scandalous statements on the Ukrainian war - that POS said that the West shouldn`t aid Ukraine etc.

Go down with Waters!
Long live Krakow council!

Hey, Waters darling, you have to cross out all Poland from your tour itenerary. Forever.
jon357 71 | 20,799
24 Sep 2022 #15
No bad thing at all. r*SSia supporters need reminding that there's a war on.
pawian 200 | 21,250
24 Sep 2022 #16
r*SSia supporters need reminding

And the best reminder is cutting down on their profits. Next time they will be more careful.
pawian 200 | 21,250
28 Sep 2022 #17
They said he is persona non grata in Krakow

And the Word has become Flesh! The Krakow council has UNANIMOUSLY declared that MR Waters is unwanted in Krakow. Only the leftist mayor of the city was against. Shame on him.

Those Krakovians are capable of doing great and noble deeds if they want.
jon357 71 | 20,799
28 Sep 2022 #18
Good news.

A miserable old has been only liked by people who were depressive provincial teen-agers in the mid 70s and are now fat and bald.

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