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Do you think that Polish people are rude?

12 Aug 2007 #181
I'm English , I never realised how much I use " are you alright ? " and " How are you ? " until it was pointed out by a Polish friend at work .

Thinking about it , I only use them if I actually like the person I'm asking . If I'm not interested I generally just say hello and move on . I know that some English people think that I am a bit rude because of this . I personally don't like the "falseness" of asking if someone is "alright" when I don't actually care .

The same Polish friend says that she finds it funny when English people say thank you to bus drivers when we get off the bus . She finds it odd that we thank some one that we have paid to do a job for just doing the job they are being paid to do .

I think a lot of these things are just so much part of how we are taught to behave that we don't even think about what we mean by them .
osiol 55 | 3,921
12 Aug 2007 #182
Might be the kind of Polish people you've met.

By the way, you can edit your posts. Take a look just to the right of one of your recent posts.
roofer1 - | 16
12 Aug 2007 #183
i got to be honest i aint got a clue how to do that i got my l plates on giv me a clue please
turkishfriend 4 | 28
12 Aug 2007 #184
As a Turkish, i met usually good and kind people. But every nation has rude people. But you're very kind and good in truth.

Nic - | 9
12 Aug 2007 #185
Hello to All! First off I'll try to keep this simple. Rudeness is not a cultural issue, it's global. It affects kids, teens, young adults, middle aged folk and the elderly. I have witnessed several forms of rudeness and can almost put a scale to it.

People in or from Poland have a country that has been a kingdom, in wars, zoned(the Galician experience) & rezoned, under naziism, communism to the point that they have lived in fear. Identity held A key factor that led many to their deaths. With that they have learned to repress their feelings(sort of an internal security measure). By not letting anyone in to get to know them, they have kept the norm. They are secure in the fact that no one else knows who they are or any of their secrets. A good quantity of people given the same situation will react primarily the same.

Me, I believe that I can show compassion without fear or guilt. I also am now in my 50's, lost my job due to physical situations that I cannot control. I filed for Social Security before my time. I live alone most of the time. Most of my friends are too busy with work or family so we are not in touch much. In our family, out of 6 kids my Dad trusts only me. Over the last 2.5 years I have physically lost the ability to maintain my yard & some housework. I own my own home and vehicle w/o mortgage or loan. I could look at life in fear of losing my home and being put in a nursing home, but I choose not to. These are things that normally would provoke rudeness in anyone. I choose to go on no matter how painful it could get. A house and a vehicle are possessions that come and go. Family and friends cannot be replaced. I have tried to find an english speaking E-Pal from Poland for 3 years. I have just about given up.

Rudeness to me is a choice not a Cultural right. Take Care!
Patrycja19 62 | 2,688
12 Aug 2007 #186
Giving up a seat on the bus might be the only gift they received in a long time!

I was out shoppin last friday ,and a lady in a rascal who had hard time getting up just out of the blue stopped me as I was shopping and said young lady can you get me two boxes of cereal, if I get up, I cant get back on this very well..

I said sure,, no problem :) thus my good deed for the day.. even though I became cranky waiting in a long line to pay for my I was the cranky pants that day,, but with good reasons.. it was hot, I hadnt been home in hours. and its my female right!!!

so to be honest.. we all have a bit of rude and cranky pants living inside of us.. it just depends on the day /and or mood your in and how much sleep deprivation too :))

and dont lie and tell me that NONE of you have even had a cranky pants day cause your nose will grow as long as the vistula river and then some!
roofer1 - | 16
27 Aug 2007 #187
what do poles actually think of brits in general iam a brit and have respect for the polish so do most britts i no at least they come here and work most of the other a----holes here abuse the privalege ,i am of the age that the britts were having hard we did what most poles are doing now work there way out trouble is other foreigeners are try to tear there ass out with there rent s
Crow 155 | 9,025
27 Aug 2007 #188
Did I mentioned phenomenon called `Polish stereo system`?

Well, considering Polish strategic position between Germany-Russia and `cooperative` attitude of `loyal` allayes Britain and France, Poles are OK- they aren`t rude that much.

My congrats to them

We Serbs from Balkan understand them because hire we have phenomenon `Serbian sub-vufer system` where, you know, Germany is vufer and we have rare and front speakers.

I just wanted to say that
17 Sep 2007 #189
polish people in america are rude and arrogant. this is especially true in Chicago
hello 22 | 890
17 Sep 2007 #190
How is so? Could you provide some examples?
Daisy 3 | 1,224
17 Sep 2007 #191
does the left handed name make him sinister?
17 Sep 2007 #192
The same Polish friend says that she finds it funny when English people say thank you to bus drivers when we get off the bus ..

This is clearly provincial behaviour, we certainly don't do this in London. :)

I am always taken aback in Poland by the old and not so old ladies who seem to think that they have every heavenly right and privilege to sit

However, we could do with much more of this in London. Here, no one dares challenge bad-mannered passengers in case they threaten to "stab you up blud" or whatever. :(
Rachey - | 3
17 Sep 2007 #193
I think we're nice

I have to agree!! Obviously like everywhere you get a few nobbers, but I've found Polish both over here and over there to be warm friendly and more than polite!!
30 Sep 2007 #194
i agree that north americans use words like please and thankyou too much. this can especially get annoying in resteraunts. "how is your meal"? "excellent thanks". would like a warm up on your coffee"? no i'm fine just the bill please. "alright, well let me know if you need anything else". aw man is that ******* annoying. sometimes i catch myself talking like this in resteraunts but i don't do it so much out of wanting to be polite, but more out of a unwanted feeling of obligation or something. i think we could all learn alot from our polish, indian, and chinese brethern if we used please, thank you and the like just a little less. on the other hand if i hold the door for someone and they don't say thank you, that can get me pretty pissed.
30 Sep 2007 #195
yes longinus, it can be annoying when i am between Americans, but when i talk with Polish people i miss those few words....
Eurola 4 | 1,902
30 Sep 2007 #196
"longinus" Podbipięta? Wasn't it a character in a book by Sienkiewicz?

Well, I don't see anything wrong with using or overusing of polite words. It's the luck of them that annoys me.
30 Sep 2007 #197
yeah, i guess you gotta learn something from both cultures. mabe it's good to say please and thank you once in awhile, but not every other sentence.

actually i got the name from one of the ancient roman senators responsible for the order to execute caligula.
30 Sep 2007 #198
"longinus" Podbipięta? Wasn't it a character in a book by Sienkiewicz?

yes, from 'Ogniem i Mieczem' ('With Fire and Sword')
krysia 23 | 3,058
30 Sep 2007 #199
Well, I don't see anything wrong with using or overusing of polite words.

I agree with that.
People in Poland say thank you lots of times, maybe they don't use it much in grocery stores or dealing with public, but when they talk amongst themselves, they always say"dziękuję ślicznie" "dziękuję pięknie". They are very polite, but when working, they have this tendency not to say it.
Michal - | 1,865
30 Sep 2007 #200
Polish people can be very rude indeed, especially the women!
30 Sep 2007 #201
You bet, Michal!
osiol 55 | 3,921
30 Sep 2007 #202
Polish people can be very rude indeed, especially the women!

Perhaps I should start a new thread.
I am an English male looking for a Polish girl to be rude to me.
30 Sep 2007 #203
just eat your carrot osiol.... ;D
Michal - | 1,865
30 Sep 2007 #204
I am sorry if I am offending Polish women but my God, in my time, I have met some real cows!
30 Sep 2007 #205
only an ass would generalize like that... i'm sorry if i offended somebody, Michal.
osiol 55 | 3,921
30 Sep 2007 #206
I've only met nice Polish women who weren't rude to me.
Perhaps I've not been trying hard enough.
Polishgirltx, you for one, aren't being rude enough!
30 Sep 2007 #207
I've only met nice Polish women who weren't rude to me.

hmm obvioulsy u forgot about me
30 Sep 2007 #208
Polishgirltx, you for one, aren't being rude enough!

i'm not even trying yet...
osiol 55 | 3,921
30 Sep 2007 #209
hmm obvioulsy u forgot about me

You'll be getting the idea now, of just how high my standards of rudeness are.
30 Sep 2007 #210
awww so im not rude for u? ohhh my sweetie :)
sure, im a polite girl and i always was

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