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Popular Polish blog and chat sites

mroddities - | 5
12 Mar 2010 #31
my friend always talks about something called side - or at least thats what it sounds like--- what is this?
Polushanita - | 2
12 Mar 2010 #32
£augh Óut £óud

No One Is a Complete Nutter

i know i go on it
mroddities - | 5
13 Mar 2010 #33
whats the website address for this? maybe i will try it instead of facebook, or gg.
frd 7 | 1,399
13 Mar 2010 #34
whats the website address for this?

Never heard about this "side" thingie - or anything that sounds similarly. Easiest way to find chats is to turn on Polish sites filter in google search ( advanced search - choose language Polish / or location Poland ) and type in "chat" it's gonna find a lot of sites that allow chatting with polish people...
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 488
13 Mar 2010 #35
if you like computing, this blog should be nice
mroddities - | 5
15 Mar 2010 #36
yea thanks i will try that. next time i speak to my friend, i will post the site address.
Londonerka - | 11
26 Apr 2010 #37
We have something like facebook - if you are interested ;)
kolinpl - | 2
5 Apr 2011 #38
Thought I'd take this opportunity to promote A blog I'm writing about my experience learning Polish in Warsaw. Emphasis on language, not ranting!

JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
6 Apr 2011 #39
boring! :P (i'm sure it's interesting :)
f stop 25 | 2,513
7 Apr 2011 #40
I like
polishmeknob 5 | 155
10 Apr 2011 #41

"Working and living in a foreign country can be quite a challenge. Not the least by the conformity you must undergo, and obstacles with language and culture, plus differences in work place laws (learning about Polish/EU labor laws has really been eye-opening for me.) One of the largest gaps I find hardest to bridge is that of humor".
slick578 11 | 16
15 May 2011 #42
Try this blog:

It's updated often, has reasonably interesting posts and was featured in GW last year.
Lois B
26 May 2011 #43

Is my blog about living in Poznan, Poland.
p3undone 8 | 1,135
12 Jan 2012 #44
I am new at this chatting online.I have family in Poland,although, I'm not sure where.Ustaszewski is our family name.
I don,t know how common this name is.If you are curious please respond and I will tell more.

I would love to learn about the culture of my ancestry.I would like to talk to Polish women and possibly learn the language.
My Grandfather came to America in 1916.I have always had a fascination with Poland.Please inform me of how life is in
your country.
2 Feb 2012 #45
I like
6 Feb 2012 #46
And now there's also

which has also an english and russian interface (which nk lacks).

You can video-chat there and also open an own blog :-)

Kind regards
smurf 39 | 1,981
4 Jun 2012 #47
[Moved from]: Polish Bloggers

Who are the most influential bloggers in etc etc. Thanks, help appreciated
jon357 63 | 15,378
4 Jun 2012 #48
Tomek Reich has won something for several years on the trot and has a lot of readers.
Joie - | 1
11 Dec 2012 #49
There is a good place -, the site is very simple but people are fine:)
wang - | 19
12 Dec 2012 #50
Try this : - Blog Study Fun in Poland and more
2 Nov 2013 #51
It has a great site to chat on the forums section for Polish
ctvn 3 | 4
2 Nov 2013 #52
There is a good place -, the site is very simple but people are fine:)

The people ARE indeed nice, and it's probably the best way to test your language skills as a foreigner, but the vast majority of users is aged 14-18.

I used this site to test my language and speak about daily stuff, as well as to test my understanding. It works nice, but after 2-3 visits it's unlikely that you wish to go on.

Besides, truth to be told, Polish teenagers make more spelling mistakes than a foreigner who's studied the language for 6mo+.
I don't dissuade anyone to go online there, tho'. :-)
Fero - | 3
19 Aug 2015 #53
Merged: polish free chatrooms

I have planed to immigrate to Poland, it's a few days that I have started to learn polish language but I need to speak and communicate more with polish people, I have no friend who knows polish or is familiar with polish culture so I thought going to polish chat rooms and online chats with polish people is too much useful, also I may find friends from Poland; but unfortunately almost all of polish chatrooms that I searched on Internet are not free and as we here in our country have no access to international credit cards so I can't register in that sites.

My question: does anybody knows some completely free polish chatrooms?
jon357 63 | 15,378
19 Aug 2015 #54
Have a look at I haven't been there for a few years but they had a lot of chat rooms all in Polish.
28 Feb 2016 #55
Thanks for shaing
jus4mad - | 1
15 Dec 2017 #56
Chat bots are the future of live chat. We also launched first version of bot integrated live chat widget(Messengerify) for websites.

We can engage the customers even after they leave the site,message will be sent to customers FB messenger inbox.

FREE VERSIONS are also available.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,049
15 Dec 2017 #57
So the future of conversation is talking to a script/machine? LOL. Only in the so called Weastern World lol
10 Dec 2018 #58
Lyzko 26 | 6,963
11 Dec 2018 #59
Not if I and others like me can help it, NoToForeigners:-)
24 Oct 2020 #60
Hi. Anyone want to chat.

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