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Genealogy sites in Poland. Looking for Polish family of my great-grandparent.

polpol 1 | 5
20 Jul 2009 #1

I finally got the name and place of birth of my Polish great-grandparent. Now I was interested to see if there is still some family in Poland.

Do you know a good (genealogy?)-site to find more about the familyhistory? Or some other ways to find more information?

Thanks in advance,

Edit: Sorry, I just found the Genealogy part on this forum. I already looked on this forum but somehow I just completely missed that part. Sorry for this.

Anyway, then I just would like to say hi. And if I get stuck with searching my family, I will post again ;-)

Some sites are very hard to understand, since big parts are Polish. Some are even completely Polish.

I use a tool to translate the whole Polish site in another language: (paste in your browser)

Maybe this is useful for others who are doing the same.
caprice49 4 | 224
7 Aug 2009 #2
If you know the birth place, then your best bet is to approach the parish church in that area for baptisms, christenings & marriages.
markskibniewski 3 | 200
7 Aug 2009 #3
There are several ways to proceed. My first question would be are you willing to spend some money in order to obtain the information you seek. Being that you don't read Polish and I assume don't speak Russian, it will be very difficult for you to obtain the information you seek. Not impossible just very difficult. If the answer is yes than post here and I will give you the name of a reliable Proffesional geneologist in Poland that I have used for the last few months and have uncovered a tremendous amount of information dating back to the early 1800's so far. If no than you will have to find what is the proper Roman catholic parish for the area in which your grandfather was born. Than you will have to send a letter requesting information on your grandparent. This is a long process but in the end is very fufilling. I personelly was not that patient and hired the pro.
OP polpol 1 | 5
10 Nov 2009 #4
Thank you very much for your answers.

@caprice49. I don't know her birthplace for 100% sure, but I now know a place where she lived and maybe was born too! So now I try to approach the church or other possible places in that place.

It is indeed difficult. First I try to do it myself but when I get stuck completely I think the chance is big I will be willing to spend some money. But now I give it a try to find more myself.

How much can this cost? (I know you can't say that, but can you give an indication?)

Anyway. I found the place where she lived, Głogówek, Powiat Prudnicki, Opolskie. (Also known as Oberglogau in German.)I try to use that information in my further search for now. We will see...

Offcourse, further information and tips are always welcome!

I got completely stuck in my search... If someone can help me, then let me know. Thanks.
markskibniewski 3 | 200
8 Jul 2010 #5
The researcher I used charged $20.00 US. per hour of research. He came highly reccommended. I decided to contact persons he had worked for in the past as I have heard rumors of non ethical practices regarding other researchers. If you have accurate information regarding births of previous descendants, He can do alot. Most of the research done for me was done through the archives of Stary Luboten. It was rather simple for me as my name was the only family using this surname in the district. Archive research is tedious because most of the records are in Russian. I don't speak Polish or Russian so my researcher was invaluable in that regard. I could have taken a trip over there and stumbled through translations or tried to order the LDS microfilms (which we did anyway cause it is more practical when I wanted copies of documents) and tried to work through them myself. I decided to do things the more expedient way. I have discovered 4 generations on my grandmothers side of family Zadrozny. and 2 generations on my grandfathers side of the family. Skibniewski You really have to base your decisions on time and how much your willing to spend. I personelly am happy with the results but because of Emil's research I was able to contact living cousins in POland and the UK. I never knew I had. I have 35 living cousins living abroad. This information was invaluable to me.
mattkrow 3 | 11
9 Jul 2010 #6
Could you pass on the researchers information, so I could maybe use this person for my research?
carynjam77 1 | 2
22 Jul 2010 #8
The Poznan Project would certainly be of help to you. Lukasz found my grandparents marriage records in the Nekla Parish. He gave me the microfilm number and I went to the Mormon Church in town cuz for some reason the Mormon Church had the microfilm guess they are the keepers of the largest info that sort of thing. Lukasz was very helpful and in turn I copied the info and emailed the church document for him to translate. He gave me the names of the witnesses and what my grandparents jobs were. Very, very helpful.
here is the link.
OP polpol 1 | 5
10 Feb 2011 #9
Thank you very much for the replies.

I still don't have any succes in my search but maybe the Poznan Project could help. Looks promising.
JK_TX - | 23
10 Feb 2011 #10
It's doubtful the Poznan Project will have transcriptions of any Opole Parishes. This site may help:

Once you find the proper Parish, you can go to the LDS Library website and find the Microfilm number:
(search by place)

Then find an LDS Church with a family history center and order the microfilm there, you can get temporary or permanent loan of the microfilm.

(worked for me anyway)
Good luck in your research!
markskibniewski 3 | 200
10 Feb 2011 #11
Was wondering if you ever contacted Emil? From the link I posted earler.
If so what were your findings?
21 Feb 2022 #12
Vincent Lisinski, wife Josephine Buchalska. Lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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