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Unlocking Orange sim card Poland

hakuchha 3 | 27
25 Mar 2013 #1
so here is a situation. i got two orange prepaid mobile sim. one that i didn't use for long time (4 months) seems to be deactivated by the orange.the sim doesn't show any network at all. is there anyway to make it reactivated
jon357 66 | 17,078
25 Mar 2013 #2
How much money is on it? Remember, 100zl is only 20 quid, 23 euro. Better not worry.
25 Mar 2013 #3
Yes put more credit in then it will be activated.
OP hakuchha 3 | 27
25 Mar 2013 #4
warszawski, thx for your reply. the thing is not only i cannot make call but also i cannot receive call. there is no network at all. i tried to recharge it but it says only emergency call allowed.anyother way? isnt it gross, that if a user doesnt recharge for sometime, they block the sim like that?

jon, its not about the money left but i have to use that number for a sms bank transfer validation.
jon357 66 | 17,078
26 Mar 2013 #5
jon, its not about the money left but i have to use that number for a sms bank transfer validation.

I have that problem myself sometimes. At my bank it takes a week for a new number to be used, for anti-fraud reasons.

I notice on your profile that you're in Germany, which makes it difficult to recharge the card. You can do it online (if you have a PESEL) but if the sim card has timed out through not topping it up, you'll only be able to receive calls in Poland rather than Germany, probably due to roaming costs.
zaibelis - | 1
3 Jan 2021 #6

Need urgent help with Polish Orange sim card

Hi, i had prepaid orange sim card and forgot to top up it for 180 days, i'm curious if somebody can help me to restore this number from orange salon, because through phone they can not help me and now not possible to top up the card, but within 30 days it is possible to restore at orange salon, off course i will pay for help, i live Lithuania and due covid now not possible to arrive to Poland by myself.

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