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Things that annoy you in Poland.

szarlotka 8 | 2,205
30 Oct 2009 #91
No way. I'd say it applied more to Texans;)
30 Oct 2009 #92
Texans of British descent to be more precise
korek 1 | 8
31 Oct 2009 #93
i find alot of friends and cousins complain about how theres no future for them and nothing to do. but in fact, they love to go to clubs almost every weekend and party. they also dont realize that drinking at age 18 is not allowed everywhere. nd yes, they are very patriotic because even if they dont show it, they really love there lives because they're happy at what they have and not worry about stupid unnecessary things to buy.
southern 74 | 7,074
31 Oct 2009 #94
The most embarassing thing in Poland is that you see all this sea of beauties and you wonder:How is it possible that I have not banged them yet?
Wroclaw Boy
31 Oct 2009 #95
How is it possible that I have not banged them yet?

Most probably some underground legal authority had the common sense to casturate you to stop the spread of disease.
polishmeknob 5 | 154
8 Mar 2010 #96
Can't buy some badly-needed **** here (like a desk fan, for instance. Neither Tesco nor LeClerc seems to stock them. Neither does RTV.)

Oh, and the beer sucks.
Ksysia 25 | 430
8 Mar 2010 #97
er... that's a new handicap... you can post but can't place on online order?
pawian 223 | 24,583
25 Apr 2012 #98
I hated it when drivers stopped a few meters before the red light and then, instead of standing still, they slowly rolled up to the line, creating a gap between cars.

Luckily, I rarely see it nowadays.
natasia 3 | 368
25 Apr 2012 #99
I hate the mixture of snow and dog sh*t ... really hate that dog sh*t. And the old ladies who stand holding the little red leads of their tiny pooches as they relieve themselves everywhere ... and then when the snow MELTS ... jeez ...
pgtx 29 | 3,145
25 Apr 2012 #100
yes, people slide on dog shit around the town... i know, i hate it too, natasia...
26 Apr 2012 #101
The absolute worst thing, bar none: No free refills on drinks, and having to ask for ice.
pip 10 | 1,658
26 Apr 2012 #102
lets see.
dog ****
homeless dogs that nobody gives a rats about.
stray dogs that people simple ignore.
dogs that are kept in small out door cages.

locals that drink at the bus stops
garbage littering the streets and forests and the beaches up north
lack of recycling when it is a huge money maker
nouveau riche that think because they have money they have more rights
older women that offer an opinion on absolutely everything because they know better
traffic on all the roads all the time
state of the roads
the fact that infrastructure is the last thing built and the gmina doesn't seem to make the builders responsible for it.

that is just a start.

there are loads of things that annoy me about Canada too- but they don't prevent the enjoyment of daily life.
rybnik 18 | 1,454
26 Apr 2012 #103
hate the mixture of snow and dog sh*t ... really hate that dog sh*t.

yes, people slide on dog **** around the town

lets see.
dog ****

Dumb question: Aren't the locals bothered by all this animal waste on their sidewalks? Aren't there any ordinances in place? Nobody enforces them right? The next mayor should run on such a quality of life issue maybe?
local_fela 17 | 172
26 Apr 2012 #104
hate that dog sh*t

yes me too! every morning you get up and go for s short walk, you will see people less than dog ****!! i dont know why these people dont clean it up after that! its absolutely disgusting!!

2. billing system- hate the way the bills are made! its prepaid on an assumption basis! hahaha! the most stupid system I've ever seen on earth.. trying to use tax system for bills and ''council tax''

3. Can't praise any other women if you are married. Like Asian countries were before! lol

4. the roads are abs sugar!

5. public cannot raise their voice. there is a sugar factory next to my house which gives bad smell everytime and its situated in a residential area but still people just take it on the chin, bow there head down and move their arse!

6. the way old people interferes in your personal matter!!

7. transport facilities- this is a disgrace- railways are not secured just open to anything/anyone and from Torun to Krakow 2 ways is 200PLN!! omg! people barely work for 1000PLN a month!

8. wastage of resources: like one of our friend said earlier that recycling should be encouraged on a larger scale. Poland is resourceful! they have things which could be used not only in summer but even in winter if more budgets is allocated to the national R&D department. 23% VAT yet poor living standard, poor govt services, ill mannered staffs.......

I still have more but they are not coming now! lol! I dont like these thing but as the water didnt reach my nose level yet I'll be here! once they reach there... I'll find a solution!
WielkiPolak 54 | 1,000
16 Aug 2018 #105

Things that annoy you in Poland/in Polish people

I have a feeling we had a thread like this somewhere, but finding it is too much of a task for me. Is there a mod who could point me to that thread, as I have just thought of something that annoys me a lot in Poland. Or does such a thread not actually exist? If so, I will write it in here.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
16 Aug 2018 #106
Wow, I'd be interested to hear what you've got to say about this!
johnny reb 50 | 7,432
16 Aug 2018 #107
A lot of the posts that degrade Poland and the Polish people have been deleted because the Administrator knows that inciting hatred in Poland is a crime.

This is why I have copied and filed a lot of them posted by one ex-pat member for future references.
Lyzko 45 | 9,513
16 Aug 2018 #108
Poland and the Poles surely have been through the ringer as few other European nationalites, that's for certain! Even the Italians can fall back on the Renaissance if ever the "M****" is hurled at the them. The Germans are able to summon forth centuries of supreme, indeed often superior, achievement in nearly every facet of human accomplishment as soon as the word "Nazi" invariably comes up.. The Russians boast the largest single land mass on earth, unusually rich in natural resources...

Poland has had to fight in order to be taken seriously, and I dare say, still is.
WielkiPolak 54 | 1,000
17 Aug 2018 #109
This isn't to degrade Poland, it's just something very annoying. I get the feeling I have mentioned it before, but even so, I'll say it again.

The customer service, particularly in shops, is non existent. They don't say good morning/afternoon. They don't smile. But the one that really annoys me, if you don't have the exact right amount of money, they ask you if you can provide it [and often not politely], like it's your problem they haven't prepared with change in the till, or they just can't be bothered to fish it out.

I've never been in any other country where you buy something, give money and then have an issue because they don't have change. In Poland they do this in big stores, where you'd think they should have a till full of change prepared, and privately owned little ones, where rather than being happy a customer is buying something from them and helping their business make money, they make you feel like it's your fault for not preparing and having the exact right amount. It's terrible.
Sylvio 19 | 155
17 Aug 2018 #110
Away guy. Your comments are spot on. I counted 16 visits to office in total in 2017 to register a corsa i had bought from a lady in Inowroclaw. Plus countless paperwork. Things are like this a) authority asserts itself this way by rubbing peoples noses in dirt. After all they are the rulers not servants. b) it guarantees that only the secretly annoynted get anything done fast-. by skipping most if it. Ordinary folks wait, wait and keep paying fees..

Criticising Poland is a crime. No one is criticising Poland or Poles for being Polish. Im Polish myself. But young people in our country need to be steered away from the old models of public service. They need to learn to demonstrate, practice and enjoy empathy with customer. And make things more efficient, to save themselves bering lampooned.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,258
17 Aug 2018 #111
Your comments are spot on. I counted 16 in total in 2017 to register a corsa

I'm not sure if what you are saying is true. My wife had once bought a corsa and she counted only one visit to register the car.
Sylvio 19 | 155
17 Aug 2018 #112
Must be making progress real fast, then.
TheWizard - | 230
17 Aug 2018 #113
We all only do one visit to register cars in Poland. Not that i have done this for over 10 years. I don't know the circumstances but sounds like something is really fishy indeed.
Strzelec35 32 | 889
30 Mar 2022 #114
anyone beside me think Polish girls who are in late teens and in 20s and up to late 30s are sooooooooo freaking annoying? just hearing them talk next to me annoys me to no ends. guys to no ends.

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