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Satirical cartoons about Poland and Poles

pawian 173 | 13,438
14 Aug 2019 #1
Rainbow in Poland

jon357 63 | 15,441
15 Aug 2019 #2
I was pleased to see this week that there's a new rainbow erected right in the centre of Warsaw. Anyway, here's a satirical cartoon from the master himself:

OP pawian 173 | 13,438
15 Aug 2019 #3
I forgot to add in the OP`s post - when the cartoon has Polish captions, a translation might be handy for our non-Polish friends.

It isn`t needed in case of already translated ones:

OP pawian 173 | 13,438
16 Aug 2019 #4
This could be true a few years ago, today no more.

Polish politics: right, centre, left.

OP pawian 173 | 13,438
20 Feb 2020 #5
I might get a tattoo.

Think about it. It`s a life decision.

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