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Poland Mobile Service Providers

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6 Sep 2013 #1
Hello all, soon i will be in Warsaw and i would like to hear some opinions regarding the mobile service providers and their PrePaid cards. I am looking for some cheap one for calls (to all the companies) and a lot MB ! Any ideas? Thank you in advance :)
6 Sep 2013 #2
10pln a month unlimited internet
and you can buy inclusive minutes for between 5 - 50pln a month
i put the internet and 60minutes inclusive calls and there are still minutes left at the end of the month
+sms packages are cheap and cheerful
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6 Sep 2013 #3
Hmm sounds good thank you for sharing. However you know if they have like minimum time per call ? The reason i ask is because some providers for example have 1 minute minimum per call so even if you speak for 10 seconds you have 59 minutes left (in case you have full package). Sorry that i ask so much but all providers websites are in polish and google translator is not helping unfortunately !
17 Jul 2016 #4
Merged: Which Mobile service provider is the best for Erasmus student in Poland?

Hi guys!

My name is Gregor and I will be studying at the Warsaw University of Technology in the upcoming winter semester 2016/2017 as Erasmus student (5 months) :)
Which Mobile service provider do you recommend? I would like to have as much Mobile data (internet) as possible. I am willing to pay about 110Zloty (25euro) per month for 4GB of data or something like that. Do any of the Mobile providers offer anything close to that?

Any help from you guys would really be appreciated :)
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17 Jul 2016 #5
I am willing to pay about 110Zloty (25euro) per month

For this amount you will get more than you expect in most of Polish networks.
I checked first random provider - Play - and for 95zl per month they offer unlimited internet with full speed available.
You have to purchase Play Internet na KartÄ™ sim card - starter for 50zl (for this you have 12gb of data in a year free) and for no limit internet (in one month) you buy extra 'Nielimitowany transfer' for 45zl

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