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Grandma's Day in Poland

rinnieangel 3 | 20    
18 Jan 2009  #1

I had stumbled on that January 21st is Grandma's Day and I noticed I marked it on my calender. It was from a list of polish holidays. I have never celebrated it before, does anyone know anything about how to celebrate? I was thinking just sending a card or something to my grandmother because she would enjoy it. Let me know if there is anything in particular that is usually done!

Wroclaw 45 | 5,409    
18 Jan 2009  #2

It's similar to Mother's Day. So what goes for one, goes for the other.
calcedonia 4 | 67    
21 Jan 2012  #3

Merged: Dzień Babci

I thought Polish have polite and respect culture and I was right first time I seen in my life Day for old people,day for grandparents ,realy I congratulate polish culture, I read about first time celebrated in poland in 1964 after couple country also used this, if some culture is respect their old people and family recpect their grandparents I thing fellings will be strong. I read but I dont understand too much whats is story of Dzień Babci? And for all grandmother happy Dzień Babci and thank you for grown up new generation polite and respect like that,dont let nobody spoiled your own culture.

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