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Polish Phrase from Grandma - Pic kawe?

25 Jan 2014 #1

My mother told me that her Grandmother who was from Poland used to pinch her cheeks and say something similar to "Pitch Café".

Has anyone heard of this phrase or perhaps she just made it up :o)

Thank you.
jon357 71 | 20,799
25 Jan 2014 #2
Did your great- granny like to drink coffee?
lunacy - | 73
25 Jan 2014 #3
It may have sth to do with the word "pućki" - that means cute chubby cheeks children usually have.
kv3ngeance - | 1
29 Apr 2021 #4

Need help translating my grandma's old Polish sayings

When I was little all the way up until my grandma passed away, she would tuck me into bed every night, and after she'd give me her blessing in Polish, she'd say "Tatu malutchki bayba". That's obviously not the right spelling, but more my phonetic interpretation. I know the sentiment but I would love to know the exact translation as I've found myself saying this to my two baby nieces just out of the blue when they seem to be inconsolable..
29 Apr 2021 #5
Taki maluczki (malutki) bobas- so litle baby.

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