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What is Poland going to be like in the 2050s?

9 Apr 2020 #61
You don't get corona from that. It's chinks stupidity that caused all this!
Joker 1 | 1,566
9 Apr 2020 #62
It's chinks stupidity that caused all this!

They should be held accountable. Their little twitter propaganda trolls that are blaming the US are totally backfiring as well!
Spike31 3 | 1,615
10 Apr 2020 #63
A loose prediction about Poland in the future:

Once all the highways/high speed railways/general infrastructure are completed allowing a quick and easy acces to cities and airports and fiber optic internet layed down outside of city areas more and more people will move out of big cities to city outskirts and to the countryside where the quality of life is better in general.

Also during current events many will learn that they can work from home and would like to continue it even when the quarantine is over.
Lenka 3 | 1,954
10 Apr 2020 #64
Parents with kids maybe but people will still be moving more towards the cities, especially the young ones. More to do, easier to meet with people
23 Apr 2020 #65
Urbanisation is largely dependent on the economic model in place, if more people start working from home in the context of automation, robotics, AI, then maybe there will be more people going for cosy little towns and cities like Kazimierz Dolny, Zakopane, Mielno, Wejherowo, Klodzko etc. Although generally speaking yes the population of the largest cities will increase.

Hopefully Poland will have a much cleaner air by then.
johnny reb 23 | 4,489
24 Apr 2020 #66
Poland will become a retirement country for all of the E.U. once the air is cleaned up by building a nuclear power plant to provide clean energy.

People that come to Poland to retire will like the countries modern amenities while creating an abundance of jobs for the Polish citizens.
Old people need care constantly which will increase Poland's retirement home and hospital capacities, more restaurants with the best services that money can buy.

President Barron Trump will partner with Poland's Bio Research Labs and Technology Centers making them the best in the world.
Poland will be thriving and the hub of the the 50's.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,836
24 Apr 2020 #67
Poland will become a retirement country for all of the E.U

It works for me :)
Crow 139 | 8,578
24 Apr 2020 #68
Why prolong golden cage for Poland and it even isn`t golden anymore. Better future smile to Poland, not eternal slavery.
Spike31 3 | 1,615
24 Apr 2020 #69
Old people need care constantly which will increase Poland's retirement home

I don't think so. Unemplyment is not a problem in modern Poland, a lack of workforce may be. People are more skilled, more qualified and more ambitious, even now most of low paid jobs are being done by Ukrainians. Not to mention in the future.

Native countries will have to take care of their aging workforce, which they used to produce value for their economies. Poland will not a be a haven to some old farts from Germany and Western Europe :-)
johnny reb 23 | 4,489
24 Apr 2020 #70
Those ain't low paying jobs Spike.
Poland will be called the Silicon Valley of Europe.
I just threw the retirement homes in so dolno and I would have a place to play pool and drink vodka all day with cute candy stripper nurses giving us our sponge baths every night while another one gave us our massages and tucking us in while another one read us a bedtime story.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,266
24 Apr 2020 #71
Unemplyment is not a problem in modern Poland

Predictions of 10% by the end of the year, combined with widespread use of fake self employment contracts and junk contracts.
25 Apr 2020 #72
My prediction is mediocre, with pluses and minuses:

- A lot more greener energy
- Thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of private residential neighbourhoods and/or little towns full of Western Europeans who are eager to start a family, probably making at least +10% of the population

- On top of the above, a huge amount of western european boarding schools in Masovia near Warsaw and probably in Pomerania
- Political system which is a lot more republican, kind of like Singapore or Switzerland in many aspects, though with combinations of digital direct democracy on small social issues

- Universal basic income / freedom dividend in place, no necessity to work just to survive, but nonetheless much bigger generational wealth inequality will exist
- A lot less tower blocks and a lot more small houses
- A lot less centralized education system and more individual education routes
- Probably 10-20% of the population will be from developing countries (Bangladesh, Africa etc)
- Institutional Catholicism will become insignificant
- Due to social polarization many communities will leave separately under their own little local rules inside of Polish jurisdiction, for example real genuine Catholics will want to live on their own, so will growing number of Slavic Pagans, so will Feminists, so will traditional Sarmatians, and many new subcultures we have not even thought of will combine and create that may or may not have political ambitions

I honestly think Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, will be nicer in 2050s, they might possibly become the nicest places to live in Europe and thus might become exclusive

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