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Expats in small towns in Poland?

9 Nov 2020 #1
Can a foreigner be something of a curiosity in a small town or village in Poland? People in my country living in towns and villages are friendlier than in big cities. They say bigger cities offer more jobs but really those jobs are unimportant, cog-in-the-wheel affairs.

In my home country in a tiny town I was one of the few poets and young people with an MBA and that lead to many opportunities - art readings and an executive position. Even in Bratislava I was constantly meeting friends while out and about while in Prague it was so impersonal and anonymous.

I know living abroad one requires learning the language but is it possible to feel more special or popular as an expat in Suwalki than in Warsaw?
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9 Nov 2020 #2
Hey Michel,

Very good question to which there's no easy answer. First of all Poland actually has experienced such an influx of expats in recent years that it is not unknown even to people in smaller cities. Also in congruence what is happening is that a lot Polish people have had lots of travelling / living abroad experience in the last two decades.

So altogether what this means is that you would probably need to move somewhere like Swińôtokrzyskie, Podlasie, Subcarpathian region etc to be "special" in that way.

However it depends on where you come from, what you bring to the table etc, you can be "special" and "popular" in Warsaw as well if you really bring a lot of interesting things with you and know where to look for people interested in them.

It could be interesting if you try a location like Olsztyn, Sandomierz, Zakopane, Nowy Targ, Chelm, Lublin, Legnica just to name a few. Ultimately it depends what you want to do and what you are looking for. For example some people will be happy in Lodz, some people will have a miserable time there but a new experience learning about themselves perhaps.

Or you could go full in and go to a really, really small town somewhere in the middle of Poland, like Rozprza, then you will definitely be noticed just being there

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