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Contact with small towns (Polana, Bieszczady, Podkarpacie) in Poland?

Trevor 6 | 66
23 Aug 2010 #1
Hi, I found the town were some of my family originates from. Specifcally, Polana, Bieszczady County, Subcarpathia, Poland. This is the town I believe where my family was from. if not, all I know is it was Polana, Austria in 1910. Any ideas?

do you think they have internet there?
SeanBM 35 | 5,812
23 Aug 2010 #2
Hi Trevor,

There are internet pages about it in Polish: Polana (it means glade). Here is something in English: /,_Bieszczady_County

Polana, Bieszczady County.

Is there any specific information you are looking for?

I have to say, because the place you are looking for means 'glade', there could be more than one. The Bieszczady are a long mountain range in the south east of Poland.

all I know is it was Polana, Austria in 1910. Any ideas?

This could be got to do with the Partitions of Poland between Russia, Germany and Austria. But I am not sure about the year 1910.
12 Oct 2013 #3

subcarpathia / podkarpaty location in Poland

My cousin found out or ancestors were from subcarpathia.
Wikipedia doesn't really know anything about it.
Can anyone help me out with what is like and if it's known for anything in particular?

I think they meant: Podkarpaty or Karpaty area (region on the South of Poland -- Carpathian Mountains).
Shavkat72 1 | 2
11 Jun 2021 #4

Looking for Birth Records

Looking for any official birth record or marriage record of my mother born in Radomysl, Poland or in Przemysl, Poland. I believe I need someone to search archives or online records, of course willing to compensate for the service.

Zelutu - | 7
20 Jun 2021 #5
Hi @Shavkat72

To narrow down the range of searches and the amount of work you need to provide more information. I'm pretty sure, that there are no any online records of your mother's birth or marriage. Such late (not so old) documents are not scanned, yet. I guess, that they are still under date protection so can't be published online. The date of birth and marriage of your mother would be very precious information as well as the exact place of the events. Anyway, the files must be checked on the spot.

If you'd like to contact, write on this e-mail
Best regards

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