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The climate for gardening in Poland

OP pawian 161 | 9,971
23 Jul 2019 #31
Fortunately, fruit native to Poland is deliciously sweet. We grow 4 colours of raspberries - do you know which one is the sweetest?

OP pawian 161 | 9,971
29 Jul 2019 #32
Honey berries are the earliest fruit in Poland - some varieties ripen in May. But I prefer to wait till June, they are sweeter then which counterbalances their natural bitterness. Yes, don`t be misled by their look similar to blueberries - they have a different taste. I planted two dozen bushes hoping my kids will devour them in handfuls. I was so wrong. :):)

OP pawian 161 | 9,971
11 Aug 2019 #33
Growing food would be great pleasure if not for weeds. I already said that I don`t want to use any chemicals so the only solution is to weed manually. Sometimes weeds get so abundant they cover veg cause before summer holidays I have no time to take care of the problem.

This year I scored two failures: corn and pumpkin. Nothing or so little I eventually pulled them out and sowed sth else instead. Hard to say why. Old seeds? Drought? It is all so unpredicable.

I grow our veg in several seperated patches behind the fence.

OP pawian 161 | 9,971
28 Sep 2019 #34
We grow 4 colours of raspberries - do you know which one is the sweetest?

Order from the sweetest:

Those yellow ones are already sweet when they are half ripe.

PS. I am picking our first mini kiwi fruit ever. Delicious! Sweet, soft, a little sour. The only problem is they ripen at random so the fruit in the same bunch can be either soft or hard. I read they fall down when ripe but I don`t want to wait so I have to check fruit seperately.

PS 2. Funny. The cauliflowers I planted in April/May and which refused to grow in summer due to high temperatures are developing like crazy now. The same with certain varieties of kohlrabi and lettuce.

PS3 While going for walks in the area, we passed fields of potatoes and took close looks (funny, as a child I was never interested in examining such silly stuff). I decided to grow some next year.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,113
29 Sep 2019 #35
I didn't know you could get yellow raspberries, I've only ever seen red and purple ones. My father used to grow them in the garden and on our allotments.
OP pawian 161 | 9,971
29 Sep 2019 #36
Look at the photo in post 31 - due to the variety of colours, it is one of my favourite pics from the farm. :):)

Currently, I am still picking red and yellow ones coz mine are of repeating fructification. Roughly, a gallon a week. I see their prices in the market, we save a lot of money. :):)

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