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The climate for gardening in Poland

OP pawian 157 | 9,121
23 Jul 2019  #31
Fortunately, fruit native to Poland is deliciously sweet. We grow 4 colours of raspberries - do you know which one is the sweetest?

OP pawian 157 | 9,121
29 Jul 2019  #32
Honey berries are the earliest fruit in Poland - some varieties ripen in May. But I prefer to wait till June, they are sweeter then which counterbalances their natural bitterness. Yes, don`t be misled by their look similar to blueberries - they have a different taste. I planted two dozen bushes hoping my kids will devour them in handfuls. I was so wrong. :):)

OP pawian 157 | 9,121
11 Aug 2019  #33
Growing food would be great pleasure if not for weeds. I already said that I don`t want to use any chemicals so the only solution is to weed manually. Sometimes weeds get so abundant they cover veg cause before summer holidays I have no time to take care of the problem.

This year I scored two failures: corn and pumpkin. Nothing or so little I eventually pulled them out and sowed sth else instead. Hard to say why. Old seeds? Drought? It is all so unpredicable.

I grow our veg in several seperated patches behind the fence.

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