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Buying a laptop in Poland - where/whats a good deal?

Wroclaw Boy
17 Jan 2011 #1
I needed to buy a flash drive today at media expert but as usual in such places started looking at the other tempting offers.

Now i need a new laptop anyway so my attention turned to that area, i was looking at the Toshiba Satellite range (they seemed the best deals) and found a nice one for under 2000 PLN.

anybody have any good deals that they know of.
17 Jan 2011 #2 has the best prices generally, although you might get lucky on allegro.

I recently got myself an ASUS UL20A and am very happy with it.
OP Wroclaw Boy
17 Jan 2011 #3

Nice looks like a macbook pro.
17 Jan 2011 #4
Performs better than it looks too. 1899zl with Windows 7 on it.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
17 Jan 2011 #5
Toshiba Satellite range

i've been considering these too.

i have also looked at Lenovo, but too many forums list problems with them. However, they do seem to come with a few extra features.
Barney 15 | 1,558
17 Jan 2011 #6
I had a pro A30 a number of years ago, the only problem was it kept shutting down cos it overheated. I think this is a known flaw and may have been fixed.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
18 Jan 2011 #7
Now i need a new laptop
George8600 10 | 636
18 Jan 2011 #8
Just go the and get a new laptop, with warranty (it's international)
18 Jan 2011 #9
anybody have any good deals that they know of.

I have used this company in the past - Windpol SP Z O.O
contact Piotr Kowalski email-

The place is based in Warsaw, they mainly advertise on, when I found a computer I wanted, I contacted them for the price they could offer and it was always the least expensive I could find in PL. I have never had anything delivered, only collected, so I can't comment on the delivery service.
OP Wroclaw Boy
26 Jan 2011 #10
I have really gone off the Toshiba laptop, i had another look and they are really flimsy looking, horrible plastic casing and the key board just doesn't feel right. Plus i played with one for a while and its much much slower than my current desk top PC. It didnt have the best processor but i can imagine its performance once it gets weighed down a bit with all the crap you need to install these days.

got myself an ASUS UL20A and am very happy with it.

I'm going to start looking at them, the only negative i can see at the moment is the 32mg graphics card on your model. I'll need to able to play some decent war time strategy games every now and then.

Just go the and get a new laptop,

A MacBook Pro will set you back about 6,500 PLN for the basic model in Poland, im not paying that.

Think im going to go for this one: Asus K52F, Pentium 6100-2.0 GHZ, 2GB memory, 320 GB hard disc, Intel GMA 4500m Graphics card.

Better check the reviews first though. Its such a nightmare once you get started with this review business, in the old days a sales rep and perhaps a friend may recommend something and that was that.
26 Jan 2011 #11
I'm going to start looking at them, the only negative i can see at the moment is the 32mg graphics card on your model. I'll need to able to play some decent war time strategy games every now and then.

Depends on whether you want a portable desktop replacement (the one you mention looks decent but a bit too heavy to be carrying about all that often) or something that fits into your bag and is used when you haven’t got access to your desktop machine. If you’re only going to use a particular feature “every now and again”, you might want to ask if you actually need that particular feature at all. One of the things which I like about the ASUS I have is that there’s no DVD drive in it (which makes it much smaller): external DVD drives are cheap now; if I’m going to be needing to use DVDs, I just chuck the drive in my bag along with the notebook.
Marcus911 3 | 102
28 Jan 2011 #12
anybody have any good deals that they know of.

have you tried pixmania they have good deals for most electrical goods, they deliver too. I have bought quite a few items from there, cameras TV's etc.
OP Wroclaw Boy
28 Jan 2011 #13
They do indeed have some great deals:

Apple MacBook Pro MC374B/A (wersja angielska)

Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz, 4096 Mo, 250 Gb 13,3 ", DVD

4 977,77 PLN* z Vatem

Havent seen them that cheap anywhere in Poland.
groovyg 3 | 70
29 Jan 2011 #14
Buy it in Germany and ship it here.
OP Wroclaw Boy
30 Jan 2011 #15
What are you suggesting some dudes row it across the border? heave, ho, heave how.. Who's gonna do the rowing? and how much do they charge for labour?
30 Jan 2011 #16
This site look good and the Laptops are English version as well. No extra fee for the english software.
OP Wroclaw Boy
30 Jan 2011 #17
No extra fee for the english software.

Because English is the default system, its an English company. Mes think.
OP Wroclaw Boy
7 Feb 2011 #18
For anybody thats interested i managed to grab one of these from the UK at a price of 690 PLN. Pretty good spec too - bargain.

  • Laptop
Marcus911 3 | 102
9 Feb 2011 #19
That's very cheap, i'll take two of them at that price mate.
gumishu 13 | 6,063
9 Feb 2011 #20
he meant pounds I guess not PLN - or it is a REAL BARGAIN
OP Wroclaw Boy
9 Feb 2011 #21
No 690 PLN for the Laptop from a friend who knows somebody, the DHL postage cost £62 or 284 PLN but theres some other stuff in the package too in any case a frigging 1/3 of the laptop price! But at least it will get here in one piece.
9 Feb 2011 #22
Somebody who happened to be standing behind a lorry when its load fell out?
9 Feb 2011 #23
My 'puter system guy at work directed me to a Lenovo. The thing has been a tank!
13 May 2011 #24
I Brought of this company in the u.k great prices delivery was quick been using them ever since !
kbjan26 3 | 10
6 Oct 2015 #25
Merged: Where to buy laptop in Wroclaw/Poland


Is it wise to buy laptops in Wroclaw/Poland. I will be coming to Wroclaw in a month's time and am planning to buy laptop there.Hope it has english keyboard included. Please suggest the best way/option of buying a laptop.

kpc21 1 | 763
7 Oct 2015 #26
The online stores are cheapest. Some of them offer a possibility of making an order online and receiving the ordered product in a real shop.

If you already know what exact laptop you want to buy, use one of the price comparing services:
(the best is to use both of them, there are cases when there is a shop in one of them and it isn't present in the other)

They show prices of the product you want from a lot of different online stores.

The most trustworthy online stores with computer equipment are:
I especially recommend X-Kom, they have a really good approach to the customers, and they have also traditional shops in many big cities. But the other ones are also OK and if the laptop you want is cheaper there, you can order it there.

You can also visit shops like Media Markt, Saturn, RTV Euro AGD, it sometimes happens, that you can buy a laptop cheaply there, but the online branches are usually less expensive. They are better for just seeing and watching the laptops. Be careful in terms of what the sellers in such shops recommend, they are often paid by the manufacturers to advertise their products, so that they would for example persuade you to buy an Asus laptop, and not an Acer one (or vice versa), because Asus paid them more. It's better just to look for opinions and reviews on the Internet.

If you are ordering the product via a post or courier service, compare also the price of delivery. Some of the online stores charge also some money for the delivery from a warehouse to their shop, be careful here too. The safest option of the delivery is "za pobraniem"/"przy odbiorze", you pay then to the postman/courier when you are receiving the package with the product. Another options are "przelew" - you are supposed to pay via a bank transfer then (if you don't have a Polish bank account and you don't want to make an international bank transfer, you can also send a money to any bank account at any post office, it costs 3 PLN for a fast option and, if i remember well, 2,90 PLN for a slower option) or by a bank (credit or debit) card. A delivery option which is often possible is also "paczkomaty" - then you receive the parcel in a special machine, they are often located at gas stations and in similar places, but for them the payment "za pobraniem" is usually not possible.

Sometimes you can choose between the post and a courier service. The post is better in that when you are not at home when the postman is delivering the package, you can receive it the next day (or even at the evening if it's still open) at the post office. But it's usually slower than the courier service. In case of the courier service, if you are not at home at the time of the delivery, the courier will try to deliver the package the next working day, but, probably, at the same time, when you may also be unable to receive it. If you cannot be at home when the courier is delivering the parcel, you will probably have to make a trip to their logistic centre, which is usually one for a very big area and it's often located at the city outskirts.

In terms of the keyboard, there will be no problems. In Poland, English (or rather American, it's slightly different from the British one, but the differences are really small) keyboard is used.
daim 5 | 24
7 Oct 2015 #27
+1 buy from or

There is a massive markup at electronics stores in Poland. I don't know how they get away with it.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
7 Oct 2015 #28
There is a massive markup at electronics stores in Poland. I don't know how they get away with it.

Not true. The difference is minimal, and in my recent experience, things have actually been slightly cheaper in Poland vs Germany.
kpc21 1 | 763
8 Oct 2015 #29
With Germany the problem is that you get a laptop with a German keyboard there, which is quite different from the American one, used also in Poland.

The markup is higher in big stores like Media Markt, Saturn (these two are, by the way, the same company, even though they present themselves as competitors) or RTV Euro AGD and lower in online stores, many of which have also small shops in shopping malls. So I really recommend doing it online.

I have recently ordered a Lenovo from Vobis and I am happy of this. I have also bought another model of Lenovo from X-Kom and it was quite good. Why Lenovo? Virtually only this company had laptops with 1 TB HDD's at a price level I was interested in :) Which is quite interesting taking into account that the 500 GB HDD's on the market cost only something like 5-10 euro less than 1 TB ones.
DominicB - | 2,709
8 Oct 2015 #30
Windows allows you to change your keyboard setting easily. I use the Polish keyboard for both Polish and English, and switch to the German or Danish keyboards when I have to write in those languages.

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