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Buying a laptop in Poland with English language settings

20 Jul 2015 #1

I was planning on buying a new laptop next time I was in the UK (at some point later in the year); however, the hard drive appears to be failing on my current laptop (I'm currently running a disk check and using an old, slow spare), so I suspect I will probably have to get a new one within the next few days/weeks, which will mean buying one in Poland.

I don't speak Polish very well yet (in fact, my Polish is still very bad); therefore, I need to get a laptop that either comes with English settings, or can be changed to English.

As far as I am aware, I have two or three options.

The first option is to buy a laptop without an operating system, then buy an English language OS separately, and either install it myself, or pay someone else to (I'm OK with computers, but not great, so paying someone might be easier).

The second option would be to buy a laptop with a Polish OS and then pay for a separate upgrade to enable English language settings etc.

The third option would be to buy a laptop with a Polish OS and then simply change the settings to English, without paying for an upgrade.

Of course, if the third option was a possibility, then I would bother with the second option; however, I don't know whether that was possible. Therefore, can anyone tell me what needs to be done if buying a laptop with a Polish OS? Or would it be better to simply go with the first option?

Thanks for any help
20 Jul 2015 #2
Where are you in Poland?
OP HK123
20 Jul 2015 #3
InPolska 11 | 1,821
20 Jul 2015 #4
I bought my laptop 3 or 4 years ago in Warsaw (Euro AGD) and I have everything in foreign language. I don't have any Polish. It is easy to do, just change the language through the start key.
smurf 39 | 1,979
20 Jul 2015 #5
If buying a Windows laptop you're usually given the option on you first book up of what language you'd like.
Just speak to a shop assistant.
But you'd get a better deal on allegro tbh.

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