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Buying a laptop in Poland - where/whats a good deal?

8 Oct 2015 #31
There is a massive markup at electronics stores in Poland. I don't know how they get away with it.

Depends where you buy. If you buy from a large bricks-&-mortar store in Poland, you may very well get your pants pulled down. But if you buy from a seller on Allegro or via ceneo, you can get some superb deals.
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8 Oct 2015 #32
Windows allows you to change your keyboard setting easily. I use the Polish keyboard for both Polish and English, and switch to the German or Danish keyboards when I have to write in those languages.

That's true, but still the descriptions on the keys are a problem. Having a laptop with an American vel Polish keyboard, when I switch to a standard German keyboard layout, I don't know where the letters with umlauts are (it's easier when someone works with a German keyboard every day and just remembers where they are, but this is not my case), not to mention that some of the special characters like _ have also changed locations. And Y and Z are exchanged, but this is the least important problem when you remember about this.

I deal with this using an "English-multilingual" layout (in Linux; in Windows, I think, it's necessary to download and install something like this, it's not present by default - but I may be mistaken), which has for example ü under Alt+Y or ö under Alt+P, so it works more or less like a Polish keyboard.

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