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Bribery and corruption 'fact of life' in Poland?

pawian 222 | 23,676
12 Dec 2022 #151
And you beleved politicians?

Speak English, please.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,637
30 Jul 2023 #152
There are cases of bribery which are prosecuted and taken to a court , like in every civilized country

Yes,I just found out that a dutch friend of mine is in Lublin prison since March as he was arrested trying to bribe a politician by the anti corruption undercover agents in Warsaw.They wont give him bail as they say he is at flight risk according to his wife.They say the punishment could be up to 8 years,he has been living in Poland almost 30 years and I guess didnt realise the change.

LOL shows Poland is not the same as it was 19 years back.,but I liked the old system than bureaucracy.

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