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Anti Catholic Church movie 'Kler' from Poland

WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
5 Oct 2018 #1
The movie, that attacks the Church, is apparently the biggest box office hit in Poland for 30 years. Has anyone here seen it?

The 2nd biggest hit after it is Fifty Shades of Grey.

'Kler' -- named after the Polish word for clergy -- attracted over 935,000 viewers last weekend, the country's best opening three days in 30 years, according to the Association of Polish Filmmakers. The movie, which explores the themes of child abuse, romantic liaisons, corruption, greed and alcoholism by clerics, has been harshly criticized by Poland's conservative government with close links to the church.

Sadly, and I'm sure many take a lot of pleasure out of it, this could be a sign on the times and where Poland is headed.

Note [this forum needs an 'art' area. I had to dump this in off topic].
OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
6 Oct 2018 #2
I admit I'm shocked nobody has anything to say on this. I expected the anticlerical crowd on here to have a field day.
TheWizard - | 236
6 Oct 2018 #3
It's not a surprise to me. Religion is bs and for a long time Poles only had the church and not much else. The faith definitely had a role and served it. As the times change and Poland becomes more prosperous the churches influence will slowly wane, specially to those who didn't see communism and all that, to those who don't have to fight for even basic things.
Miloslaw 18 | 4,591
6 Oct 2018 #4
Religion did have it's place once,and in Poland it played a huge part in the eighties,especially with a Polish Pope.
But now,in Europe,it is not the same as The USA,we are losing our religion.....
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
6 Oct 2018 #5
I admit I'm shocked nobody has anything to say on this

Nobody cares any more WP. The pious family will turn out on a Sunday and make a day out of it, walking to the village church along the 2 kilometre straight road from their house, with the speeding neighbours rushing past to get to their regular pews first, and return the one and only route to the house for Sunday lunch and then the afternoon siesta....

The rest of us, in the towns and cities, leave them to it. Live and let live - as long as they bloody well leave us alone as well. And the film is not anti- cleric; it is the usual Polish kitchen sink drama - yes I have "seen" it, although I slept through half of it....
Miloslaw 18 | 4,591
6 Oct 2018 #6
I think Polish Americans may have a problem understanding that young Poles are actually,in the main,not very fact,quite the opposite.....
TheWizard - | 236
6 Oct 2018 #7
They do and Poland has a lot of transitional things happening but its lumped into the 100% religious pool. They don't see the change but its happening and quickly.
Crow 160 | 9,214
7 Oct 2018 #8
Just wait that you see Serbian movie `Jasenovac`. Hollywood actors will be involved. For many years Serbians were reluctant to speak of all evil done by Catholic Church during WWII. Primarily because most of Serbs are Orthodox and because exactly Serbs represent factor of balance among Slavs and didn`t want to speak negative of Catholic Church. But, considering that pressure from Vatican and western European Catholics continuing, truth simple must be said.

We Serbs knows that in WWII Germans killed more then 6.000 Polish Catholic priests in first days of war. In Poland Catholicism was/is equal to patriotic thing and positive energy. In former Yugoslavia, where Vatican sow space for expansion, Catholicism always goes hand in hand with Nazism and morbidly, with Nazi-Islam, where Catholic clergy directly an mass took part in most bestial acts of crimes that were behind madness.

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