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Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland

22 Aug 2015  #61
why such a strong statement, 'Delphiandomine'? You liked your dental treatment in Poznan, someone else likes sth else in Poznan, Krakow or Gdansk, as far as I am concerned I can advize you guys a dental clinic in Warsaw, they have a complicated Polish name, the website is , you will find an English site there as well, you will also be treated by English speaking doctors. My experience there was very good. These people are professional, their prices are very attractive and the materials they use are top quality.
delphiandomine 85 | 17,658    
22 Aug 2015  #62
why such a strong statement, 'Delphiandomine'?

Because most people posting here are simply posting from the clinic that they work in/own. :)

Any guest poster certainly is doing it to promote their own business.
Jardinero 1 | 395    
22 Aug 2015  #63
Most towns over 100,000 inhabitants, sometimes less, will have decent dental implant clinics these days...
24 Aug 2015  #64
All fine having the implant treatment in Poland or elsewhere. Will be cheaper! But Implants are not fit and forget. A dentist needs to look after the them and sort out problems. Sometimes thinks do go wrong! Will you travel in Poland if you have some problem a few weeks later? A UK implant dentist will not touch it. I have friends who had treatment in Hungary and Poland and no UK implant dentist will take the risk looking after them. One of my friendS developed an abscess a week after the treatment and had to travel back to Hungary. Even the General Dental Council UK has issued a statement for traveling abroad for dental treatment(see their website). Watch about he long term maintenance! In the UK you have protection by the law and Dental council and the dentist are identified . You rather pay more now and receive more services in the long term.
InPolska 11 | 1,821    
24 Aug 2015  #65
@George: Absolutely! Very risky indeed! All the people who got dental treatement in cheaper countries did it only RECENTLY so they don't know what shall be in few years. In case of (to be expected) problems, what to do? Traveling back and forth is not so easy and if western dentists can solve their problems, they'll charge an arm and a leg (logical).

Once more, cheaper does NOT mean better.

Besides, it is completely stupid to take for granted random comments found on the net. Clinics' owners, their relatives and friends all write fabulous reviews ;).

PS: since I live in Poland, I am treated in Poland only and although I'm satisfied with dental care I receive (I have dealt with several big clinics in Warsaw), it is very common that fillings and crowns do fall after a few months and need to be fixed (it has happened to me twice only this year). In other countries where I have lived, NEVER such problem.
Jardinero 1 | 395    
26 Aug 2015  #66
it is very common that fillings and crowns do fall after a few months and need to be fixed (it has happened to me twice only this year).

That means you have not chosen the right dentist....

A dentist needs to look after the them and sort out problems. Sometimes thinks do go wrong!

Any medical/dental procedure can go wrong, regardless of the country/reputation - that's a given. It's up to the individual to weigh the gains/risks...
InPolska 11 | 1,821    
26 Aug 2015  #67
@Jardinero: altogether I have dealt with probably half a dozen (private) dentists in Poland and four times I had problems with fillings and crowns with several of them. I NEVER had such problems abroad and I have lived in 6 other countries. I have some fillings done in the USA over 25 years ago and my dentist told me 2 weeks ago that they are good.

My conclusion is to be aware of problems and not to take Polish dentists' quality for granted ;). I'm not impressed by Polish dental care. Polish dentists are first of all business people. My Ukrainian cleaning lady says it's much better (and much cheaper) in Ukraine (some people living in Eastern Poland, including from Lublin area, go there) but I cannot travel back and forth to Ukraine whenever I need some dental work done and also in case of problem, what to do? ;).
Jardinero 1 | 395    
26 Aug 2015  #68
My Ukrainian cleaning lady says it's much better (and much cheaper) in Ukraine

I have heard something similar from an Algerian in France...;-)
InPolska 11 | 1,821    
27 Aug 2015  #69
@Jardi: it is NORMAL that it is cheapER in Ukraine but is is any better? Nevertheless, in case of a problem, what to do?
Jardinero 1 | 395    
28 Aug 2015  #70
what to do?

Find a decent dentist in the first place - word of mouth from the locals...
InPolska 11 | 1,821    
28 Aug 2015  #71
@Jardinero: No, I meant "what to do" when problems further to treatment ABROAD???? We cannot travel back and forth and also our local dentists are not too happy to repare what foreign dentists have done wrong ;)

(for the past few months I go to a great clinic in Warsaw using ... gas :))
30 Aug 2015  #72
Dear Jardinero, I think you missing the point! Firstly, I am not talking about the procedure upon its completion but the long term after care. Things can go wrong in 2 weeks or 2 years and this is beyond the control of you dentist regardless it's ability. Let's say you suffer a fall and your implant crown comes out; who will fix it. Will in the country I live use the same implants? Will your local dentist see you or he will send you back ?

There are good and bad dentists no matter the country. If I live in Poland I will have my treatment there because I will be looked after there and I try to find a good one as you say! But if I live in France or UK or anywhere else I will go local. My point is that traveling later for aftercare can be inconvenient and more costly.

secondly, no matter who is doing it, in medicine nothing is 100% and I will be naive if I believed so. I am sure that everybody will praise their national medicine. But we all have treatment where we live because of the need for CONTINUATION in the dental and implant care.
InPolska 11 | 1,821    
30 Aug 2015  #73
@George: Absolutely! :). People need to look at it in a longer term but unfortunately most do not. In case of serious problems, difficult to return where treatment was made. I've heard several difficult cases. Same goes for plastic surgery.

Unfortunately so much propaganda through the net. In PF too! ;). They all advertize their clinics: all great, all cheap, they all speak English + a dozen other languages, pick up at airport, provide accommodation, food, entertainement, (spending money????), take back to the airport and all this for 1/3 of what would be expected in richer countries but what about the ... AFTERCARE! Of course, normally the dental work will last for several months, for a few years and then????

To be sure: more problems and more money than doing it locally!
johnny reb 16 | 3,134    
31 Aug 2015  #74
How could "foreign dentist" be any worse ? :-o
Another perk living in America where the most advanced dentistry and perfect teeth in the world are.
31 Aug 2015  #75
Another perk living in America where the most advanced dentistry

Not only that but also most expensive in the world!
johnny reb 16 | 3,134    
31 Aug 2015  #76
Cheap dentist are not Good and Good dentists are not Cheap.
Pay us now or pay us later.
You get what you pay for.
My teeth are not something I want a quack practicing on.
You want cheap dentistry google Thailand's dentistry prices.
Your flight from Poland might be worth it.
14 Jun 2016  #77
Hello, I had my implants done a few months ago, I would recommend to anyone newly opened clinic with very good facilities and staff and this in a beautiful location about 75km from Krakow, on this website you can immediately arrange a transport and accommodation
jon357 64 | 14,382    
14 Jun 2016  #78

For someone called 'Tommy' the mistakes in your English are remarkably consistent with you being Polish and that 'review' reads just like an advert. Funny that.
15 Jun 2016  #79
Merged: Implants in poland

If you are looking for a modern place to make implants really recommend
jon357 64 | 14,382    
15 Jun 2016  #80
Another pretend review 'Tommy'?

I seriously would not trust this dental service - placing fake reviews online does not inspire trust.
terri 1 | 1,572    
15 Jun 2016  #81
I am currently in the process of having an implant. Before anyone decides on any dentist/practice you must see examples of their work and ask people who have had work done. You must ensure that the practitioner is experienced sufficiently in the work you are asking him to do, that there is a guarantee which comes with the work and that they carry sufficient insurance.

Do not rely on any reviews on any websites.
jon357 64 | 14,382    
15 Jun 2016  #82
Before anyone decides on any dentist/practice you must see examples of their work and ask people who have had work done

This is very true.

If anyone's interested they can PM me. My dentist doesn't do implants (or speak English) however she's (in my opinion) among the best and the guy she refers her patients who need implants to is apparently excellent and an English speaker. I don't think he does the full tourist package, hotels, flights etc (I doubt he needs to look abroad for patients). Anyway, in the days of booking and Ryanair it isn't necessary anyway.

I suspect he's expensive in Polish terms, but then again those who have to look for patients abroad also usually jack their prices up for foreign patients as well as making a profit on accommodation etc.
29 Oct 2016  #83
How long does it take to have bridge done top 10 teeth and bottom 11. Please.
30 Oct 2016  #84
terri- it depends whether you do yr research well. It is (rather) not possible to place lots of fake/positive opinions on many forums and discussion boards. Moreover, you might also check out reliable services as dentalimplantsfriends com or medigo, that list only top rated dental implants centers.
16 Nov 2016  #85
I'm looking to get braces fitted and have been looking at getting it done somewhere in Poland due to the costs involved in the UK. So far I've been quoted just under £4,000 and I've seen prices less that half that if I get the work done in Poland. I don't even mind having to travel back and forth for adjustments as I know it will still work out cheaper. Does anyone have any recommendations at all? I was looking at IMPLANT-ART in Warsaw.
groovyg 1 | 60    
24 Nov 2016  #86
>> Try Dentim Europe in Katowice. Our friend Barry has finished a dental implants treatment over there. So happy that he even made a video about his trip to Poland.

Dentim are popular and seem professional (I did a small treatment there) but they are expensive, take the average treatment price in Poland and slap 30% on top of it and that's Dentim for you.

Due to the above I've eventually done my root canal at Duda Clinic in Katowice (no relation to the Polish president), so far so good, and a fair price. They actually specialize in implants, but I haven't done an implant there personally so can't comment on that specifically.
31 Jan 2017  #87
Has anybody had an implant with Eurocent in Warsaw? If yes, were you happy with the result?
Today they quoted me two different prices- zl 4000 and 7000- for different brands. High prices but
still half the average British rate. Interestingly, they told me that I'd need to wait around 4months
from the original insertion for the work to completed but on UK websites they state that it's normal
to wait for around 9months. Any thoughts on this?
31 Jan 2017  #88
EuroDent not EuroCent, sorry
31 Jan 2017  #89
Has anybody had an implant with Eurocent in Warsaw?

I haven't had an implant from EuroDent but I did have some work done there and was very unimpressed (expensive and shoddy quality). A couple of other people I know who've been there had similar experiences.

Any thoughts on this?

I had implants (and a graft) done by Soldent in Warsaw the year before last and found them to be excellent. So good that when a tooth broke this month (quite possibly the one EuroDent 'fixed', unless that one has already been replaced), I went straight back there and will be having another one done this Friday. It'll be 4,500zl in total (2,700 for the implant itself and then 1,800 for the crown). There are cheaper places but this one has been used by a couple of friends of mine so I went there. The dentist who does most of the implants speaks fluent English.
2 Feb 2017  #90
Thanks for your reply Harry. Could you tell me the name of the English speaking dentist? Ta

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