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Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland

Norwegian 5 | 56    
19 Mar 2014  #31

If you come to our clinic in Krakow the totalcost will be around 9.400 pln (2.300 euro) for two implants (with the abutment, healing and the final crown). You will need to visits, with at least three month waiting time for you second stage (three month if the implant is placed in the lower jaw, and six if its in the upper)

You will need two days for your first stage, and five for your second!

In this price its inculded:
- CT- Scan
- All sedation.
- X-ray
- Stichers
- controll x-ray
- Free followup and controll in fice years
- 10 years guarantee
- Implant, abutment, healing and crown.
- International brand of the implant that is used all over the world (and not only in eastern europe)

Visit ut at: dentestetica.
Hannnaa - | 1    
19 Mar 2014  #32
I would recommend the clinic in Gdansk:
They are the best.
greet Hanna
29 Mar 2014  #33
Can you recommend a dentist in Poland who has a lot of experience with dental implants .
10 Apr 2014  #35
I have recently had all my teeth extracted (6 weeks ago). I am seriously looking into having ALL ON 4/SMILE IN A DAY implants for both upper and lower jaws. I have researched Poland and Budapest. I am leaning more towards going to Poland. But I have looked on so many websites and read so many reviews I am now totally confused. I live in Manchester uk but will have to fly from liverpool to Krakow so that's not to bad but its all the organisation as I have to work a Friday and Saturday. Any advise, recommendations would really be helpful as I am hoping to go in may if possible.
13 Apr 2014  #36
I used Tomasz Foik Phd in Warsaw for many implants and bone grafts about 6 years ago. I remember I asked him then about this 'Teeth -in A Day' he wasn't keen on it as its done to quickly for a good success rate.

Tomasz e-mail then was get in touch his consultation is free. He knows what he is doing and you will be in very good hands.
15 Apr 2014  #37
Thanks Carpet!!
I am so confused as I've been on every dentist website from uk Poland Budapest and a few other places. Think I've read to much information I've forgotten what dentist is what. My husband doesn't want me to go abroad and said to just have 1 jaw done here and then save up for the second jaw. I can have both jaws done abroad for the price of one here and it's not as if we are loaded. Need recommendations and email addresses please.
Norwegian 5 | 56    
15 Apr 2014  #38
Hi Gil

If you want I can send you all the information from our clinic here in Krakow.

10 years of experience with patients from abroad. Only second degree specialist and PhD doctors that do treatment on patients from other countries that Poland (due to NHS refunding) and modern and nice facilities.

Shoot me a email at: or at:

and I will more then gladly send you all the information you need!

From manchester there is direct flights to Krakow and we also have acomodation (in apartments) only 30 yards from the clinic for very reasonable prices (20 pounds a night) and with good standard.

For Implant-treatment you will have to go 2 times to Krakow, for three and five days!

19 Apr 2014  #39
Hi there

Try Indexmedica UK - 08003345967

Initial consultation/after care in the UK (London or Wakefield) - treatment in Krakow.

Simple as that.

23 Apr 2014  #40
If You're looking for best option of dental treatment in Poland we can find it for You.
Just write to us and we will arrange everything with no extra costs.

- free consultation via email
- best treatment options
- You can choose city where You want to be treated

Tomas Rabel
Lala123 - | 1    
29 Apr 2014  #41
I would like to recommend dental and aesthetic clinic in £ódź, Poland. Good quality and professional attitude. If you are interested, they organize additional tourist attractions for you. If you want to know more, you can e-mail me - Direct email to the clinic is

Good luck! :D
9 May 2014  #42
Hi Yingli,

In addition to the clinics mentioned above, there are several dental clinics in Poland that are specialised in handling international patients (i.e. speak good English, transfer medical records to your home doctor, assist with hotel and flight booking).

You can get a cost estimate for your treatment and communicate with doctors prior to your treatment for free on third party sites like MEDIGO. Here, for instance, are all the clinics that perform dental work in Poland.

Best of luck with your treatment!
24 May 2014  #43
I can recommend clinica Hahs in szcezhin. It is very central. You can go directly by plain to szcezcin or you can go by berlin. Two hours maxi taxi drive costs 79 zloti. Hotel ca 220 zloti pr night. Novotel and Ibis= central. Ten year guarantee on implants and 5 years on crowns. U should wisit their website

I have been a patient there for 8 years and I can highly recommend it
7 Jun 2014  #44
Hi you can find top dental clinics in Warsaw at:
Irving Arson - | 1    
25 Jul 2014  #45
I heard that Poland has cheap dental prices as well as Hungary, where I had my implants placed. I found a clinic there through , but maybe they have clinics in Poland as well. You should check them out.
27 Jul 2014  #46
Try Krakow, The owner used to live and work a few years in UK as a dentist, so there is no problem with communication in English.
2 Oct 2014  #47

I am living in Berlin (I am french) and looking for a reliable and qualified (both regarding the skills of the doctors, which I am not extremely worried about because I assume that polish doctors are as competent as german french or wherever, AND about materials quality) for an implant. Indeed, I have difficulties to understand how the prices can be that low compared to those offered in other countries, and I am wondering if the quality of the implants/crowns themselves is not the reason of this differnce of prices.

I cannot afford the costs of such an implant (I am a student) here, but I am also worried about getting a surgery with a bad material that would get infected/get complications/damage my other tooth. Therefore, I am looking for true and honest comments about clinics in Poland (Szczecin would be the closest, but I can go further if needed).

If anyone have had implants in a Polish clinic , I would be grateful if he could take a few minuts to contact me in private. Please, NO FAKE ADVICE AND ADVERTISEMENT (bearing in mind that this won't avoid advertisers to intervene, but at least, it is said..)

Thanks a lot for your answers !

Eve Dental    
18 Nov 2014  #48
Dear Members,
We are a family owned Warsaw dental clinic, specializing in implants and prosthetic. Most of the internet pages advertised here are intermediaries. I advice to get straight to the clinic. Such as ours. I work for this clinic, for my sister, Doctor JAWORSKA, who has just earned the title of the best dentist in Masovian (Warsaw) District, Poland. We are a family of doctors, third generation in business. We don't want to get out of the business ;) We are looking for foreign ambassadors of our clinic. Special discounts for first ten clients. All the treatment plans are transparent. A problem with extra, unexpected work done by your Polish doctor might be coming from lack of CT (Computed Tomography) scan. In some cases pantomography would be sufficient. Having those doctor may assess what need to be done before even seeing you.

We are opening this foreign patients channel so we need really good opinions. You may be sure to be treated like a royalty or so.

This dental travel is my responsibility so I may have my own pleasure to invite you to our Clinic in Warsaw :) For more info please check our homepage:, where you'll find full price list. You pay the same as domestic patients. No intermediaries, I told you.

Sorry all of you, who are seeking for real testimonials, but I know, my sister is one of the best doctors in Poland and I want to prove it on this forum.

Eve Urbańska
margo65 - | 1    
27 Nov 2014  #49
Hi. I am looking for a good dentist/dental office in Krakow for extended dental work: Roth canal treatment, crowns, implants. Can someone recommend me a trustful and good dentist. I will be in Poland in a few months and would like to have all dental work done within a 5-7 days. Thank you. Margo
9 Mar 2015  #50
I live in Central London and i have been to a few of the top Dentists from Harley Street to Chelsea over the years, till now!

Never again will i be going back to any London Dental centres! The service i received at Albusdent Dental Centre in Krakow has been the best I have ever seen and experienced. The care and professionalism is 100%.

What comes first is the results they give, and I can assure you that the work i have had done's amazing! Not to mention the price compared to England.

As soon as you arrive you are looked after, they get to the "root" of your problems and together they set out a plan, in my case, it was to spend 5 days on the top part of my teeth and then have a week off and then come back for another 5 days to do the bottom section of my teeth.

My first impression of the Dental Centre was extremely pleasing, all the equipment was very modern, sterile and looked more than up to date than the UK!

There was a lovely girl called Magda who co-ordinated my dentistry plan with myself and my new dentist explaining which days I needed to come in, and the time each procedure was expected to take, she also explained the price structure, and made sure that any other requirements or concerns I had were taken care of.

Initially I had some worry that maybe they don't understand English, that was not a problem, there English was very good and my mind was instantly put at ease.

My Dentist (Dr Natalia) was my appointed dentist who carry out all of the work I had during my stay at the Albusdent centre. I cannot thank her enough for her work. She made me feel very relaxed at all times, and explained everything so thoroughly that I always felt confident and all my questions were answered.

So over the next few weeks I spent around 10 days with Dr Natalia. Now lets be honest, you would think that having serious dental work is not fun nor is it painless! Well I'm telling you, if i didn't have Dr Natalia as my dentist, i know it would of been a LOT HARDER for me! So For all the work i have had done over that 10 days it was such a pleasure to have Dr Natalia.

And when it comes to Dr Natalia's work, for example, my upper 2 crowns was so bad (basically broken inside) it looked like dental implantation was the main option, now most dentist's would just go with that option, because it's all about the money! But is there a solution? If you can avoid taking out your teeth you should.

Dr Natalia found that by doing a root canal treatment on my 2 crowns and keeping each side of the crown and taking away all the decay & bacteria & everything else in the middle, leaving just the shell of the crowns.

Now Dr Natalia had the option to do large fillings inside the crowns and to have a Composite Onlay to go on top. A lot cheaper and a lot less pain than having implantation! I did on the other side have 1 crow implantation, and there was nothing that could be done to save that crown at the back, it really was severely damaged! So i can say from experience about it being less pain! Now they look amazing, the 2 composite onlay crowns along with the ceramic veneers, fillings etc etc thanks to Dr Natalia, my teeth look the best they have ever looked.

I also must give a special mention to Dr. Kotowski for the treatment I received from him, which include the implant and removal of my Crown. How can anyone forget this sort of treatment would be crazy!!

Dr Kotowski did a really good job. I didn't feel a thing when having the removal or the implant, thank god! You only start to feel pain a couple of days after. But this is normal for anyone who takes this sort treatment. Nothing painkillers cannot help you with, in the end, its worth it!

So to round this review up, i saved money and i got everything done in a good time span, with a Dentist that is devoted and dedicated and extremely professional. And i also had enjoyed my time in Krakow city. Its a 5/5 for the dental centre, and 5/5 for its staff and if you're as lucky as i was to have Magada look after you as well as Dr Natalia then you're in the best of hands.

And for me to do a review means something as i don't ever do reviews! ;-)

Hope this helps some of you on this forum ;-)

The Dental Clinics link:

....................My Treatment took place in February/2015.....................
jon357 64 | 14,382    
9 Mar 2015  #51
Initially I had some worry that maybe they don't understand English,

Don't worry, they have a "girl" (evidently dentists in Kraków use child labour rather than employing a man or woman) called Magda Matoga whose English looks to be around FCE level, just like yours.

But this is normal for anyone who takes this sort treatment

Nobody called Harvey James (unless they're a Pole who did a deed poll for whatever reason) would use those phrases (and there are a few other howlers in your advert). Really, if you're going to write an advert masquerading as a review (and that doesn't inspire much confidence in your dental practice) you should at least shell out a few squid to have it looked over by someone who can write like a native speaker.
Norwegian 5 | 56    
10 Mar 2015  #52
Hehe - Funny! How long you been living in England again Mr Harvey James? Whole life? hehe. aaaaa love it!
Pat Bell    
4 Apr 2015  #53
Merged: Has anyone used Index Medica in Kraków or Dentistry in Kraków for dental implants and crowns as I need both

As anyone used Index Medica in Kraków for dental implants and crowns as I need quite a lot of work done. Also the other one I was considering is Dentistry in Kraków . I am rather concerned in case their work is not up to standard but there webpage is very impressive. Regards
terri 1 | 1,572    
5 Apr 2015  #54
I have used a place called Dentist on Plac Inwalidow in Krakow for all dentistry work and I am extremely satisfied with their work. You can go in and ask them for advice and prices.
Olga DTP    
13 Apr 2015  #55
Great tips and stories!
I'm an expert from Dental Travel Poland and I'm proud of our dental offer in Krakow andIMPLANTS FROM £299

Bealow reasons to choose our dental clinics in Krakow:
Express help: no waiting lists, immediate response
Safety: Over 1000 patients served, over 10 years of experience
Best in class service: treatment quality 4,47/5, complaint rate 0.005% (as reported by our patients)
Affordable treatment: prices over 2 times cheaper than UK and Norway, accommodation and transport packages
Youthful, healthy smile: see before-after photos of our patients

And In order to confirm read our Patient testimonial:
"I would realy recomand this company for anyone looking for dental treatment. Since I live in Norway, dental services are very expensive. Did only regular dentistry, but the savings alowed me to have at great holliday in one of Europas most beautifull cities. We all need to spend money at the dentist. Why not spend the money in beautiful and friendly place, and get an hollidy included? For the price of just the treatment at home? In fact, I am so happy with the clinik, and the dentist, that I am considering getting veneers. Because in this way, I can afford them! And they give med an exelent excuse to return to wonderfull Krakow:-) I was very pleased, but then I did not need any help regarding anything else than the treatment. And I have to say, Joanna is a star!"

H.S., Norway
Scottish beauty    
13 Apr 2015  #56
Hi all,

I have just returned from Gdansk where I had a dental implant done on my front tooth. This was done at viva dental for approx £600. This was arranged via come for smile, you can check out their website. Collection from the airport etc. was a great experience with far more advanced technology than in the UK. I am from Aberdeen Scotland. Only cons to consider:

I had stitches done and need them removed 7days after the implant was placed. Called a number of dentists in Aberdeen who refused to take the stiches out for me as the work was done in Poland, I then started to worry I needed to travel back just to have stitches out. However I managed to find a polish dentist in aberdeen who would do the job. I think it was just UK dentists being stubborn.

Second thing is the 2nd stage process, the crown. I only stayed in gdansk thurs/fri flew home sat(got the implant on fri) but was told in 3/4months when I go back to get the crown I will need to stay longer. First I will have an appointment to check if it's stable. If not I'll be sent home and asked to come back a few weeks later. This may happen once or twice. Once it's stable, I'll get impressions then wait four days for the crown to be made before fitting. Hopefully I'm happy with get the hint, it might not be as easy as getting the implant.

So when I returned home, I called a number of dentists to see if they would do the crown. Turns out there is no price difference of UK v Gdansk, the real saving is in the implant! I was quoted £2800 in UK and paid £600 Anyway again nobody will touch me with a barge pole. They must use the same brand as the implant for the abundment BMW v Audi for example. I was told even if they did use the same brand they still wouldn't do it.

If u are flexible then defo go to Poland! Looks like I'll defo be going back, I'll prob get a one way flight until I know if it's stable or not instead of getting a return as they cannot tell if it's healed enough until I get there. Prob need to be there for a week or so to get the crown.

Just thought you would like to know some of these things I experienced! If u need more info just let me know and I'll send my email address!

8 May 2015  #57
Hi was wondering if any one has used either platen centrum or spa dental in Szczecin as I am looking at getting both upper and Lower jaw full denture implants and have been given 2 different plan's from these clinic's 1 would be completed in 2 weeks the other would mean 2 trip's over a 6 month period so was wondering what would be better

That should be platek centrum
14 Jun 2015  #58
If you are looking for quality dental treatment in Poland tI'd recommend Estetica Clinic in the centre of Warsaw which is really nice city to visit too!!
Dr Galkowski speaks really good English and his team was really helpful with organising affordable accommodation and transfers. I am very pleased with the result!
29 Jul 2015  #59
I would recommend Candeo ( Poznan ), the prices are very competitive , you can check on the website
delphiandomine 85 | 17,658    
29 Jul 2015  #60
A ridiculous amount of spam here.

My advice hasn't changed - is thoroughly recommended for those that want work done. I'm thoroughly happy with their service - they consult on everything before doing it, and the price list is very transparent.

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