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Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland

2 Feb 2017  #91
the name of the English speaking dentist?

I'd very much expect that most (if not all) of the dentists there speak English. The bloke who did (and will do) my implants is Dr Krzysztof Soltyk

soldent dot pl
9 Feb 2017  #92
as anyone used dentistryinpoloand .com, any concerns or praise for them
Polishgirl17 - | 1    
28 Feb 2017  #93
Is it possible to have a tooth extracted and implant placed immediately without graft? Is it possible to have implant/implants done in a few weeks ? How about mini-implants ?
DominicB - | 2,645    
28 Feb 2017  #94

That is a question that only a dentist can answer. In some cases, a graft is necessary, and it can take some time to complete the whole process. In others, no graft is needed. It depends on the tooth in question. Find a qualified and competent dentist, and consult them.
spiritus 67 | 662    
1 Mar 2017  #95
A good friend of mine is currently going through an implant process in Poland although he lives in the UK.

Several teeth need to be done and although it's much cheaper than in the UK it's still expensive especially when you consider flights
1 Mar 2017  #96
Is it possible to have a tooth extracted and implant placed immediately without graft?

That would depend on whether you need a bone graft or not. It is possible to have a tooth extracted and then immediately have the implant put in, in fact it's pretty much the normal way. However, you shouldn't plan on it happening: the removal of the tooth might cause damage to the bone, or there might be infection under the tooth, either of those will mean you need to wait a couple of month before putting in the implant.
terri 1 | 1,572    
1 Mar 2017  #97
The best person to give advice on implants or extractions and implants is a well-qualified dentist.
I can count on the fingers of one hand the best implantologists in Poland. Go for someone who knows what they are doing.
Recently, I had an implant fitted in Krakow after x-rays, consultations, examinations, regular checks - estimate cost to be 7K pln.
spiritus 67 | 662    
1 Mar 2017  #98
In reality, there are so many variables. As Harry mentioned, there could be an infection, the bone graft may be unsuccessful or the bone may reject the implant. Not great even if you live round the corner from your dentist but having to catch a flight for every dental appointment and take time off work is a pain :(
DominicB - | 2,645    
1 Mar 2017  #99
Indeed. It can work out to be more expensive than getting an implant, for example, in the States. The price I was quoted here was $2500, or 10,000 PLN. With travel and time off work included, it would be cheaper to have it done here than to get it done for 7,000 PLN in Poland (which is double what I expected). Plus my insurance would cover a lot of that in the States, but not in Poland. It would make sense only if you had several implants to be installed. Even then, it would be cheaper for me to fly to Ecuador and get it done there than to have it done in Poland.
25 Mar 2017  #100
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3 May 2017  #101
I can recommend Velcure ( - they have clinics in Gdansk and they work with different doctors - all of them speak English. I contacted Velcure and received quotes from different doctors. You can try them :)
delphiandomine 85 | 17,658    
3 May 2017  #102
I contacted Velcure and received quotes from different doctors

No, you didn't. You're spamming on behalf of them.

Telltale sign: you're using "quotes", which is a transference error from Polish ;)
2 Sep 2017  #103
I'm considering implants having lost quite a few teeth following bad experience with heavy handed nhs dentist doing root canal work. I could actually feel how wrong it was going at the time of treatment. Infection set in - sinus problems ever since. Please don't think that because you use nhs dentists you have some sort of 'come-back'. I was so unwell that removing about 6 teeth was a welcome decision. There was no way I could prove what had caused the problem and the dentist was very obscure about what had happened. The point i'm trying to make is that our nhs dentists offer no more security or safety than elsewhere. We also have no possible guarantee that the quality of materials is what we are told they are. I paid £250 for nhs bridge. It cracked after 16 months. I went private in UK to have it replaced. I was told that the nhs bridge had broken because it was only porcelain with no strength in it at all. Looked nice but was weak. So .... a further £700 to have private bridge fitted. Now need to get some of the gaps filled and I am considering going to Poland. It certainly is confusing knowing just who to believe. I'm going to ask around locally to see if I can find anyone who has been to Poland. If I get any first hand recommendations I will be sure to pass them on to this site.
jon357 64 | 14,382    
3 Sep 2017  #104
I have no doubt that you will "pass on recommendations", probably one "recommendation".

By the way, think about asking a native speaker to write it next time.
mafketis 17 | 6,756    
3 Sep 2017  #105
Telltale sign: you're using "quotes", which is a transference error from Polish ;)

Huh? It's perfectly acceptable in American. "I got three quotes before choosing a moving company."

I do agree that the non-member in question is spamming.
delphiandomine 85 | 17,658    
3 Sep 2017  #106
Huh? It's perfectly acceptable in American. "I got three quotes before choosing a moving company."

You wouldn't get quotes from a dentist though, would you?
mafketis 17 | 6,756    
3 Sep 2017  #107
Why not? In that context it's an estimate (the two are used more or less interchangeably). Dentists usually have provisional price lists (subject to change in particular cases)
terri 1 | 1,572    
4 Sep 2017  #108
When deciding on a price for any dental treatment, the first thing you should ask is the name of the dentist, (or specialist for implants) their experience and how many such treatments they have carried out before. Price should not always be the deciding factor.

You can get an idea of charges from many dentists, however, unless they do the prep work first, they cannot with any certainty give you an absolutely definite price. Factor in all the necessary incidentals.
16 Oct 2017  #109
What about Poland? There are really cheap services, for example in that clinic -
spiritus 67 | 662    
16 Oct 2017  #110
You wouldn't get quotes from a dentist though, would you?

If you're paying privately then that is EXACTLY what someone should be doing.

The difficult thing to do is to balance the price with the dentist's reputation and quality i.e. cheapest is not always best and the most expensive is not always best either.

I know someone who is having implants done in Poland. It still isn't cheap but cheaper than on the NHS but you have to factor in the travel costs as well.
michael007 - | 1    
10 Nov 2017  #111
Check here dental implants poland. They have dental clinic in UK and in PL. You can make check up in UK and then go to Poland.
joanhna de    
4 Jan 2018  #112
If you want the best dentist and a really good price, go to Dent in Wroclaw.

Doctor has been my dentist for years and the way he handles a patient is second to none. I live abroad and I fly to Poland to see my dentist if anything happens as he's the only person in the world I trust with my smile. Recently did a crown and veneers on my front teeth and I can't stop smiling, I'm so proud of my teeth!!
errorrs - | 1    
12 Jan 2018  #113
in my opinion it's better to go to Ukraine to dentists. Ukraine is near to Poland. Prices are much lower. An example of this
jon357 64 | 14,382    
12 Jan 2018  #114
Most of these posts about dentists read like surreptitious adverts.
poucie - | 2    
21 May 2018  #115

Advice needed on Dental implant in Poland

Looking for the best dentist or clinic in Poland who can perform bone grafts/sinus lifts with dental implants.
majkel - | 64    
22 May 2018  #116
I did my implant in candeo poznaƄ, and it was ok. Was it the best? No idea. Was it very cheap? For sure not. It took over a year, as before the added bone replacement changed into the bone it took half a year, then couple of visits before final implanting (don't remember why to be honest, I think they were waiting for a gum to grow), while having very fragile adhesive bridge instead of my top 1 teath, couldn't bite anything! All in all it took a year or more! Have it for 2 years now and no trouble so far.
poucie - | 2    
9 Jul 2018  #117
I had xrays and ct-scan in Krakow. I have been in dentures for many years. I need sinus lifts and bone grafts and they said they would have to consult with their surgeon but I am not hearing back. Do dental clinics operate in the summer -- or maybe my case is too difficult. Can anyone suggest a clinic or dentist/doctor for a difficult situation such as mine?
25 Feb 2019  #118
What procedure did you end up going with & where? Dentist here wants to do all on 4's and there is so many mixed reviews and here in the US it's 54,000 which is not anywhere near affordable!!!
Norwegian 5 | 56    
16 May 2019  #119
dentestetica I was looking for a long time. Its a lot of clinic that state they do the "ALL ON 4" procedure, but after looking around, from what I could find, its only in Krakow they do the procedure with the Original Nobel Biocare.

The initial price was 15.000 euro for two jaws, but it ended up at 18.500 since I was not happy with the first protetic. I had a Toronto bridge made for my lower jaw. Had it for 3 months now, and for now I am happy.

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