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Olsztyn life; I'm Indian and I like the place

Zosia 1 | 51
7 Aug 2010 #31
Thread attached on merging:
things to do in Olsztyn

I'll be visiting family in Olsztyn for the next 3 weeks. can't wait! i've been to Olsztyn many times before but this time i want to play more tourist. does anyone have any suggestions for great places to see and visit?
gromit - | 6
12 Aug 2010 #32
dumm question, if you are visiting someone there why you are asking this question on forum, why don't you ask your hosts.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
12 Aug 2010 #33
because she might be looking for alternatives or maybe she thinks it would be nice to know about a few places before she asks her hosts.
Zosia 1 | 51
25 Nov 2010 #34
thanks Wroclaw that is why i was asking the question. by the way, i went and had a great time. thanks to trevek for giving me some ideas. and yes, when i got there, my hosts also had good ideas.
Yuostitia 1 | 5
14 Jan 2011 #35
Hey Nev, do you know by any chance how does it work for Indians in it hard to get the working visa in the UK for them?
gjp - | 1
21 Oct 2011 #36
Hi I have recently shifted to Mragowo, near Olsztyn. Can any one tell me where you have Indian shop and restaurant if any in Olsztyn? Pls assist.

Hi, are you still in Olsztyn or Poland? Can I ask for some information about Olsztyn? Just need any Indian shop or restaurant information.
TomDimdom 3 | 3
10 Oct 2012 #37
Hi Jukma

Ive been in Olsztyn for 5 months now Im English but I love cooking Indian food. Do you think we could meet up if your still in the city and have a chat. my Girlfriend lives here thats why I moved here from the UK. Plus do you know of many other Indians living in and around Olsztyn?

Home / Life / Olsztyn life; I'm Indian and I like the place
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